6 Black Explorers That Will Transform How You See the Ancient World

Ramessesnakht holding the Theban Triad, three Egyptain gods. (Wikimedia Commons)
Ramessesnakht Leads Massive Mining Expedition and Returns with Riches 

The High Priest of Amun Ramessesnakht led a huge quarry excursion to the rock mines of Wadi Hammamat, Egypt’s, dry riverbed that was a significant mining area for the Nile Valley in Ramesses IV’s third year as ruler. The expedition included 8,368 men and counted 5,000 soldiers among them and 130 stonemasons and quarrymen, as Ph.D. student Christelle Alvarez and researchers Arto Belekdanian and Ann-Katrin Gill argued in their book, “Current Research in Egyptology.” During expeditions under Ramesses VII and Ramesses XI, A. J. Peden indicates in his book, “Egyptian Historical Inscriptions of the Twentieth Dynasty” that Ramessesnakht obtained gold and the mineral galena, used for eye paint.

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