Sunday, July 24th, 2016

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Kash Delano Register: Wrongly Convicted, Released After 34 years in Prison

New testimony wins freedom for man convicted in 1979 killingIn 1979, Brenda Anderson testified that a young man with whom she had gone to high school shot her elderly neighbor to death. Thirty-four years later, Anderson’s sister Sharon took the stand and said the account, which helped send the young man to prison, was a lie.

On Thursday, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge sided with Sharon Anderson and threw out the conviction of Kash Delano Register, who maintained his innocence during more than three decades as inmate No. C11693, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Register took his first steps of freedom just after 4:30 p.m. Friday. The 53-year-old exonerated inmate was transported from a Northern California jail to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles, where he left a free man, CBS Los Angeles reports.

“It was just an emotional feeling that just came out of nowhere,” Register said. “Finally, after 34 years.”

His release followed a Thursday ruling in which a judge overturned Register’s murder conviction in connection with the 1979 fatal shooting of a 78-year-old man in West Los Angeles.

“I lost my eyesight for a minute. I couldn’t see. I was so rejoiced,” Register’s mother said. “I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. That he had his freedom back.”

His freedom is due in part to Keith Chandler, a former inmate at Folsom State Prison and prison library clerk. Thirteen years ago, Register asked for Chandler’s advice.

“‘I need your help with the parole board,’” Chandler recalled Register saying. “‘I want to know how to explain to the board that I’m not crazy when I say I’m innocent,’ because he was being repeatedly denied parole.”

When Chandler was released from prison, he wrote a petition to get a judge to appoint Register an attorney.

Register ended up with a team of attorneys and students from Loyola Law School’s Project for the Innocent. They presented a new case, including testimony from Sheila Vanderkam, the estranged sister of one of the original key witnesses, who said she knew her sister lied during her testimony in Register’s trial.

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  1. Mszkesha Brown says:

    This is such TRAVESTY!!! What can this man do after 34years of institutionalization!!

  2. D Oliver Martin says:

    Thank God, or whoever he thinks is his maker, and hug that sister, who finally spoke the truth,,,yes!, he has lost so much time, but he is now able to say, with conviction ( pun intended), I am NOT a murderer..He will be compensated by the state ( I Hope) the human spirit endures, he will endure

  3. Now what happens to the liar?? Do they get convicted of 34 years without parole??

  4. truth always comes out my brother,we are with you in your new found freedom

  5. very good point

  6. That is a lot of time wasted on a lie. I hope he is compensated. I hope he is able to live a life now.

  7. MizLisa El says:

    Absolutely horrible that some lil nit wit 34 years ago had the audacity to lie about this man and allowed his freedom and many milestones of his life to be halted. So glad that he's free now. I hope he gets all the support he needs to make some semblance of a new life.

  8. I hope this brother plans on suing.

  9. Michelle Kerber Amador says:

    exactly Aneka Bartley

  10. Michelle Kerber Amador says:

    exactly Aneka Bartley

  11. Greally Nope says:

    I know that's right!

  12. Women take note: Lifting a brother is harder than tearing him down. If you're scorned….seek Jesus!

  13. The guy in the pic with him..did the same thing for another guy who was convicted of killing his own mother…becuz one police officer said he did it…and the lawyer who sent him away…said the evidence hr received was all a sham..and it was in the same city…so what gives with all these things goin on there

  14. I hope he gets a lawyer and sues since this ruined his life. I think the judicial system should be held accountable for wrong convictions.

  15. He lost his life over an liar!!!…….no family….no kids…no life ..sad..;-(

  16. Corey Williams says:

    another black man wrongly convicted

  17. Great question so what happens to the accuser?

  18. Michael Dunn says:


  19. Rico Webster says:

    That's crazy….should not have taken that long

  20. Otis Lawrence says:

    black people white people

  21. Genghis Mccray says:

    One of the perks we all get to enjoy as law abiding citizens is our freedom. I find it horrific that this gentleman was wrongfully convicted of a crime and it took 34 years for some justice to prevail. The next step should be a lot of compensation for lost of (PERKS)/(FREEDOM) and last but not least, seek justice for him as well. Send that liar that committed perjury to prison for 35years and a day! 34 years (day 4 day) for what he had to go through and a year and a day for being a LIAR!!!

  22. They should suffer the same fate

  23. Sharon Spearman Lacy says:

    and her sister should go to jail too- she KNEW she had lied. How can they even live with themselves after what they did to this man?

