6 Successful Farms Promoting the Resurgence of Black Agrarians


The Grow Where You Are Collective In Atlanta, Ga.:
Founded in 2012, the Grow Where You Are Collective is a social enterprise in the field of food systems that works to bring food abundance to local communities. Volunteer work has aided the farm in “producing over 15,360 pounds of food, serving more than 8,260 individuals with healthy food options and facilitating over 144 service groups,” according to its website.

The collective trains local residents in urban agriculture based on agro-ecological principles, growing fresh produce on a 3-acre farm in Atlanta’s Historic West End, as well as a 5-acre “food forest” in Stone Mountain. In addition to serving up vegan dinners for the community, collective farm members also teach the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.

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