7 Examples of The Devaluation of Dark Skin Around The World


race in brazilBrazil

“Racism in Brazil is well hidden, subtle and unspoken, underestimated by the media,” Joaquim Barbosa, the first Black judge to sit on the bench of the supreme court in Brazil, told the Guardian. “It is nevertheless extremely violent.”

From the racial profiling of “you-are-Black-and-therefore-cannot-afford-it” stares in shops to the recoiling of car owners as you pass by parking lots, the racial violence is simply suffocating.

If you encounter a porter who believes your dark skin disqualifies you from having anything to do with a small apartment (except as a painter); or  a total stranger who exhibits open and unprovoked hostility against what he refers to as “seu negrinho terrorista” (terrorist n****r), in a xenophobic reference to your color and dress; or an apparently well-educated white lady driving by who, on nearly hitting you around an intersection, shouts “Voce esta vendo não, seu macaco?” (Can’t you see the road, you bloody monkey?), your eyes will open up to the reality of the kind of racism in Brazil.

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