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Saturday, August 1st, 2015

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5 Examples of the War on the Black Woman’s Womb


Forced Breeding

Breeding enslaved Africans was a profitable business in the United States for hundreds of years. Although forcing two strangers to engage in sexual intercourse was traumatizing to both genders, Black women endured a heavy burden of pregnancy, childbirth and child loss. Children created through forced breeding were marketed as highly desirable stock when sold on auction blocks. Countless Black women endured the ongoingprocess of rape, gestation, labor, delivery and sale of their children several times within a lifetime; literally turning her womb into an extremely lucrative slave production factory.

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  1. The Negro Project continues under Planned Parenthood. It is still supported by our black leaders. The chief executive, President Obama

  2. Laura Schlegel says:

    No one else and especially no government should get in the way of a woman's safe private choice to reproduce or not!

  3. Mohammed Shakur says:

    And unfortunately, The Black Wombman is still convinced that Planned Parenthood was also for them. Margaret Sanger was a huge supporter of Eugenics and definitely didnt approve of black people.

  4. "Fear is a helluva drug". "So to is ignorance". When the aggressor is fearful and the target is ignorant, it makes for a perfect dichotomy leading to mass hysteria and rampant hatred (bigotry, racism). I will hold firm to the ideal that segregation WAS NOT a harmful principle, but a necessary means.

  5. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Ellis Marcelle Necessary indeed.

  6. The C-section is a HORRIBLE procedure. Surgical procedures are used to remove harmful objects from a host or insert progressive objects into the host. A new-born fits neither of these distinctions. The baby is to exit the mother's womb the same way he/she entered. Our wombman would rather avoid the momentary pain than 'deliver' a healthy child into external existence. When did we allow ourselves to become mentally weakened?!?!


  8. Betrayed .. But still they cannot annihilate. Yes they still do have control to some extent – casting fear in the fact that women undergoing C-sections procedure once, may not have 'SVD' So if they perform it for the 1st, then the following 2 pregnancies will also be C-sec.

  9. Mohammed Shakur Sad that a great leader like MLK died for a flawed cause. Equality is to be taken/earned, through your actions, not given, like a handout. As for segregation, we were 'minding our own business' when the savages from the Middle East, our bastard children, came to instill principles of servitude as a means of prosperity, seeing as they knew they were inferior to their BIG brothers in Africa. Then they 'made a deal with the devil', beginning the Transcontinental trade of slaves. When we were to ourselves, all races, with limited contact, we were ALL fine. So to return to sanity, we have to reverse the process of degradation, IMO!

  10. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Ellis Marcelle Sadly accurate. But it is what it is for the time being. Question is what do we do now?

  11. Mohammed Shakur I look to the model set in play by movements like the Harlem Renaissance and 'Black Wall Street'. Attain and invest in our own. Like the children of Israel, we can populate an area for ourselves and prosper, limiting outside engagement to matters of business only. For those who want integration, they can continue to live integrated. A Utopia of sorts for my people!

  12. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Ellis Marcelle Sounds like an excellent idea. Time to start implementing it.

  13. Want to share this article on pinterest,but can't. It would be great for those that would be interested in having this as a social campaign in our parade,

  14. There are no leader to me

  15. Elizabeth Henderson says:

    So you know this be the case for every single black woman in every birth situation? Are you an obstetrician or midwife too? A Cesarean is nothing new and in some instances it is the best option for mom and baby. Lets first understand why this option is chosen before making blanket statements about all births.

  16. Elizabeth Henderson I fully understand the "benefits" of a Cesarean. I also know that it is avoidable in almost all instances. The only time it is NECESSARY is when there are detrimental circumstances which will bring about harm, long term deficiencies or even death to either mother or child. I did qualify which scenario I was addressing, "our wombman would rather avoid momentary pain than 'deliver' a healthy child…" My wife gave birth, naturally, under the guidance of a midwife, but when the midwife was out of the room momentarily, a nurse came over to us, like a drug-pushing thug, politely imploring that we could always have a C-section, "Its easier, and safe" (her words). I was appalled, my wife was taken aback and we immediately had her removed from the room, permanently. I also know that this is the case at most hospitals, where they push their drugs and procedures with the implications that its the easy way out. So I know!

  17. Kessehu James says:

    Black people should know more about eugenics. Here is video explaining more. After watching this I can NEVER support PP. http://youtu.be/0eWxCRReTV4?t=5m25s

  18. Shaneequa Cannon Those would fall under the "instances that are not avoidable" hence my opening salvo. Its still a horrible procedure, and one that is 'pushed' with way too much frequency! IMHO

  19. Abortion=future lynching

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