Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

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8 Black Pastors Whose Net Worth is 200 Times Greater Than Folks in Their Local Communities

creflo dollar

Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar is senior pastor of World Changers Church International with a net worth of $27 million.  He leads one of the nation’s largest mega-churches, located in College Park, Georgia. Dollar also hosts a television show, Changing Your World, on cable networks.

The New York Times reported that Dollar owns a million-dollar Atlanta home, drives a Rolls-Royce, is transported by a private jet and has a $2.5 million Manhattan apartment.

The average annual income in College Park, Ga., is $29,640.


bishop papa oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo

Nigeria preacher David Oyedepo is one of the wealthiest preachers in the world, with a reported net worth of $150 million. In 1981, he founded the Living Faith World Outreach Ministry in Ogun State, Nigeria, and it has grown to become Africa’s largest congregation. The worship center has a seating capacity of 50,000.

Oyedepo reportedly owns homes in London and the United States and has four private jets. He also owns Dominion Publishing House, a thriving company that publishes all his books — which are often on the subject of prosperity.

Almost 55 percent of Nigeria’s citizens live below the poverty level on under $2 a day. Nigeria has a population of 168,833,776 people.

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  1. That's a damn shame.

  2. Prosperity Gosphel equals immense wealth for the pastors and continuing penury for most of the flock.

  3. "What kind of a man would take that kind of money out of a poor black neighborhood?"

  4. Viktor Barron says:

    Sometimes it pays to be an atheist

  5. Lance S Fountain Sr says:

    I believe it is called fleecing the flock. IJS

  6. Don't be haters follow their lead work the word read the word ask question talk to God like they do keep your mouth off Gods anoithed ones do you pray do you trust God for your life are you a giver do you help others or are you just a credit are you a Fowler or just a fan do you see how they truly live or are you just one in a croud of haters, I'm not the smart one but if I don't know I ask questions until I do know and I truly believe that these men of God are blessed to do Gods work are you ready for that Load cause if you look in your mirror and multiply your mind set a million times that's what these men and women of God has to trust God for so I'm thanking God for them and praying that God put bits in you haters mouths

  7. Just goes to show you that even in preaching the gospel their are hugh profit gaps. Some preachers cant quit their day jobs because they don't make that type of money.

  8. Heike Rose says:

    stop hating on people who have more than you! i can´t speak for all of them, but i can speak for Bishop Charles Blake, have you put in the hours like he has to make a difference in someones life? how many lives have you touched? how many people did you help? how many hours have you put into studying, traveling, helping??? if it is okay for actors, musicians and athletes to make millions of dollar, why is everyone having a problem with preachers making money. if you work hard, you deserve it all! maybe instead of hating on people who have a lot, go and work for yours! hypocrites!

  9. Steve Fair says:

    Dollar was once asked why did he need a Lear Jet. That negro had the nerve to respond "Like a carpenter needs his hammer, I need my jet to do my work." Anybody stupid enough to tithe this fraud deserves to be fleeced.

  10. all those fag preachers are going to rot in hell….

  11. $150 Million? SMGDH?

  12. Melvin Carr says:

    Sounds like jealousy to me. I guarantee that these pastors congregations are not filled with poor people. God want us to be prosperous.. He don't want us to be poor. He created this earth with it's abundance and he want us to be abundantly supplied. How can we feed the sheeps and lambs as Jesus instructed if we are poor. The Bible says the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and adds no sorrow.

  13. I question the integrity of this article, Bishop Jakes doesn't even take a salary from the Potters House, he does from his books, movies and speaking. Is taking a lower salary going to make the people he pastors have more money?

  14. We desperately need to start calling the dogs out. They are a major part if the demise of out state of being and we continue to allow it to go on. If we don't come together and put their asses in please they're going to rob us down to nothing and it's almost there now. They tell lies about the so call jesus story and that's just what it is a jive ass story. I don't mind speaking this way because I know there is nothing to it, it is immoral.

  15. This is obscene. Religion is truly the opiate of the masses. Maybe they should read their bibles and explore what Jesus says about wealth and getting into heaven.

  16. Merona Bahre Negash says:

    Don't hate when God's workers get a little bit wealth ! Get your jealousy
    In check and allow them to b blessed!

  17. Don't hate when God's workers get a little bit wealth ! Get your jealousy
    In check and allow them to b blessed!

  18. Merona Bahre Negash says:

    Those are awesome organizers. They tirelessly work hard! And hard for God! If they were white, u would not say anything! Support ur brothers

  19. Sundiata Keita says:

    TD Jakes is here in Dallas, dead smack in the middle of the hood but they have to block streets off and reroute traffic on Sundays just to get to that white mans truth. the slave master did a damn good job i tell you. if you want to know how he did it,

  20. What the bible say about rich man? Paul or Jesus did not live above other. They was giver.There are a lot of thing that are being done in the name of God.We are in the last days.Just because someone has money do not mean they are bless.

