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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Top 10 Richest Jamaican Artists Alive

ShaggyShaggy (Net Worth $22 Million)

Shaggy acquired his wealth from nine albums — three of them certified platinum and one gold. His hits include “Boombastic”  (1995) and “It Wasn’t Me’ (2001).  He was the biggest crossover success in dancehall reggae at the time. Not only did he become the genre’s most commercially potent artist in the international market, he was more than just a flash-in-the-pan, managing to sustain a career over two decades.

jimmy-cliffJimmy Cliff (Net Worth $18 Million)

Jimmy Cliff has earned his fortune through his hit singles, “Wonderful World, Beautiful People,” “Wild World,” “Reggae Night” and more. He has starred in films such as “The Harder They Come,” and performed the hit soundtrack. He also created the soundtrack for  “Club Paradise” and  co-starred with actors Robin Williams and Peter O’Toole. His most popular film was “Marked for Death” and he performed the soundtrack with his band.

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  1. I only saw 1 that I liked that's the problem!!!!!!!

  2. what about shabby hes got to be worth more than 3 mil

  3. I meant to say shabba …..sorry

  4. hw abt konshens?

  5. Yeaah maybe in the early – mid 90s, not anymore

  6. RaKira Godett says:

    well i don't think Shaggy or Maxi Priest were born in Jamaica so they have a cross over effect…. and the Marley's have a wide audience because of their father's popularity…. and I don't think Shaggy is even good…. Im surprised at the richest ones.

  7. RaKira Godett says:

    i doubt konshens is that rich.. his fan base is too limited (dancehall only)

  8. Buju bruk now

  9. Norman 'Mention' Francis says:

    Shaggy was born in Kingston, Maxi Priest while born in England… both had to work hard to get where they were as both were not based in Jamaica when they launched their careers 'cross over appeal' is a lame excuse to discount someone's talent…

  10. RaKira Godett says:

    I never discounted their talent. Maxi is in my top 3 favorite. Crossover makes people more successful and that's a fact. Why do you think Tessane is trying to crossover? She has been famous in the Caribbean but its not enough. A bigger audience means bigger recognition means bigger success means bigger money…

  11. Other than Shaggy ,I wish the rest of them would contribute to the poverty in their country , do something good for the young Kids who are struggling , that would be nice.

  12. wa happen to shabba

  13. Crystal Phillip says:

    Thought the marleys would hAve been top two

  14. For your information they were born in Jamaica. Do some research…. maybe you were looking Shaggy and he diss you!

  15. Do you think so? You are fooled!

  16. Jonathan Lewis Shabba is smart!

  17. All those artists worked so hard day in and day out people needs to stop badmind

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