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7 Pairs of Black Celebrities White Folks Have Mistaken For Each Other But Who Don’t Look Alike At All


Don Cheadle/Tim Meadows

Actor Don Cheadle said he is constantly mistaken for fellow actor Tim Meadows. In 2009, when Cheadle sat down with TV host Craig Ferguson to plug his new movie Brooklyn’s Finest, he talked about being misidentified as Meadows, who is best known for his  movie and television character, Leon Phelps, the ladies’ man.

Cheadle recalled when he was on a flight, the attendant put two bottles of the cognac Courvoisier on his seat –  the drink that Meadows’ character consistently enjoyed in the 2000 movie, The Ladies Man. 

olivia spencer

Viola Davis/Octavia Spencer

Last year at the Oscars, E! News mistook actress Octavia Spencer for fellow actress Viola Davis.

At the event, while Spencer walked the carpet in a pale ochre, deep cream dress, E! showed her image on television above the caption, “Viola Davis.”

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