Monday, January 22, 2018
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Chérmelle D. Edwards


These Three Museums are Dedicated to Preserving the History of American Jazz

  Jazz, an American art form born in the early twentieth century, celebrates many of its most enigmatic contributors in the month of August. Louis Armstrong – trumpet and cornet player— is one of the...

The Nation Will Celebrate 147 Years Since Blacks Earned Full Citizenship Under the Law,...

On July 28, 147 years will have passed since the ratification of the The Fourteenth Amendment—the amendment that granted Blacks full citizenship rights as part of the Constitution in 1868. Originally proposed in response to...

Francis Johnson: Little Known Black Musician, Composer, Band Leader Had Exceptional Career

During the nearly 80 years now known as the Antebellum era of America (1781-1860), lived a man named Francis Johnson, commonly known as Frank. Of West Indian background, his American life began when he...

How Joseph L. Searles III Impacted Urban Finance in America

"It's a personal challenge to me as a Black man to become part of the economic mainstream of this country," said Joseph L. Searles, III, a multi-faceted man whose legacy encompassed a passion for...


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