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Wednesday, December 17th, 2014


After Racist Emails from Sony Execs, Black Media Association Threatens Sony With Boycott

Despite Controversies, ‘Sorority Sisters’ Debuts as Offended Black Women Still Signing Petition to Get it Off the Air

On Eve of Opening of ‘Selma,’ Oprah Cautions Not to Forget ‘Nameless Michael Browns or Eric Garners’ Who Died in the Past

Camille Cosby Issues Statement Standing By Her Husband After the Flood of Allegations

Sony Executive Calls Television the New ‘Black Baby’ in Hacked Emails

Beyonce’s Candid Short Film ‘Yours and Mine’ Discusses Difficulties of Fame, Defends Her Feminist Stance

Oprah Makes Shocking Statement About the Impact Children Would Have Had on Her Life

After Years of Judging Black Community, Bill Cosby Wants Black Media To Stop Judging Him and Be ‘Neutral’

After His Fans Wait Breathlessly For 14 Years, D’Angelo Finally Releases His New Album ‘Black Messiah’

In Bizarre Scheme, U.S. Government Trying to Overthrow Cuban Govt. Using Cuban Rappers

Nine Years Ago This Week, The World Lost a Groundbreaking Comic Legend: Richard Pryor

Truck Driver Who Caused Tracy Morgan’s Accident Says Tracy Already Has Enough Money