10 Modern-Day Christian Terrorist Groups Mainstream Media Never Talks About


via scmp.com
via scmp.com

The Church of the Almighty God

The Church of the Almighty God, also known as Eastern Lightning, is a China-based cult that describes the ruling Communist Party as a “Red Dragon” that needs to be slain. All members are told they should be ready to “sacrifice their lives” at any moment,” according to The Week Ltd.

In addition, “the evangelical sect has some grounding in Christianity but believes that Jesus has risen as a 40-year old Chinese woman called Yang Xiangbin, co-incidentally the wife of its founder, who has returned to Earth to bring about the apocalypse.”

The group was recently responsible for the fatal beating of a woman who they eyeballed as a “demon” after she refused to convert. And, while the number of members has not yet been confirmed, some believe that the cult has as many as million followers.


via trackingterrorism.org
via trackingterrorism.org

The National Liberation Front of Tripura

The Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC) defines the National Liberation Front of Tripura as “a militant organization that seeks to secede from India and establish an independent state.” Their manifesto calls for the expansion of “the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura.”

According to TRAC, the NLFT is reportedly guilty of “funding terrorism and forcing local tribals to convert to Christianity at gunpoint.” In addition, the front has “opened fire on Hindu worshippers and ransacked celebrations of Durga Puja.” The NLFT’s violent efforts are funded and supported by the National Socialist Council of Nagalim and their firearms are allegedly provided by a Baptist church.

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