  24. Georgia Nash says:

    Unbelievable …

  25. This poor man needs to be compensated for his wrongfully lost life.

  26. C'mon this happens very often all over America , Serve on juries!!!!!

  27. wow 🙁

  28. I was thinking the same. And lying under oath too.

  29. Chinny Cynthia says:

    He should be given absolute assistance and please what will happen to the liar as she caused this man almost all his life and fortune.What a world?????

  30. Gary Derrick says:

    lawyers weed people out to get the juries they want

  31. Jason Cole says:

    More importantly, what happens to the State? Sure, it'll maybe settle and give Kash some (no pun intended) cash, but is the Judge who convicted him going to pay? Are the jailors who kept him in a cage, like an animal, going to pay? No. It's going to come out of our pockets, just as it came out of our pockets to keep this man wrongfully in a cage. And if we were to refuse to pay to keep people in cages (amongst other things), we ourselves would very well find ourselves in cages.

    Stop supporting the system that allowed this to happen.

  32. Kendra Human Rights Bee says:

    D Oliver Martin he will not get much…..he will end up on welfare..and a life of counseling……

  33. F………k American judicial system, it's a failure shame,

  34. Nick Nextphaze Plenty says:

    OH MY GOD. Three decades of torment in knowing your innocent. That's a good man right there ME, I would have went ham. 30 years??????????????????

  35. Nick Nextphaze Plenty says:

    ANGELA you are totally right!

  36. Brenda & the judicial system need to put some Kash in his Register

  37. Must read the Confession by John Grisham to understand the American judicial system. White folks fuck up Blacks'lives with lies.

  38. wow poor fellas been in prison since he was 19……this is terrible…what happened if he'd got the death penalty ?

  39. Seems only fair.

  40. Sharon Gibson says:

    A woman lied and robbed an innocent man of the milestones he could have had over the decades. What's also terrible is the neighbor's killer has gone unpunished.

  41. the judicial should not be held accountable for their actions only the individuals who deceived the judicial system. You only get out of the system what you put into it. So if false information is presented then a false judgment is all you will get. You can point blame at everyone when it is only the liars who are to blame. There is also greater issues that witnesses will now not present themselves because if they are telling the truth but a great sneaky lawyer manages to discredit them due to some other aspect of their life then they risk going to jail even if they are telling the truth. so this will be interesting. how it plays out. either way its not the judicial system its the people who manipulate to win.

  42. exactly they took more than his freedom,,they took away his experience of life….growing from a boy to a man..a boyfriend to a husband…single to married…bastards hate this system..

  43. I hope so!

  44. Simata Wilcox says:

    Now what will happen to the rachit one who lied I would sue her for the 34 years that I lost a days worth of living she wouldn't have absolutely nothing! And I would still pray for her but taking action against her at the same time..Cree

  45. Joede Brown says:

    This just breaks my heart…My son will be 19 next month. I fear for him everyday, not that he would do anything but that someone would lie.

    1. Has the case been reopened to find the real murderer?
    2. Is the liar still alive? Will she punished?

  46. Saidya Jeshurun says:

    this is what should happen to false accuser..God is not mocked..Deuteronomy 19:15 One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.
    Deu 19:16 If a false witness rise up against any man to testify against him that which is wrong;
    Deu 19:17 Then both the men, between whom the controversy is, shall stand before the LORD, before the priests and the judges, which shall be in those days;
    Deu 19:18 And the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and hath testified falsely against his brother;
    Deu 19:19 Then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shalt thou put the evil away from among you.

  47. Nothing happens to the liar because she is female. It would go against the prosecutor's public relations machine mantra woman-as-victim. Also, the parole board wants him to take responsibility so that even if he turns out to be innocent he would not be able to successfully sue the state because they could then say he "admitted". There is something missing in that story because people recant testimony all the time and judges almost never overturn the case on that basis. By the way, he would have to get permission to sue the state!! The prosecution and all those involved–including the woman that lied–has absolute immunity under American law. Its really unfortunate that Hollywood is a propaganda arm of the government and they almost never portray the criminal justice system the way it is. There is always some parody of the crooked cop, the cynical detective, the country lawyer, the Nancy Grace type, etc. None of that is true about the system. That case is just the tip of the iceberg. The jailhouse lawyer is the one who got him out. But the system has to give the impression that the law students did it. They were practicing law before those students were born. They know more about the case than the students.

  48. Everybody who testifies for the government has absolute immunity even if they lie. Its only if you lie for the accused that the system hold you accountable. Unfortunately, unlike in Iraq or some other parts of the world, American people are scared of the police and prosecutors so even when they take 34-years of some life they just piss and moan and the people who are responsible are free to walk around and get on with their lives. In other parts of the world people get revenge

  49. He should be supported by the government for the rest of his life! Work only if he wants to!

  50. Michael Mondesir Bousquet says:

    man 34 year in prison and u r innocent,this is as good as life,lord jesus shm

  51. Thoses need to be convicted as well .

  52. Paula D. Brown says:

    Henry Branch Jr. I have to agree on this one!! You are soooo right!!