  21. Awesome organizers, my foot! Bernie Madoff was a hell of an organizer. So is Jerry Springer! White, yellow, black, green or whatever color they may be, preachers of the prosperity gospel are hustlers purveying a spiritual ponzi scheme while busy picking the pockets of mostly poor people.

  22. Oh and uh fuck Joel Osteen too!

  23. Heike Rose says:

    my dear read also vs 6 of the same psalm: "those who trust in their wealth
    and boast of their great riches?" – as i said: i can´t speak for all of them, but i will speak for Bishop Charles Blake who never once in his live boasts nor trusts in his riches, but lives a humbled life in the service of people worldwide. if i had a billion dollar i would gladly give it to him, because it was through his ministry that my life was transformed and and it was through his teaching that i got an understanding of the great grace and mercy that God has for me. 1 Chronicles 16:22 "Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm."

  24. Dexter Harris says:

    And thats how a pimp knows a preacher !! Not hatin on these brothas but would God have these men with these extravagant cars, mollion dollar mansions! Well thats who they will attribute it two under the guise of a blessing, its they're flesh but they won't admit it ! Then we wonder why Christianity gets a bad wrap well theres one reason.

  25. 2 Corinthians 11:12–15
    12 And what I am doing I will continue to do, in order to undermine the claim of those who would like to claim that in their boasted mission they work on the same terms as we do. 13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. their end will correspond to their deeds.

  26. Sundiata Keita says:
  27. Sundiata Keita says:

    Tony Bonner do i agree with who's assessment?

  28. Tony Bonner – Ask him to use some of the church money to obtain decent attorneys to defend the families of the defenseless Black community instead of using it for material wealth. I am sure God would accept this type of work also.

  29. Tony Bonner – Stop quoting scripture and talk with the mind that God gave you, not something someone else wrote hundreds of years in a society past.

  30. God's word more powerful than mine…Hello…

  31. Tony Bonner You are correct brother, so I guess you do not have the mind that God gave you. Good bye.

  32. Donal Godfrey I believe we are in agreement.

  33. Merona Bahre Negash says:

    If a few receive Christ due to the work of these men, if people have churches to attend instead of bars and worldly concerts, if people r giving to churches rather than drug dealers and are quitting drugs due to hearing the true Gospel of The One True God, who r u to undermine the work of God? Get your prayer to God for mercy for yourself.

  34. If a few receive Christ due to the work of these men, if people have churches to attend instead of bars and worldly concerts, if people r giving to churches rather than drug dealers and are quitting drugs due to hearing the true Gospel of The One True God, who r u to undermine the work of God? Get your prayer to God for mercy for yourself.

  35. Tony Bonner — posting those quotes once is adding an interesting perspective. Posting the exact same message half a dozen times is spamming.

  36. Do you really think homophobic slurs contribute to the discussion here?

  37. Jacob Sonny says:

    not surprise, there are more nigerians. Religion is just not for nigerians!

  38. Jacob Sonny says:

    not surprise, there are more nigerians. Religion is just not for nigerians!

  39. T Joyelle Brown says:

    No one is hating on them. Plus, everybody isn't motivated by money. Some people, including myself, are content with what they have.

  40. No one is hating on them. Plus, everybody isn't motivated by money. Some people, including myself, are content with what they have.

  41. T Joyelle Brown says:


  42. T Joyelle Brown says:

    Nothing wrong with prosperity. Again, everyone's not motivated by money.

  43. Lateef Ade' Reid says:

    A God wouldn't give a flying fuck whether or not you made fortunes.

  44. Lateef Ade' Reid says:

    A God wouldn't give a flying fuck whether or not you made fortunes.

  45. I live in Dallas Sundiata Keita, and you are using this to try to push your kill the white man theology. 1 if you pull up where the Potters House is located, It is next to Dallas Baptist Theology College for one, not a hood – In fact the nearest "hood" to the church has about 3 so called mega churches that are closer to it, but part of what the Potters House does – with it Mega Care Initiative is go out into these communities to help the less fortunate weekly. What have you done to help anyone besides blame your problems on the white man. Great Post Heike Rose

  46. I live in Dallas Sundiata Keita, and you are using this to try to push your kill the white man theology. 1 if you pull up where the Potters House is located, It is next to Dallas Baptist Theology College for one, not a hood – In fact the nearest "hood" to the church has about 3 so called mega churches that are closer to it, but part of what the Potters House does – with it Mega Care Initiative is go out into these communities to help the less fortunate weekly. What have you done to help anyone besides blame your problems on the white man. Great Post Heike Rose

  47. Tony Evans says:

    Tony Bonner that is not His word but man's word. If it really was His word you wouldn't be worshipping a man as God.

  48. Tony Evans says:

    The tax man and the preacher man

  49. Tony Evans says:

    What kind of 'anointing' makes poor people pay the taxes while some crooked preacher lives tax free. It is a scam.

