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Sunday, December 21st, 2014

8 Black Celebrities Who Don’t Believe In Jesus

Religion is something that is deeply ingrained into black culture. Most black people—especially entertainers, come from a Christian background. This is evident at every award show, when the first thing award recipients do is thank God when accepting an award. Religion is such a part of the culture that people often think there’s no such thing as a black atheist. However, there are some celebrities who don’t believe in Jesus or God – at least not in an orthodox way.



Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most famous black actors of all times. However, he doesn’t attribute his talents to God. When asked if he thought his talents were God-given Jackson replied: “No, because I work at it. I still learn, I read.

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  1. Food for thought.

  2. All 8 of them will some day confess that Jesus Christ is lord!

  3. chris rock may not be a believer but atleast he knows that christianity is bullshit

  4. wow

  5. Angelica Joy says:

    I doubt it.

  6. deGrassi? C'mon.

  7. Diamond L. Cunningham says:

    Is the "world" stupid or what? Just because a person is not "religious" doesn't mean that they aren't Spiritual in any kind of way…Yes he is right by saying he work hard to achieve his success. We are all God's… John 10:34
    Go check it out for yourself…
    Y'all spend to much time trying to make "US" out to be some hateful ppl, however all "We" do is spread Love, it's just in "Our" nature…Be Blessed n' Be a Blessing… ;-)

  8. How do Samuel Jackson, credits himself from no longer being a crack-head? Oh by Reading, learning etc. to be so talented he is lacking…. for no man is an island and if it was not for God you would not exist.

  9. @ Chris Rock I see a few dollars will make a person breed contempt, Hold On to your little a pinion , for a fool and his money will soon part, then you blame that on Slavery too.

  10. Elliot C. Myrick says:

    Jesus Christ is a myth!

  11. Sooner than Later too

  12. That's what I said , and now I am leaving this page before some of the Devil's work tries to affect me , for I"m in the Army of the Lord and planning on staying there.

  13. Cash Stro says:

    Christianity spreads love? Interesting. Yet they burn Korans, picket funerals and firebomb abortion clinics. Yeah. I can see the love that is being spread.

  14. Good hopefully more of us drones wake up and bounce! Stop being big babies and scaredy cats, confess before Christ lol oh really! Yawwwwn oh and good things happen in life as do bad so god ain't saving you from neither and neither is your imaginary friend Jesus!

  15. Cash Stro says:

    Wait for it….. They attempt to remove an elected official from office because he was an atheist. He was elected so why attempt to remove him because he doesn't believe in your zombie?

  16. Cash Stro says:

    Where are his remains?

  17. Estevan Carlos Benson says:

    Yeah, I doubt it.

  18. Estevan Carlos Benson says:

    I'm glad the community is moving on. Chris Rock is painfully right. A black christian is a black person with no memory. Don't forget, Christianity was put upon the black community as a way of dealing with their sin of being "black".

  19. Estevan Carlos Benson says:

    Savannah Gardiner You see, the problem with your statement is that you're preventing yourself from learning when you automatically shut yourself off on the basis of fear. Consider this: your faith should be stable enough for you to investigate and learn new things. No need to run off like a frightened child.

  20. Estevan Carlos Benson says:


  21. Joan Dean-Edwards says:

    Estevan Carlos Benson HAVE A BLESS DAY YOUNG MAN

  22. Joan Dean-Edwards says:


  23. Allen Slea says:

    You don't know him. Stop lying.

  24. Joan Dean-Edwards says:


  25. Denmark Skeptical Veasey says:

    Savannah Gardiner LOL!!!! you sound retarded

  26. Denmark Skeptical Veasey says:

    you should have someone take a look at that retardation you got going on there.

  27. God is IMAGINARY! 'Think' about it, every religious book was written by man.

  28. Joan, did you read the intro – "However, there are some celebrities who don’t believe in God or at least not in an orthodox way." The point is that people are taking a more sane look at this thing called religion and the concept of God.

  29. To the unbelievers, When the trials of life visits your door-step (As they surely will) who will you call out to; Chris Rock? OH YE FOOLS!

  30. Why do these people have to be wrong? The author seems to think that they are. We have been taught to believe many things since we were born by people whom we trusted(our parents.) But are they true? There is much evidence that the origins of these beliefs are wrong, or at least questionable. To just take anything on "faith" is not wise.

