6 Black-Owned Creameries Whose Tasty Treats Will Keep You Cool This Summer


Taharka Bros. Ice Cream in Baltimore, Md.
Launched in 2010, Baltimore-based Taharka Bros. Ice Cream Co. touts itself as a for-profit, for-community social enterprise operated primarily by college-aged young adults of color. The company is known for creating a variety of small-batch, mouth-watering gourmet ice cream and sorbet, featuring classic flavors like Cookie Dough and Chocolate. Choc. Chunk to more adventurous ones like Bananas Foster and Matcha Green Tea.

In 2014, the young entrepreneurs behind the nonprofit and De La Sol Haiti received the Global Ties U.S. Citizen Diplomat Award for their cooperative efforts in producing gourmet goods using Haitian-sourced cacao beans and other farm produce, according to Global Ties U.S.

“We use our award-winning ice creams, sorbets and business initiatives to champion the fight for a better, brighter and more ‘Taharkafied’ world,” the company’s website states.

Photo by Andrea V. Watson for DNAinfo.

ZBerry in Chicago, Ill.
Zberry is a self-serve frozen yogurt bar offering a variety of delicious flavors and toppings. Owned and operated by local entrepreneur Zenzile Powell, the shop serves everything from sorbet to fresh fruit smoothies and warm desserts. Powell is the first Black woman to open a frozen yogurt shop in Chicago.

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