  50. T Joyelle Brown i agree.

  51. having prosperity by working hard, family ties, etc. is one thing….and as regards to possible motivations other than money, well you tell me what might the motives be? Do you think they would do this if there was no money involved?

  52. Sundiata Keita says:

    Shelton Seworth Oak Cliff is the muthafuckin hood. dont play that smalltime shit with me, erybody in dallas knows that. and you argue like a white bitch, inserting words i didnt say about some kill the white man theology.
    and if you love that slavemasters religion so much and youre on here protecting your slavemaster, we dont have shit to talk about.

  53. The times in which we live are marked by a selfish, distorted form of love. In his inspired description of “the last days,” the apostle Paul wrote that people would love, not one another, but themselves, money, and pleasures. Many would have “no natural affection,” or as one Bible translation puts it, they would “lack normal affection for their families.” (2 Timothy 3:1-4) Jesus Christ foretold: “Many . . . will betray one another and will hate one another. . . . The love of the greater number will cool off.”—Matthew 24:10, 12.

    3 Notice, however, that Jesus did not say that the love of everyone would cool off. There have always been and will always be those who display the sort of love that God requires and deserves.

  54. Viktor Barron says:

    Miss me with that buybull bullish!

  55. Tony Evans so tell me, what man do you assume I worship? I worship Jehovah God, The Most High, The Almighty, The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ…..Let's talk….

  56. Donal Godfrey You know your battle is lost here….ttyl

  57. Donal Godfrey You know your battle is lost here….ttyl

  58. Donal Godfrey Also racist white Europeand wrote, lol.

  59. I posted what you must know. That these supposedly wholesome preachers are misguided and self righteous. Bringing glory to themselves, not to The Most High, The Almighty…..Fire any missiles my way, The bible is at my disposal and I will use it effectively.

  60. Man up, put your pics (pictures of your own face) where your mouth is….that says alot about peoples character. Afraid to use your natural god-given face as profile pic… you all something to think about…..

  61. But why are they allowing these pimps to do this to them, they are not any help in correcting problems in the black community. They are not smart, except, out smarting their flock, as you called them. Look around black people, God is not listening to these preachers, and his flock either. The Africans held as slaves prayed for hundreds of years, trying to escape slavery, nobody was listening. These preachers, have effectively coined the people, I do see nothing they do, that truly help the black race, we need to practice self determination. They got the funds to start these businesses from the church, and how much did they contribute to the personally to the business? If they did not put up their own personal salary to start these businesses, there is no shares in those businesses for them, the business should belong to the church, and they already get a salary from the church. It is crazy. Pimps in the pulpit. Mind you now, half of these people are educators, (wink, wink) in these churches, or should I say, middle class, what are they telling them to be able to fleece them like that? Not a one, except Rev. Wright, teaches black history, it may be a few more, Farrakan dosen't teaches black history. We need Africancentered Schools, reverends, where are the Africacentered schools? To teach our children their history.

  62. Nzingha Shabaka as a student of the bible, I say more is needed than African centered schools…that's part of the problem, self centered, self interested, self indulgent society. What's needed is to learn accurate knowledge of God and his will and purposes for the future.

  63. Say that brother. Blocking traffic to get to hear what's in the white man's bible. Where do we see blacks coming out in droves, to do anything. Most are not concerned that their children are not inclusive in the Eurocentric curriculum, children being abused. But they rather go to the lavious churches, give the the church the max tieds, and the church turn around and give a very large percentage to the pimp. Unbelievable.

  64. Sundiata Keita One other thing, didn't they use the bible, and christainity to help control African people while in slavery? I think the bible was created just for that, to control people, so that others could misuse them. Slavery, is a Human Rights Violation. The worse crime committed against a people ever in the history of the planet, out here in this big universe.

  65. Sundiata Keita Wow!

  66. These bible thumpers are about to run us the hell out of the water. Look at them, don't have sh.. to prove their preacher and the whites bible have ever done anything for black people or no people except white people. Obviously, the bible works for whites, and it even says it is okay to have slaves, and you want to give creditiability to the bible. Hell no not me, all the suffering my people through and then telling them God says be obidient to your criminal master. First of all they need to stop lying on God. Somebody is going to get the smack downn lying on God, is that right?

  67. Michael Mobley You realize most of those stories in the bible are parables?

  68. Where did he get the money for all these businesses? From the church, that over pay preachers. That overpayment of salaries, should be used for Africancentered schools. Why Jakes dosen't ever talk about black history, that will help blacks way more than the parables he teaches. I know why, he dosen't know any, and if he does, why he is not sharing the knowledge with the people?

  69. Vukoni Lupa-Lasaga Best post of the day.

  70. Dosen't look like it, uh? Look at all the terrorism going on there, they are into more than any blacks in the diaspora.

  71. I am going to say the same thing about these pimps, that I say about country music, if I had to listen to it, I would loose my mind. What is cuase, and what is the effect? We see the negative, but no positive.

