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8 Things You Should Know About Martin R. Delany​, the Father of Black Nationalism

Martin R. Delany was an abolitionist, physician, journalist and the first African-American to explore Africa. His main goal was for all Black people to be free.

Delany was one of the first three Black students to attend Harvard Medical School, where he served as an apprentice to white abolitionist doctors. After his departure from Harvard due to racial tension, Delany became even more convinced that all Black people should return to Africa. In fact, while a partner on Fredrick Douglass’ The North Star Publication, the two bumped heads on their views on how Blacks should prosper. Douglass believed that Blacks should stay in America because they were as equally vested as whites, whereas Delany was a firm believer in going back to the homeland.

This Atlanta Black Star video highlights Martin R. Delany views and life as the father of Black nationalism.


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