Monday, July 25th, 2016

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Health & Wellness

Chemotherapy Didn’t Stop This Driven Young Woman from Becoming Youngest Graduate at St. John’s University, Launch Non-Profit

Study: Racially Biased Oncologists Spend Less Time with Black Cancer Patients

African-Americans are Twice as Likely as Whites to Suffer from Alzheimer’s, Poverty and Lack of Education Could Be Key Factors, Study Says

Tuskegee Experiment to Blame for Drop in Life Expectancy of Southern Black Males? New Study Suggests So

Researcher Asks ‘Why Use Talcum Powder’ After Study Shows Black Women Have Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer From it

State Laws Created to Catch Drivers Impaired by Marijuana Are Based on ‘Junk Science,’ AAA  Says

Johnson & Johnson Reportedly Pushed Talcum Powder on Black Women After White Women Cease Use Due to Cancer Risk

Report: Pregnancy Rate Among Black, Hispanic Teens Drops to Lowest Rates in a Decade

Health Group, Clergy Team Up to Fight Illnesses That Harm the Black Community Most

Zika Virus ‘Scarier’ Than U.S. Officials Initially Thought, Linked to New Illness Similar to Multiple Sclerosis 

African-American Non-Profit Raises Awareness About Autism in Black Community

Houston Woman Records Doctors Berating Her During Surgery, Compares Her to ‘Precious’ Movie Character