  72. Nzingha Shabaka I agree that most religions have misused the bible for personal. But that's not true of all religions. May I ask where you are from? because my God is there also….

  73. Tony Bonner those are not god's word my friend, those are words by men, god wrote not one chapter in that book of fairy tales ok now you sir is a sheepe

  74. Tony Bonner yup i agree you indee are a sheeple

  75. While it's common to think of sociopaths as criminals, even killers, such behavior isn't essential to the diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder. The criteria include that the patient must be 18 or older and have shown certain behaviors consistently over time and circumstances, Sociopaths show a pervasive pattern of disregard for the rights and feelings of others

  76. Tony Bonner I sure wish you would say that to all the other races in the world, and they will blow you out the water. I do not intend to be mean, what you said does not make sense. In the American school curriculum, the first thing it talks about, is how to inspire, and motivate their children to succeed in school. That is to teach their history, give them role models, that is why they have so many role models in the lessons being taught, even made up lies about role models, because they realize how important role models are, if you wish to motivate students/children to read, and learn. Why are you saying this is alright for them, but we don't need it? Listen, your bible, going to church, cannot, and have not filled in that gap, you cannot substitute our children's proper education using religion. Why do you think so many black children hate school? Because they are not inclusive in the education process, their self esteem is being attack every day, they attend these schools, they would rather not go. They hate to read, for a very good reason, because all the books put before them are about people who do not look like them. A major self esteem destroyer. Our children are taught we did not create anything, we were just held as slaves. We created everything first.

  77. Joyelle Singleton says:

    T Joyelle Brown ….Just saying hi…It's not everyday I meet someone named Joyelle!!

  78. Sundiata Keita says:

    Nzingha Shabaka yea, i included a slave narrative note about slave preachers from real life in there. and thats a great point you made. when do black people come out in droves. it would be different if the preachers built black communities or hell, even opened up a black bank with the money but they dont.
    i mean, if you need your religion thats cool, but dont talk shit to me when im trying to help you.

  79. Merona Bahre Negash says:

    American Christians are so weird.. Some churches that are so small and do not have much and no one attends there because the workers r few. On the other hand these preachers have done so much work to get where they r at and u all are criticizing them? Make up ur minds!

  80. Kendall Fleming says:

    Tony Evans i believe it's called "snake oil"

  81. Tony Bonner Who said it was God's word? Surely you are not believing what's in the bible, written by those who wrote it, you do know who those are, right? How can you say words in the bible are Gods words? Are you telling me it is God's words that says it is okay to be held as a slave, and other inhuman suffering,? I do not believe that, and why all the suffering of a particular group? We hadn't done anything to anybody. We were a progressive, peaceful people, building, teaching, learning.

  82. Tony Bonner That is mystical, you will use your bible. The people with all the weapons in the world are christians, so why do they have all these weapons, and not just use their bible or their religion? You need to live in the real world, everything you say is mystical, no facts, no science, it is like you are a fake. No one can tell me anything unless it is a fact/science, if you cannot back up your spinning with facts or some kind or proof, don't even waste your time. All these bible verses, they do not impress upon some of us, not one bit. Why don/t you go on a site where your verses will be appreciated, by people like yourself.

  83. 'you defending this man I hope when you and anyone else who crosses paths with him he uses his gains to help them out!

  84. Tony Bonner Why the bible does not have dates these things happened? Because it didn't happen. They are parables, to control weak people.

  85. EA Afolabi Amen.

  86. Tony Bonner I do not believe you are a man of God, because you believe and preach nonsense.

  87. Kevin Smith Thank you, and they are happy to give it to him. Talking about tides, that money is suppose to be for the people, or some worthy cause, like schools, that will life our children self esteem, so that they succeed in school, not tfor he preacher running around in jets and living in million dollar homes. He need to go get a 8-5 job, and leave the money for the needy.

  88. Why should the world be more prosperous than the people of God? God himself gave Solomon all his riches! Stop being one sided individuals!

  89. Viktor Barron says:

    Thank you ^^^

  90. Nzingha Shabaka says:

    Merona Bahre Negash You say they are working hard for God? So why are we in the condition we are in, we are the worse economically group, we are the second group who have been living in America the longest, yet we are way worse off than all the groups that came after us. Look, I do not know what is needed for you to see, these churches are not doing anything to move the black race forward, nothing, zipo. Sure they do a few social things, that does not move a group forward, it helps to keep the people, where they will remain. We as a group, need to be about self determination, in order to do what others groups are doing, it is called nation building. We do things to create jobs, better schools, better health care, on, and on. The creator I belive in, and who I work for, this is our agenda, you move the people forward. Not only that, you teach people how to better themselves, to love themselves, in our schools great emphasis, should be placed on being critical thinkers, not reading the bible, because when you do all these things, what do you need the bible for? God does not need us going around screaming, and thanking him/her for anything, God knows who he/her is, the most supreme, just do what we were created for, not sitting around in church thanking God, for what, because you are alive, well yea, that is why we were put here to live, and work and not a lot of down time doing nothing, like in these churches, and giving your money away and not seeing anything done with it that truly help the people This is like a no brainer.

