Friday, July 29th, 2016

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‘Bad Girls All Star Battle’ Season 2, Episode 10: ‘Winner Take All’

Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 2, Episode 10: Winner Take All 8

“Bad Girls All Star Battle” season 2, episode 10: “Winner Take All” premieres tonight on Oxygen.

This week’s episode is the last one featuring the competition. Alliances will be shattered and it all comes down to only one competitor capturing the $100,000 to be crowned The Baddest Bad Girl of them all.

Oxygen describes the show as follows:

“Each week, these memorable femmes will go head-to-head in the Captain’s Challenge, an individual competition earning control over the team and protection from elimination, and a Team Challenge, testing these feisty ladies’ skills at working together. While the losing team nominates two players to go up for elimination, the winners of the Team Challenge will get immunity, a night out at the club, and will decide which player to boot. Will these notorious “Bad Girls” be able to work together as a team or will they let their egos get the best of them?”

“Bad Girls All Star Battle” season 2, episode 10: “Winner Take All” airs March 19, at 8 p.m. EST, on Oxygen. Check out the spoiler video below:

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  1. Chiquita Matuz says:

    I'm glad sara took out rocky, gets a taste of her own medicine. Fake tears from Rocky-that's exactly wat you did to Shelly! Karma is a bitch!!!

  2. Damn girl. You are feisty.

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