  31. Julius Doyle says:

    That's why you hunger for his flesh and thirst for his blood, right? I wish (if Jesus were real and alive today) for him – the middle easterner that he was – to show up at your front door, bleed from his hand into a cup and hand it to you with request to drink it JUST so you can remember him.

  32. Julius Doyle says:
  33. Julius Doyle says:

    I wonder what the Christians in the twin towers were expecting to happen on 9/11. Bad things happen to everyone. Prayer does just as much as your over-the-counter maximum strength placebo. Religiosity isn't a necessity.

  34. Julius Doyle says:

    Check out this video on double standards.

  35. One of the biggest tricks the devil ever played was convincing gullible people that God don't exist. The next big trick was fooling the naive that Satan himself ain't real. This is a big crock of twisted rhetoric and bogus quotes. The author clearly has an agenda! I ain't religious by the way. I'm a Christian saved by grace, personally knowing my Saviour. You may as well try telling me the Universe don't exist.

  36. Jacqueline Afua Mensah says:

    well said

  37. Paula M. Adams says:

    in what tyler perry play do u think that will happen. sad to see so many thinking their religious truth should be had by others…whatever!

  38. Paula M. Adams says:

    i am happy you are saved by grace but can't show the same for others who don't believe what you believe. interesting. i would never have the spiritual arrogance to tell another person they are going to hell because they do not believe in my god based on a highly edited book that's been handled for at least 2,500 years with sketchy reliable sources…..

  39. Paula M. Adams says:

    Estevan, spot on!

  40. Paula M. Adams says:

    first of all, i haven't read that anyone is worshipping Chris Rock. And we all go through troubles everyday and no, i do not call on "his" name. thank u very much. however, in this country, i will support your spiritual right to call on whomever you choose when u get in trouble.

  41. Exactly! Religiosity is no different than slavery. It enslaves your brain completely like a virus or parasite. Gods don't exist. They are mythological slave masters. It's as if many black people have traded in being enslaved by whites to being enslaved by an imaginary terrorist (gods) meaning it is self enslavement! As long as religion exists and people still think fictional characters like gods are real humanity will remain enslaved, blind, deluded, and immoral. Think about how much better the entire black community would be without religion and god/jesus belief. Instead of all that love, time, energy, appreciation, kindness, and love being given to things that don't exist it would be given to each other. To our families, friends, children, neighbors, community, lovers, pets, and those in need all other the world! We would actually value and nurture our real loved ones instead of wasting our entire lives on mythology (religion) and imaginary friends (gods).

  42. Tiffany Butler says:

    Savannah, I find your cognitive dissonace and blatant attempt to purposely ignore reasoning quite appalling! You really do sound ridiculous!

  43. Who wrote this? It is GOOD that black people are waking up from the mind virus that is religion and god belief. It is all lies. Gods don't exist. Satan and Jesus never existed. Sin doesn't exist. There is no afterlife. It is all a fairy tale. We should concentrate on what is real and dedicating our lives to that instead. What IS real? We are. Our families, friends, children, community, lover/spouse, pets, those in need all over the world. They are real and they need US. They need us to be of sound mind by not living in a fantasy world obsessing over fictional characters (gods, jesus, satan, etc). We need to let go of this horrible mental illness and move on. There is no need for religion and to believe in gods or anything. Education is everything. We should value that instead of religion. The more educated a person is the more moral (and less religious) they become. Countries with the least religious and most atheistic populations have the best healthcare, education, least crime/rape/abuse/murder rates, least wars, safest places to live, least violence. This is what needs to happen within the black community. This is one of the many reasons we need to rid ourselves of this disease/addiction known as religions and god belief. Choose family and friends over gods. Choose life over religion.

  44. I love YOU Sam :)

  45. One day I'd love. to hold your hand

  46. Gullible people are the ones who believe something that isn't supported by a shread of real evidence other than tradition or emotion

  47. 'Airport atheist', lol.

  48. The very mention of ARMY,says so much about religion , All powerful God needs an army made up ignorant humans!!

  49. Lori Nichole says:

    The article didn't say he was an atheist. In fact, it explicitly distinguished that he identifies as agnostic….for now.

