5 Reasons Why the Curl Pattern Hierarchy Is Working Against The Self-Loving Principles Of The Natural Hair Movement


Side Eye

Straight textures are classified as Type A.

Why should straight hair be at the top of the hierarchy as if it’s most desirable? If this is a system for classifying natural hair, why even include straight textures when most Black women’s natural texture isn’t that? For the same reason brown Barbie dolls still come with straight hair. *cough cough*


cat williams disgustedCurls are king.

In the natural hair hierarchy, curls are the most desirable. They are ahead of kinks and coils. It seems that images of healthy and ideal natural hair is that of a curly texture. For example, popular hair bloggers CurlyNikki and MoKnowsHair have very defined curls. Even the founders of Miss Jessie’s hair care products and Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter all have curly hair textures. Curls are put in the spotlight as the shining glory of the natural hair movement. Hmm, a new form of “good hair”?

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