  91. The one thing people particular Afrikan descent we must understand about god and I don't have to cap it. Before the invasions (Arabs then Europeans) we never ever used the word god. To use that word to represent the creator is so immoral and useless in quoting the great Rev Dr Ishakamusa Barashango it's dog spelled backwards. It is so immature to use such meaningless word to represent such greatness. It is very hard for you to understand what I am saying because religions keeps you in a box and that's the sad part.

  92. Lynn DeBeal says:

    Donal Godfrey You know THATS not happening anytime soon. Theres no money in it.

  93. Lynn DeBeal says:

    Tony Bonner you really can't think of the words to get your point across? wow. So basically, your religion is memorizing someone else's words and repeating them back, rote. You have no original thoughts?

  94. Lynn DeBeal says:

    Tony Bonner I believe we have a parrot on board.

  95. Lynn DeBeal says:

    Sundiata Keita ^5

  96. Merona Bahre Negash says:

    Nzingha Shabaka , well sista, come on. These men are Not God. They are employing many of our people, they are getting our people off crack cocaine, they are elevating any, some, at all only some whatever you believe? go pick on others who are doing nothing at all. This is self defeating!! Leave these men alone!! At the very least, they are getting people away from TV, loneliness, self worship, and other things into the house of God. Please pick on others!! There are schools, Universities and other ways you could pick on. Are you kidding in saying that Madoff? tithe is based on willingly sacrificing some money to help others, which helps with anything. OMG, Wow, who are you to dictate what God says? Yes!! He does need us to worship him instead of ourselves! Come on, a relationship with God is one of the most important relationships you could have!! You can not uplift a nation with out God!! Especially a nation of Africans who were depressed, oppressed and taken advantage of by the devil himself!! Why don't you work on social issues if that is your calling and other things of your callings?? Allow these Good men of God to do their callings!! You have to stop attacking others for success!!! If Pan Americanism or socialism is one of your calling, work on it!! Allow others to uplift their people at any level!!

  97. Merona Bahre Negash How many more people could they help if they were to give up their mansions, cars and multiple privet jets?

  98. Merona Bahre Negash says:

    Tony Bonner come on! So, for you to refer to preachers that are leading so many men/women to faith of Christ, it is misjudgement on your part bro!! I am not claiming that these are God!! These are men if you remember!! Please pray about this situation and allow God to lead you!! No one is forcing anyone to tithe/offer. Allow people to get saved and if it is at a Mega Church? let it be!! Wake up bro!!

  99. Merona Bahre Negash says:

    Donal Godfrey come on dude, If this is your calling, start fund raising in that church and representing for the community. Stop pointing a finger at a preacher who is doing a hard work because 4 fingers are pointing at you!1 What is your ministry at the church?

  100. Medusa D. Brown says:

    Donal Godfrey Thank Mr. Godfrey!

  101. Merona Bahre Negash says:

    Shouldn't you all be asking if and how many souls are being saved instead of jets and cars? wow, you all are still clueless about how divisive the media could be towards black against blacks. Wake up people!

  102. Medusa D. Brown says:

    Tony Bonner Wow! You really are mind controlled!!

  103. Lynn DeBeal says:

    Nzingha Shabaka what are they getting out of it? Status. The Status of being associated with that church. Also the hope that some of the preachers abundance will rub off on to them. You know they all teach that "abundance theology". #1 step being 'hang out with rich people'. So if they hang out with him, they might get rich like he is. They are Black "white men", giving them 'house negro' status. In the Indian community we would call the "hang out at the fort Indians", they hang out around the fort hoping to get alcohol and blankets tossed their way.

  104. Merona Bahre Negash says:

    OMG? Am from Eritrea, Africa and I will show you the original bible in my language!! No white/black dude wrote that!! God wrote it!! Wake up people, the king james is just a translation of our original bible! Although the English language is somewhat racist than our original bible language bible, at the end of the day, it does lead to the true ancient Christianity!!

  105. Merona Bahre Negash I'm sorry, but they're glutinous and greedy ways have exploited more people than they've helped. Understand that their are enough resources in our communities to feed, cloth, and shelter all people everywhere in the world. However this is impossible if a few people take an excessive amount of resources for themselves. This is true of Wall Street bankers, CEO's, and yes ultra-wealthy leaders of mega-churches. It's my opinion that the worst type of person will do this in the name of God. I hope that you can understand what I'm saying, and that you can fight against this injustice. I appreciate your mind and ideas.

  106. Ricketta DoveFresh Jackson says:

    Well, in my opinion if there are any souls being saved then let THAT be the blessing.