  50. Where's the data for that claim sir?

  51. Nicholas Reed says:

    Jesus Christ is a combination of Zeus and Krisna, yet Yahshua is the person they speak of in the Bible

  52. The ABS staff need a lesson in journalistic neutrality. Why is it so offensive that people don't believe in something? Would the scorn in this article be as bad if these people identified as another religion? Seriously, whatever their reasons, these celebrities (and anyone else, really) has the right to not be religious or even have a religion. Black people don't have to be Christians, even if they were raised as such, and people in general aren't required to have or need religion. Grow up.

  53. Loving other's, helping other's is a major part of being a Christian.

  54. Just because these people don't believe in white jesus, and know there history does not make them bad people.

  55. Still stuck on your slave masters religion huh sister. What a shame!

  56. Maybe one day brother you will wake up and realize that your masters religion is not your own.

  57. Estevan, while I agree with your point, I find it problematic that it stops there. Your point leaves other assumes that Christianity is the only religion and allow people like Samantha to profess and promote an atheistic view. But as African or Black people, if we took the time to actually research our ancestors' history, concept of God and religious experience, many of us would turn to that tradition for enlightenment and guidance. But we get so caught up in the anger of our past, we just reject religion without searching for the deeper truth.

    Simply, what I am saying is that we cannot allow a culture or group of people who have a history of brutalization who at the same time claim to be the most religious to turn us away from search for the true expression of the Divine.

    Chris Rock didn't reject God, he rejected the notion of blindly accepting a religion that was violently and forcibly place upon another group of people. Who ever wrote this article was limited in understanding

  58. Lisa Wang says:


  59. Spot on Sam, well said!

  60. what a bunch of bullshit do you live under a rock?????? Look around you if you say God does not exist….Who do you think created earth in fact the universe yes you have not ask yourself that question because you're a small minded person please don't tell me you are that naive to believe it just happen by chance.. I could go on and to top it of you really dumb to even believe in fairy tales grow up lol education every thing I will pray for your poor soul please help yourself and read the bible my 5 year nephew knows more than you about who created heaven and earth….For the record Jesus is the son of God who died for you so you can live in abundance……And stop telling yourself God doesn't exist he does please do read this verse of the bible to change your dumb way of thinking Genesis 1:1 you can even google it if you don't have one….?you are really brainwashed
    by things that really doesn't make sense

  61. Bravo!

  62. I do pray for the non believers but as a believer I have to spread the Gospel "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1 NIV). I will post the whole story how it started The Creation.

    1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.2The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.3Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.4God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.5God called the light day, and the darkness He called night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day.

    6Then God said, “Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.”7God made the expanse, and separated the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so.8God called the expanse heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day.

    9Then God said, “Let the waters below the heavens be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear”; and it was so.10God called the dry land earth, and the gathering of the waters He called seas; and God saw that it was good.11Then God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruit after their kind with seed in them”; and it was so.12The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed after their kind, and trees bearing fruit with seed in them, after their kind; and God saw that it was good.13There was evening and there was morning, a third day.

    14Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years;15and let them be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth”; and it was so.16God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also.17God placed them in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth, 18and to govern the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness; and God saw that it was good.19There was evening and there was morning, a fourth day.

    20Then God said, “Let the waters teem with swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth in the open expanse of the heavens.”21God created the great sea monsters and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarmed after their kind, and every winged bird after its kind; and God saw that it was good.22God blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth.”23There was evening and there was morning, a fifth day.

    24Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind: cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth after their kind”; and it was so.25God made the beasts of the earth after their kind, and the cattle after their kind, and everything that creeps on the ground after its kind; and God saw that it was good.

    26Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”27God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.28God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”29Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you;30and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food”; and it was so.31God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. Please people don't get it twisted and talk things you don't know ask and you shall be get.

