8 Insincere Apologies for Racist Statements Besides Donald Sterling’s


don imus

Don Imus

Syndicated radio host Don Imus is known for offending some of his listeners — but on April 4, 2007, he crossed the line when he called the Rutgers University women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos.”

At first Imus defended the slur, saying on his radio show that he didn’t know why it was such a  big deal.

According to an April 2007 Washington Post article, “He said people should relax and not worry about ‘some idiot comment’ meant to be amusing.”

However, after two days of enduring a firestorm of criticism and pubic outcry, Imus gave a reluctant, brief, contrite apology saying, “Our characterization was thoughtless and stupid, and we are sorry.”

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