  107. Medusa D. Brown says:

    Tony Bonner You are a religous troll!! You repeat yourself too much! You're comment is repetitive. Symptoms of mind controlled!! Wake up Tony!!

  108. Merona Bahre Negash says:

    Should you all not be asking how many souls were saved instead of talking about their cars and planes? wow? come on

  109. Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn.

  110. You need to take that homophobic crap someplace else Bro.

  111. It's not about "hating". It's about being sold a bill of goods. And it's not like its anything new. Circuit preacher used to always take the best piece of chicken when he visited. AND the farmers daughter. Aint nothing changed.

  112. I must be talking to people who do not understand the divide and conquer; Jim Crow laws, Racist police and system trying to break apart the only positive megas in the lives of Africans presently. Wake up people!

  113. Don't go to these kinds of mega churches: If you see abuse of funds, no help in the community, and if they refuse to help you cause you cant afford to pay tithes. These are signs to join another church. Private jets and mansions are just abuse of funds. People need to ask what the property is for because the congregation should be allowed to use it for their purpose also as far as I am concerned.

  114. Nzingha Shabaka I am who I am because that is who I choose to be. I say this to myself all the time because I had to learn to discipline my mind. It doesn’t happen overnight. I push and I push to achieve everything I do and want. If I fail, I get back up and try it another way. This is self-determination but it cannot happen without my higher power. It is what I believe and it is our choice to believe. My father gave each one of us the choice to believe in his love, in his blessings, in his power, and in him. For some, people need to believe in something to keep them strong. All the ashes that people carry around can make you bitter and seem forceful. So they give all their struggles to God so they can at least have some comfort every day. This is what slaves did also. True, they were beat, overworked, stoned, and killed but they believed in God so they could survive their pain. In God’s time they were saved. I have also learned when questions can’t be answered then ask God. Sometime the answer could hurt more than not knowing. I say all this to say, People know these pastors are wrong and they also know the bible says don’t be a fool. If they commit themselves to the love of money they will surely be a fool in his eyes.

  115. since everybody here is so goldly, you know what to do: PRAY for them!!

    Matthew7:4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? 5 Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

  116. Soooooo, if I am a Bishop, Pastor, Prophet or whatever in ministry, does being broke somehow make me believable, credible or effective in ministry? Hey IJS.

  117. Negropean selling the white man's religion….When will we ever wake up…damn…

  118. And yet no mention whatsoever of the Reverend Jesse Jackson or the Reverend Al Sharpton, whose incomes and net worths DWARF those mentioned here.

    Hmph. Odd, that.

  119. Burn the churches Madussa? Wow, so much hate?? U must not like anything good by a black nation. Y is it that u want to waste ur time criticizing and taking down something? Instead I building something of your own? If u are speaking o burning a church, and someone else is talking and shooting and killing someone at the church, y would a pastor give a ride to some haters like that? He/she could only open a church door. If u choose to, come in, and if u choose to

  120. Mr. Bonner; It is great to quote scripture, there's a lot of good stuff in there. You disrespect yourself & God by not using what God gave you to at least research the authenticity of the bible & those who put the 'book together'. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery my friend. God wants you to be free to know the TRUTH in all things.

  121. Why not list the annual median income for the cities the Nigerian pastors serve– the same as their American counterparts? The info exists and is available. Or even the state? Or even the region (southern Nigeria). It'd be more accurate and more than $2/day. If we're going to tell stories, let's tell them well

  122. You don't save souls by robbing the people. We have all our black men and youth in prison. We can stop right there. Why the preacher cannot make a difference right there. Most of the men, dropped out of schol were pushed out because of a racist school system. That is why I speak about our children getting a proper education. But that is not the church thing, because they do not belive there is anything in our history that would inspire our youth to want to learn about, so that they can be inspired to learn, and be critical thinkers, stay in school, and not take to the streets, where all their problems can be found, and a life of crime, and to the criminal justice system. That should be clear fro us to see, and do something about it. Religion has blinders on black people, we cannot see the problem, therefore, we cannot make an attempt to correct the problem. Religion is not a solution to the problem. If you wish to use it in addition to the real solution, ok, I have no problem with that. The solutions the church offers, are not problem solvers. They should see that. Those youth who participate in church programs, those youth are not the ones who rebel or are effected by white supremacy, we got to pay attention to the ones who are effected by white supremacy, and that is most of them. If the church is not effective in curbing the population, and other pproblems in the black community, they should seek, out those solutions, from Africancented people. We have the answers.