    GOD bless you and may he be with you the devil is a liar…

  63. Jody Javiera Andrew Hey Jody. You love projecting don't you. Actually if god really existed you would be hellbound because you have made your precious god nothing but a scapegoat for everything you don't understand and REFUSE to learn. "I don't understand therefore god!" "I refuse to learn facts because I think god is the answer to everything." This is why religiosity and god belief are mental illnesses. You are so brainwashed that you would even force your own REAL nephew to swallow this bullshit. Religion, drugs, and alcohol are very powerful negative influences. It is CHILD ABUSE to force any of them upon your child. Why do you think there is a legal drinking age? Because a person has to reach adulthood first (mentally and emotionally) before they can make the decision for themselves whether to do that junk. You are a bigot, a bully, a child abuser, and an angry immoral jealous miserable loser just like your imaginary god. Oh yea which god are you talking about? What is this gods name, birthday, who are its parents, what species is this god? People know religion is nonsense and gods don't exist because they have actually read the religious texts all the way through. You clearly haven't read the bible at all that's why you don't realize it is fiction. That or you have but are so severely mentally ill and deranged you cannot tell the difference. The earth was not "created". Heaven and hell don't exist and never have or will. Living things (including humans) weren't created either. We evolved and developed. You are so brainwashed honey. Drop religion, the bible and god and be a proper human being for your nephew. You care more about your false beliefs than the life, health and happiness of your REAL nephew. That is inexcusable. How DARE you value fiction over real people. You cannot get more screwed up and immoral than that. Your nephew is worth it. Your imaginary god, Jesus and Satan are not. Fix your priorities! Next time if you want to talk facts don't use a primitive fairy tale (the bible) as your source. The bible is nothing but myths. I would prefer to have you arrested for child abuse actually. In the meantime, check yourself into a mental asylum. You are clearly not well and think fiction is true and truth is fiction. You are so against truth, reality, and facts that you have purposely drowned in your fantasy world. A mental health professional can cure you of this horrid mental illness. I think cognitive behavioral psychiatrists are particularly good with deal with people who have delusions, hallucinations and violent behaviors due to them. Get yourself a good one. Take care. There is no need for religion, god belief, any belief, drugs, alcohol, or smoking. They are all vices people use to fill in a void they are feeling. What void are you trying to fill by convincing yourself that gods exist and religion is true. Honest introspection works wonders. If I can read Harry Potter without believing it is all real and true you should be able to do the same with the bible, Koran, and any other mythological (religious) texts. Fiction is fiction and not amount of belief can ever make it real. Belief is a waste of a life. Learn instead.

  64. もちろんいいですよ。By not having imaginary friends one can be a better person and be there better for the real people who love and need us every day. :) For blacks it is especially bad that we are religious, especially Christian. Christianity is the disease forced upon our ancestors by their slave-masters. It was part of their mental and emotional enslavement. For any black person to be Christian or support the religion shows they have completely lost their memory or don't know their own history. It is very sad indeed. Worse than stockholm syndrome. Chris Rock is indeed right. A black Christian is a black person with no memory. A black christian is no different than a black person who supports the Ku Klux Klan. It is THAT messed up. :(

  65. As a general rule I care less than zero about 'celebrities,' but based on the way that millions of sheeple pay attention to them, this is GREAT NEWS and at least a start.

    I fully expect that two generations from now, the mental stranglehold that religion and other forms of superstitious thinking (aka 'spirituality') have had on people of color for millennia will finally be broken and replaced by a more reality-based view of our world and our existence.

  66. Will Edmond says:

    Agree 100%!

  67. Rashid Allen says:

    How can you say you're not religious after everything you wrote? Of course you are. Especially if you say you are Christian. Christianity is a religion. Regarding Satan and God, how can you tell which is which? You can't see either one. Neither one speaks to you. According to the Bible, God kills more people than Satan does so you can't determine which is which that way. What a waste of mental energy believing in that stuff.

  68. Rashid Allen says:

    If one were to worship Chris Rock, they'd have the exact same life they would have worshiping "God". You could worship a potato and get the same results.

  69. Garth Blair says:

    This guy lol. Listen when life gets tough I dont go groveling to some magic invisible sky daddy to come to my rescue. Instead I man up and face my problems head on myself (or with the support of family and friends), with my feet planted firmly in reality. Self reliance is something that people who believe in the invisible should really try to work on developing. I also love how you refer to us as fools simply because we don't agree or adhere to your baseless ideology. Very mature of you to resort to name calling those that think for themselves.

  70. Ironic last name, Samantha! Love everything you said.

  71. Garth Blair says:

    Joan Dean-Edwards Actually the all caps did get my attention. It warned me not to read a word you wrote. That giant wall of text gave me a headache. Its the internet equivalent of a child throwing a temper tantrum in a store. HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  72. Samantha – you rock. Couldn't have said it (all of it) better myself. Kudos to you. We're on the same page. :-)

  73. Marc Travis says:

    Who says you need to call out to anyone? And if I did call out to someone, it would be to family and friends, who I know exist. :)

  74. Marc Travis says:

    One of the many problems with this article is that the author does not understand the meaning of atheist and agnostic. You can be both. In fact, most atheists are also agnostic.