  53. Paula D. Brown says:

    Tthe killer might have been the Lair's boyfriend.

  54. Glenna Dwyer says:

    34 bludy yrs sickenin there r millions of peple who r innocent sufferin in jail that woman shud b sentence to 34yrs for the lies she told

  55. Irony that his name is Kash Register?

  56. Marcel Knott says:

    All the money in the world cannot replace the freedom deprived from this man nor compensate for the anguish endured…but he is definately owed something, if not at the least justice for the lie… At least he wasn't given the death sentence…but that's a small mercy compared what he endured

  57. Kiwibee Morgan says:

    D Oliver Martin I would certainly sue all involved.

  58. Kiwibee Morgan says:

    Damn good question RF.

  59. What a pity,
    The police & the judge should be blame 4 dis.
    The govt should create a policy that will make sure liar are punished severely in order to avoid a re occurrence

  60. Christina Manor says:

    Amen 🙂

  61. And to think of those who have gone and who never found help or release. . .

  62. There are a lot of innocent black men behind bars, I am so happy for him, now this person who lied & sent this man to prison & he has served 34yrs, something has to be done about her, she will suffer knowing she had the opportunity for 34yrs to come forth with the truth, she had no remorse or just didn't care until her sister came forth where is Brenda Anderson the one who told the lie?.

  63. Robin Jackson says:

    I have 2 sons, been through this once with a rookie police officer not telling the truth – I was RELENTLESS in proving my son's innocence – I got it done! This is why I don't believe in the death penalty …EVERYBODY in jail is not guilty, everybody in jail can't be guilty – it's impossible, that would mean the justice system got it right every time – IMPOSSIBLE

  64. California is one of 22 states that offers recompensation to wrongfully convicted prisoners. last i read, they give people $100/day for their wrongful incarceration. So hopefully that means that this guy walks away with $1,241,000. But still.

  65. I went to high school with a young man named Kash Register. I also have a new great-nephew with the same name. The Kash I went to high school with has a brother named Norman. Is this the same Kash?

  66. Wow this is something should make the system look at these cases more carefully and i have to say i ask God for me not to ever complain

  67. Thats just what i was thinking too, just look at all the earning potential he has lost because of a wrong ruling against him.

  68. Renee Goinbacktojones Crawford says:

    Jann Walker and I were discussing this earlier today. I believe it is, besides rochelle, how many Kash Register's are there in L.A.? It looks like him to me from what I remember minus his hair being longer…I think it is…glad he's out, sad story. Because of his his unique name, I never forgot him and often wondered what happened to him….

  69. Tanya Betton says:

    The person who lied should be held responsible. I'd need to learn more about this to blame the system.

  70. When is it going to stop?

  71. Help my son

  72. Anthony Allen says:

    This poor guy needs compensation. Holy cow man 34 years thats about how long I have been alive. Jesus! If I were him I would be so angry I would go on a crime spree of untold proportions . Rob banks, beat people up steal a tank destroy as much of a city as possible and then go back to prison. At his age whats he going to do? They stole it! If iam doing the time I will do the crime!

  73. Denise Pierson says:

    Yes this is the same kash i went to school with him and norman too girl. I knew he is in jail but this is awful poor thing.

  74. Lillante Rémy says:

    Her ready to collect my check And take a vacation.

  75. How many more innocent persons have to face such a unthinkable saturation? While i am rally happy he have not loose his mind, i am also very disappointed and angry for the wrong and what have done to this man and many more…How many more are injuring saturation like this lord?

  76. How many more innocent persons have to face such a unthinkable saturation? While i am really happy he is now a FREE MAN, i am also very disappointed and angry for the wrong and what have done to this man and many more persons…How many more are injuring saturation like this lord? Our judicial systems need some correction……….

  77. Kash's register is bout to be full!

  78. Helen Robertson says:

    surely the system should go after the woman who made a false statement and sent this innocent man to gail for 34 yrs . Does she get away freely??? What sort of justice is that for this man and the poor neighbour whose killer walked free probably to kill again.

  79. Thats cuvk up i. Would suw they as s off

  80. 34 years of life wasted, just like that!

  81. Eric Evans says:

    Saidya Jeshurun, This should be today's law and not just part of the Mosaic law. Great post…Jehovah, is wise.