  123. Religion is a tool that people use to get things done –

  124. Cynthia Brooks What I do know about the creator, is that we all were given talent to to whatever we want, and need to move our race forward. We sit around begging and pleding for the creator to do things for us, not going to happen, because, I will keep saying it, we were given all the talent and abilities to do for ourselves, if we don't we get left by the wayside. How long does it take for religious people to see this? Get off your butts, and make things happen for yourself, your family, your people, you have the talent to do it, it was given to you by your God, so use it, I am pretty sure your God, will say well done, when you go about and make a difference in our people lives the ones who are struggling, the prison, the schools, the community. Thsi struggle is about self determination, the people working together, to make a difference in the suffering we have in the black community. When you keep throwing religion in the picture as a solution, you are holding yourself back, that is not what you were put on the planet for, to depend on your God to get things done. You hold the solution to the problems, you wer given this, so use it or, seek it out, and you shall find, but it is not in the corrupt church.

  125. Sundiata Keita I suppose it depends upon what you call a "sermon." Al "preaches" at the world every day on MSNBC.

  126. These guys are motivational speakers, they dont drag these people into their churches. Marketing always use falsehoods to get you to buy their products. Blame your black leaders for letting us be duped.

  127. It is a trap and snare of the devil for Christians to think that they supposed to be poor… What's sad is the masses buy into that and use the word of God to justify their belief system. Tony is an example who's misquoting 2 Corinthians 11:12. What makes people believe that the world can be rich and have wealth but if you are a Christian you supposed to be poor. As long as believers have this mentality we will not be able to reach the masses and to bless the poor so that they can become rich. And being rich is not necessarily based upon money. I could be a millionaire and be tormented in my mind and though I'm wealthy monetarily I'm poor mentally. The devil is a liar…. These ministers feed the hungry, preach the gospel, work tirelessly to spread the word of God seven days a week 24 hours a day, and if God blessed their ministries with the abundance so be it. At the end of the day, they have to answer to God for their lives. In the meantime I will continue to send money because they are spreading the word of God and if you was spreading the word of God, I would do the same thing for you. I was headed to hell and bound with addictions but the word of God change my course!

  128. None of these pastors have drawn a salary from their respective churches in decades. Literally! I'm not saying none of them are fleecing, but just because a man of God is rich doesn't mean he has robbed anyone. Also, please give credit to the many parishioners who attend these churches. I attend a 'mega-church' and would never stand for it if I believed my pastor was crooked. And let's face facts; many of us are hostile to the church because it calls all of us out on our foul living.

  129. An outrage!

  130. Merona, you also have to ask hpw many people have ass they become stumbling block to. The end doesnt justifu the mrans.

  131. God give you money to help other, and not just your family. The "love" of money is the root of all evils.

  132. While yall fight over God I will be saying Nam myoho renge kyo.

  133. If they would use this money to help Children the Poor,and Widows, there would be no homeless people. Very sad.

  134. :-(

  135. Richard C. Evans And to control people. A bunch of dummies, the people are allowing these folks to control them, so how bad off are the people?

  136. it is how you receive your money and what it is used for. Jesus lived a humble life and surrounded himself with those he could help and heal. No pastor requires a jet or Bentley.

  137. it is not about wanting or believing we should be poor. but the focus seems to be on material things. Do you recall reading do not store up your treasures on earth where thief can steal them and moth can eat them. but store up your treasure about. there is a stark difference between being materialistic being well off. I am not suggesting anyone should be hungry or suffer when there is cleary an abundance available. but are we loving our brother when our cup runs over and many are hungry and poor…and we buy $7000 luggage bags while kids die of hunger????

  138. it is not about wanting or believing we should be poor. but the focus seems to be on material things. Do you recall reading do not store up your treasures on earth where thief can steal them and moth can eat them. but store up your treasure about. there is a stark difference between being materialistic being well off. I am not suggesting anyone should be hungry or suffer when there is cleary an abundance available. but are we loving our brother when our cup runs over and many are hungry and poor…and we buy $7000 luggage bags while kids die of hunger????

  139. it is not about wanting or believing we should be poor. but the focus seems to be on material things. Do you recall reading do not store up your treasures on earth where thief can steal them and moth can eat them. but store up your treasure about. there is a stark difference between being materialistic being well off. I am not suggesting anyone should be hungry or suffer when there is cleary an abundance available. but are we loving our brother when our cup runs over and many are hungry and poor…and we buy $7000 luggage bags while kids die of hunger????

  140. it is not about wanting or believing we should be poor. but the focus seems to be on material things. Do you recall reading do not store up your treasures on earth where thieves
    can steal them and moth can eat them. but store up your treasure above. Read the word. Go does not desire us to put anything above him. These folks believe they are Gods even though they try to relate to you through a false humble spirit. Creflo Dollar is not a preacher AND THE SAME GOES FOR ALL OF THEM WHO DO NOT PREACH THE GOSPEL, BUT PREACH MONEY.
    There is a stark difference between being materialistic being well off. I am not suggesting anyone should be hungry or suffer when there is cleary an abundance available. but are we loving our brother when our cup runs over and many are hungry and poor…and we buy $7000 luggage bags while kids die of hunger????