  75. Julius Doyle "I wonder what Jesus was expecting to happen on The Cross"….To Paraphrase your statement…..Yes things happen….Things happened to "ALL" of us….Things also Happened to Jesus but,…… that was not End-of-Story…..Life does not end on this plane…"Oh Ye of Little Faith"……I'll Pray For You!

  76. Haha I know Mark. People think I am Christian because of my last name. I tell them, "Hey! If my last name was herpes would that mean that I have herpes? No!." If my last name HAD to be a disease I would prefer chlamydia. Chlamydia sounds better than christian too.

    Fun fact – "A shaman anti-christ" is a perfect anagram of Samantha Christian. Check it out ^_~.

  77. Paula M. Adams I can see your responding from "CSU Libraries" Do You & I a Big Favor…..While your there "2 Timothy 2:15 KJV – Study to shew thyself approved……….Take the time to learn more about The unanswered Questions you have In-Side of you….

  78. Religion is nothing but a mental virus.

  79. Rashid Allen…… There-in-lies-your-problem…….You spend too much time "Worshiping Potatoes"…….Spend more time learning about GOD, and when you get hungry for more then His-Word……Eat The Potatoes,….That's what there for…….You got it "All" Backwards…..Next week I'll give you instructions on, The Birds & The Bees…..God help you if your getting that part wrong too!!

  80. I STRONGLY DISAGREE… with much of what you said here (not all of it, but most).

  81. Marilyn Ramos says:

    Reading is fundamental.

  82. This is silly, and scientifically unsound. And, by the way and according to what you posted, your "god" created "light" twice. It also refers to itself as "US" and "OUR", which means that there is more than one. The devil isn't the liar (it doesn't exist)… religion is. You have been misled by the greatest lie ever told.

  83. Garth Blair says:

    ^^ I'm pretty sure nobody will lose any sleep due to your STRONG DISAGREEMENT lol.

  84. Garth Blair says:

    Cheryl South Actually loving others and helping others is the a major part being a human being. You don't have to believe in an invisible omnipresent supernatural entity in order to be a good and decent person.

  85. Garth Blair says:

    Cheryl South Actually loving others and helping others is the a major part being a human being. You don't have to believe in an invisible omnipresent supernatural entity in order to be a good and decent person.

  86. Cheryl Welch-Walker says:

    Carl…. I respect that fact that you believe. I see you are very passionate about your faith. I would like to say that a lot of people who are religious only study the bible itself. .. which there are many version of this book . No one knows the original looks like or whats been taken out or put in. I do know one of the master minds behind it was Constantine and the council of nicea. If He didn't get his way …we would all be trying to be Jews right now. There is a lot the church doesn't teach. Study history… it will not match that book. A lot of things scientifically don't add up. Like the flood. And more. But if believing makes you feel better be my guest. But do your homework. I feel more free now then I did then and more at peace because I am living for me not for trying to live another life after I die. If there were no so called after life …most Christians wouldn't Christian. That is why they add the prize.

  87. Garth Blair says:

    Ephesians 6:5: Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.

    Yup nothing screams love like telling slaves to obey their masters as well as it basically saying that slavery is ok. Owning people as property and being backed by the infallible magic book sure is awesome. (I wonder if I have to explain that the last line was meant to be sarcasm?)

  88. Jody Javiera Andrew – you're living a delusion and you're still a slave.

  89. Prince Todd Eric Williamson says:

    I love this! Glad to see I am in great company! :)

  90. @mark H. Edwards – i've got news for you … satan doesn't exist, either. Just another tool to get you to behave a certain way to avoid punishment in a life after death (that also, does not exist)
    grow up

  91. Julius Doyle Preach!!! LOL

  92. Julius Doyle He was being sarcastic.

  93. Kenny Kinds says:

    Garth Blair Hey man. Gotta treat those slaves right!

  94. Stephen Driscoll says:

    Personally knowing your savior? Really? You talk to him on the phone? Or maybe he texts you? Or is it telekinetic. If you were talking about anyone or anything else everyone would think you're delusional… because…. you are.

  95. Jacques Guignard says:

    Quote of the Year: When asked about Jesus he said: "That nigga ain't real".