  82. This is what you get when race plays a role in convictions! I think it's a sin and shame that this man spent half of his life in prison on a lie. Just goes to show that the judicial system needs revamping. Come on let's get it right to many lives are being affected. Now what happens to the liar, she should not be able to get away with this!

  83. Any compensation, apologia from the state of Georgia?

  84. Ree Shantel says:

    What Are They Gonna Do With The Woman Since She Lied! She Has To Get Some Type Of Conviction SMH!!
    That's So Ignorant And Sad! It Shows What Type Of People We Live Around!! Putting Away An Innocent Man Because You Decided You Wanted To Lie! And Accused Him Of Murder At That No Small Charge SMH

  85. smh

  86. Lloyd George says:

    34 years in jail for a crime he didnt commit is just wow, the government should make sure this guy lives like a king for the rest of his life.

  87. disgusting!

  88. Kash Delano Register, Kash Register?…this guy deserves a medal for his name alone…let alone the messed up life he's been dealt…yeps, he should sue, then he'd have a definite use for that amazing name!!!

  89. Andrew Westbury says:

    Words fail me, except serious compensation and what about the devil that lied in the first place, she needs to do 34 years?

  90. Eliah Winifred says:

    The truth does indeed set one free .

  91. but the justice system didnt lie. the witness did, He should sue her ass

  92. JB Windross says:

    The liar should go to jail and she should be judged by kash him self cos when that women lied it was her statement that the judge took as truth in fact send her to a male prison. Also the powers that be chose this man and chose when to convict him then chose when to let him go

  93. It should be a crime eligible for capital punishment when you send someone to prison with a lie. He cant sue the state. the state didnt lie on him, and 12 of his peers convicted him. He can sue the liar

  94. Sherry Jones says:

    I was thinking the same thing you guys. I think it's the same person.

  95. That's the same question I've been raising.

  96. Seriously? It's as if you cut the article short! WHy did the other sister finally come clean? What happens to the liar now? The woman lied under oath that stole 34 years from this innocent man! 34 years!!! I'm only 32….I can't imagine NOT having the first 32 years of my life. How can you ever punish a person who steals 34 years from someone else? Moreso, how do you start a new life after having 32 years taken from you unjustly?

  97. Debra Friedrich says:

    exactly the woman who lied should do his time and let it be a lesson to others, and this man should be compensated for his life……

  98. Christin-Marie A Lifsey says:

    The sister should have spoken up she knew for 34 years, Your right mind just kicked in? smh

  99. Dvorah Halevi says:

    That woman should go to jail, and he should.sue the state.

  100. Anwar Uhuru says:

    His name better inform him on what to do i.e. Kash out on being registered a prisoner!

  101. 34 F***ING YEARS!!!! GONE!!!! BECAUSE OF A F***ING LIE??!!! My heart goes out to him. I know he's glad to be out, but I just couldn't imagine going in at 19 and coming out at 53. Just sad.

  102. Donald Cooper Sr. says:

    The Brother held his ground and did not allow the system to plant a guilt plea on him wile he knew he was innocent. Strong!!

  103. This man needs to be financially compensated and never have to work a day in his life. His attorney I'm sure will not stop there due to his manhood and dignity rights were violated.

  104. Yes Lord Malik and they must give him done form of a check

  105. i agree with u shariene!!

  106. Reminds me of the supposed liars where 5 out of 33 witnesses recanted, but the 5 where the ones that lived near the felons family. Combine no snitching websites with a CA cash bounty for freed people I would say a dead relative lied in testimony for half the payout.

  107. Audrey Daye So if I offer a family to say my dead relative lied in testimony for half the payout I could be rich.

  108. This isn't even recanted testimony but recanted testimony by someone else after the witness died. Rat215 is a website that posts information of witnesses for criminals to go after for snitching.

  109. This isn't even recanted testimony but recanted testimony by a dead witnesses relative who has been harassed by trayvons family.

  110. Good question we can look at the case where 5 out of 33 witnesses recanted where the 5 all lived near the family like this sister of the dead witness.

  111. Like cop killer Troy Davis executed even after 5 witnesses recanted, the other 29 witnesses that didn't live near his family didn't change.

  112. This reminds me of Cop Killer Troy Davis. Executed despite 5 witnesses who lived near his family recanted testimony only because the other 29 witnesses said it was him.

  113. What a law!

  114. I think the false accuser should be made to serve the rest of her life in jail, though that is not enough compensation.

  115. I wonder how does the board feeling know that they continued to deny this man all these years and looked at him like he was crazy and an animal.

  116. The truth crush to earth will rise again ….no lie can live forever

  117. hmmm,i wonder… Did this man get an apology from the states attorney the dea the fbi and/or whoever was on the convicting side, Including the Judge that heard the original case?

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