  141. @ Rob Excellent point Rob… We all have to answer to God about our lives. I chose not to judge these men, because as a minister myself, it is not easy to walk in their shoes. Many of them write books, produce movies, and generate wealth outside of their pastorship. I have zero problem with them… Besides, I would rather see Christian with wealth because I know God would tug on their heart to sow into the Kingdom.

  142. Matthew chapter 7 verse 15 thru 23…:15“Be on the watch for the false prophets who come to you in sheep’s covering, but inside they are ravenous wolves. 16By their fruits you will recognize them. Never do people gather grapes from thorns or figs from thistles, do they? 17Likewise, every good tree produces fine fruit, but every rotten tree produces worthless fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear worthless fruit, nor can a rotten tree produce fine fruit. 19Every tree not producing fine fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Really, then, by their fruits you will recognize those men.
    21“Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the Kingdom of the heavens, but only the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will. 22Many will say to me in that day: ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?’ 23And then I will declare to them: ‘I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness!’

  143. LMBAO, Steve, NO he didn't?? #WOW

  144. So you are saying it is ok for a CEO of a get 20-30 million but when a pastor gets it there is something wrong with it.the word says that God wants you to prosper even as your soul prosper.

  145. I'm not too happy about seeing Charles Blake on this list: He's the presiding Bishop of the COGIC, not "just" a pastor in LA. I mean, it's a little bit disingenuous to claim he's ripping off his parishioners when you see famous wealthy people in the congregation all the time, AND he has other national responsibilities. Bad form.

  146. Jackson preached last weekend. You can follow them both on twitter…they tell you where they preach quite often

  147. very good point Ricketta.

  148. Kevin, these people who r complaining of God's workers have no idea how much hope and salvation these pastors are providing to so many crackheads, alcoholics and those who r in darkness. Only the Name and faith of Jesus gives hope! Not money, not a black school, not nationalism, not complaining about injustice, not hopelessness! At the end of the day, these pastors are God sent! Wake up and stop attacking men who continue to do what u r wishing for yourself and the poor people u r talking about! They r accomplishing their calling! Are you? Would u complain about them if they were poor? Probably not so, lay off them and you excell at their

  149. There should be no issue with these Pastors are any Pastors if their royalties are the result of comprehensive reinvestment of tithes, offerings, capital gains from the Development and Re-Development of existing and new/emerging African American Communities both Urban & Rural in the United States, which is basically not the case. The African American Communities Urban and Rural in the Greatest Nation in the History of the World are majority 2nd and 3rd world entities due in part to the most powerful economic/financial entity within the African American Communities where Billions are given Annually in these Storehouse facilities. The reinvestment of these funds here over a decade would transform these urban and rural communities rapidly and quickly into the First World plus via Human Services, Philanthropist Mufti-Cultural Enrichment initiatives and programs that will transcend the people thereof in Eunice with facilities, infrastructure. The United States is what it is today no matter what the skeptics and naysayers say, because of the God in whom it Trust and give Alliance. The Black Church is that entity of the Almighty God whose storehouse is plentiful with more than enough Asset Base to secure comprehensive massive renovation, enhancement and new development initiatives coupled with improvements equity Base further enhance the People of God it service. This is critical and must be addressed or else this society can go extent. The Church

  150. We have to be careful about making judgements without having all the facts. All wealthy pastors are not "pimps" in the pulpit. Remember, everybody has a story and we have no idea what these men and women had to go through to get to the place where they are now. Now if these pastors are being dishonest with their wealth and how they obtained it, then God will deal with them…it is not the congregations' business or place to make preconceived judgements. Also it is not the Pastor's fault if people CHOOSE to remain poor and live below the standard, blessings, and/or favor God has for them. I understand that in some cases life happens and people end up in situations they could not control. I'm talking about people who are able to change their situation but choose not to, and then want to get mad at the pastor cause he/she supposedly thinks the pastor is more well off than them. Oh how we forget there were kings and queens who were wealthy in the bible and they still LOVED people and were humble. We need to change our thinking when it comes to money, pastors, and wealth. Churches are businesses and as they grow more money is needed to reach the masses and bills and staff, YES STAFF have to be paid!! If you don't like your situation, change it! Don't get mad at the pastor cause he did.

  151. People don't realize it takes a lot of faith to only receive your income from tithe and offering vs a steady check every two weeks from corporate America. People don't realize that this is the pastors only job in most cases. Most pastors don't have benefits, retirement, or paid vacation packages like we do. People don't see the big picture. Yes, my pastor is worth the hire!! Yes! I pay my tithes and offering because I love the God in my pastor and I love God. I can choose not to pay either but I love my God and I'm going to be obedient. I believe people remain in their same financial struggle because they keep robbing God of of His due!!

  152. So true

  153. They enjoy stealing from gullible fools!! Keep giving them your money idiots.

  154. Adam Wood What ever you may think of Jackson or Sharpton personally, they have a history of being warriors for their people who were willing to go to jail for black folks. These pulpit pimps are devoted to one thing. Their wallets.


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