  96. Jacques Guignard says:

    HA! We're fools because we don't believe in a book that says you should kill your misbehaving child! That's great!

  97. Jacques Guignard says:

    If you can prove a god exists then I will believe it

  98. Jacques Guignard says:

    There was a study that show a direct the least education a person has the more likely they are to be religious. Savannah G. is the case in point.

  99. I like you, Samantha!

  100. Steven Gregory says:

    Wow, right on!

  101. I totally agree with you Samantha! Thank You for Your comment!

  102. Steven Rosberg says:

    What a huge waste of typing (time). I hope you copied and pasted.

  103. Jason Motley says:

    Preach, lol. I feel you could not have said it better my self

  104. BULLSHIT!! one does not forsake logic and reason for speculation and myth!

  105. Jason Motley says:

    I can proudly say that I will never confess to something that is not true. Jesus Christ is not the Lord and saviour. The Jesus christ that you believe in is not real. He is a Myth that was made up to compete with other Gods of the day.

  106. It's about time! Wake up people.

  107. Toure Senghor Coffey says:

    I don't believe in things that cannot be consistently demonstrated.Christians assert a god exists. Any reasonably thinking person can deduce that the god of the bible with its all knowing, all loving and all powerfulness is conflicted , murderous and incompetent.
    How anyone can cling to an idea of a perfect being who essentially created humans to worship "him", gleefully testing his minions to prove worthiness of his love; hence an eternity by "his" side ?
    How do you defend sure an abominable and beastly creature?

  108. Garth Blair so true good deeds require empathy not god

  109. Jody Javiera Andrew Science explains what is around us. The biggest fairy tale is that book you hold so dear, the Bible.

  110. Christianity is one of the most hateful, racist things that humans have ever devised. Just ask Native Americans, Filipinos, Africans who were FORCED to become Christians

  111. I stopped smoking without God. I simply stopped buying cigarettes!!!!!

  112. What amazes me that in a court room PROOF, EVIDENCE is required. For the God fairytale no proof, no evidence, nothing is needed. Humans can be totally irrational at times.

  113. Mike Battle says:

    where can I follow u Samantha A. Christian

  114. Mike Battle says:

    where can I follow u Samantha A. Christian

  115. Darren Delgado says:

    Lori Nichole Atheists and agnostics aren't mutually exclusive. Actually, most atheists are agnostic atheists.

  116. Jody..If you could read Greek and/or Hebrew you would know that you are MISQUOTING the first first line of the bible. It says, "in the beginning the GODS created heaven and earth…"

  117. Alicai Ex says:

    if you personally "know your savior" then personally show the world some proof. otherwise stfu!!

  118. Alicai Ex says:

    if you personally "know your savior" then personally show the world some proof. otherwise stfu!!

  119. I blame SLAVERY on the bible, that is why it was illegal to teach slaves to read. After the flood it says that Ham (Noah's black son) would be servant to his brothers and that is what whites used to justify slavery. If you continue reading it then says that Ham's descendants will be leaders of great nations. Ham's grandson was Kush (which is Ethiopia) and Mizra which is the Coptic of Egypt. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

  120. Alicai Ex says:

    myself, silly!! because unlike your fairytale, i actually exist..

  121. Jody Javiera Andrew, just because a person doesn't have enough evidence to where our origins came from, doesn't mean that a God named Jesus was the creator. Religion can limit, or entirely shut down the potential to think and observe outside the realms of a person's mind, giving them no other way to think other than what the religious text has taught them. Religion closes your mind, where you should instead be opening it to new ideas, and exploring what this world has to offer for the greater good.

  122. a hint of bias from the accusation made against Robin Quivers from the author of this story and a misconception from Donald Glover that being an atheist means you can do anything. some believers out there think that religion gave us morals, well I would say that concept of morality fell short on the African slave trade, hell pontif nicholas IV signed off on the African slave trade. the supposed morality of religion didn't stop the profits of judaic religion or islamic one's for that matter. as an atheist I accept that I am my own compass and when I screw up, then I do not blame fiction characters like demons or the devil, I simply own up to the mistake and try to learn from it.

  123. Toure Senghor Coffey says:

    A personal relationship huh, so do you audibly and visually connect with this creature.
    Or is it in your brain?

  124. Religion is nothing more than a carrier of a disease! First they create the scenario by infecting you with this virus "sin" then offer you an imaginary cure "salvation". Neither of them exists btw…nevertheless, theists (especially of the more fundamental type) will go very much out of their way to convince you otherwise.

