10 Black Ballerinas Other Than Misty Copeland Who Are Also Changing the Face of Ballet



Jasmine Perry, Los Angeles Ballet

Jasmine Perry was featured in the Teen Vogue web series Strictly Ballet which chronicled her experience as an advanced student at the prestigious School of American Ballet. A native of North Carolina, she began her training with Charlotte Ballet (formerly North Carolina Dance Theater) where she  danced the lead in The Nutcracker. At 15, she moved to New York City after being invited to train with the School of American Ballet full time. In her final year, Perry shined in the school’s annual workshop, dancing the lead in George Balanchines Discord and War. Upon graduation, she joined the Los Angeles Ballet.


Francesca Hayward, The Royal Ballet

Francesca Hayward has been touted as “a firefly among moths” and “the next great British Ballerina.” The 22 year-old soloist with the Royal Ballet is being fast tracked into principal roles. Much like her American counterpart, Misty Copeland, Francesca’s brilliant dancing continues to attract attention from critics and smitten fans all over the U.K. Francesca was born in Nairobi to an English father and Kenyan mother. She  moved to Sussex as a toddler and soon after began dance lessons. At age 18, she was one of a handful of students to graduate from the Royal Ballet School into the company.

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