  125. JLat Tha Moor says:

    Jerome Gilbert If you have noticed, people regardless of who they are will use the Bible to justify any and everything that is a desire of their hearts and justifying of their lifestyle, no matter how GOOD or EVIL it is…

  126. " Christianity was put upon the black community as a way of dealing with their sin of being "black" I don't know what place you learned bout Christianity but that is what the racist white folks in the south were taught. The supposed act of God cursing black folks is not even in the Bible. It is not God is is actually Noah doing the cursing and race was not even mentioned.

  127. " Christianity was put upon the black community as a way of dealing with their sin of being "black" I don't know what place you learned bout Christianity but that is what the racist white folks in the south were taught. The supposed act of God cursing black folks is not even in the Bible. It is not God is is actually Noah doing the cursing and race was not even mentioned.

  128. I guess all blacks steal to huh? So you label an entire group of people for the actions of some. I don't care what you believe but don't blame all people for the behavior of a few.

  129. Soraya Martin says:

    Your place of worship is not tax-exempt because it is a "personal relationship institution." It's tax-free because it is a religion.

  130. Samantha A. Christian "religiosity is no different than slavery." Only a fool who would believe this. You rants should quite personal.

  131. As far as I'm concerned, both Heaven & Hell are ON EARTH & not at all based on some primitive man-made afterlife. Also some are born fortunate while others are not. In other words (with no pun intended), "Not all are created equally." Therefore, location, economic status, social upbringing, environment, education, individual drive, the choices you make, along with many other factors & influences will ultimately determine whether or not your life will be one of "fulfillment or misery." The truth is, the church (take your pick) is not at all interested in saving souls…they only want you as a follower so as to contribute to their tax-free empire. After all, religion is A BUSINESS like anything else! Only they're selling you something that you never asked for in the first place & can actually do without. I mean, what other organization do you know threatens a person with severe penalties if he/she doesn't buy into their sales pitch? The Mob I suppose.

  132. Samantha A. Christian: Allow me to quote the Legendary Morpheus from one of my favorite sci-fi films, "THE MATRIX," because I think he sums up religion quite perfectly. "You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so unurged, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it."

  133. Samantha A. Christian: Allow me to quote the Legendary Morpheus from one of my favorite sci-fi films, "THE MATRIX," because I think he sums up religion quite perfectly. "You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so unurged, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it."

  134. Soraya Martin says:

    Savannah Gardiner An "army" of soldiers that cannot withstand reading internet-comments from non-believers? Sounds legit.

  135. I love Sam Jackson and Morgan Freedman… Great actors and I'm glad they've moved beyond needing invisible friends

  136. Ron Jones says:

    Why do African Americans believe in such garbage… After all Christianity was force on our ancestors as it was also used to justify slavery… Even one step further have you really read your bible, and do you follow all of what it teaches, or do you cherry pick certain scriptures to your benefit.

  137. Here here! You got that right sister!

  138. Here here! You got that right sister!

  139. Samantha A. Christian I agree. On the whole, the black community seemed to be clinging to one religion or another, if it was not Christianity it was either Islam, or in fewer cases, Voodoo. I noticed lately that Snoop dropped the "Dog" part of his name and adopted "Lion' in its place to commemorate a conversion to Rastafarianism.

  140. Oh yes, surely they must, because we all know that Christianity is an imperialistic religion, the "Great Commission" is an imperialistic edict. Every knee shall bow, must bow, right? extremist Christians will not be happy until everyone on Planet Earth is either Christian or dead. Same is true for Islamists: Everyone must be Muslim or die. Conquer the world for your god. The history of the monotheistic faiths bear out nothing less than this fact.

  141. Charlemange Fezza says:

    Good for them. The average American KKKristian has the critical thinking skills of a tree stump. Stop wasting your $$ on preachers and put it into black owned business and volunteer groups.

  142. Julio Directs says:

    Cheryl South you don't have to be a christian to love and help others.

  143. Julio Directs says:

    Cheryl South you don't have to be a christian to love and help others.

  144. Katisha Burns says:


  145. <—- #9 Ángelo Martínez grew up in an Ethiopian Orthodox home that sheltered him from everything worldly outside of his abusive step-father. After years of praying for god to rescue him he completely gave up. Once in college he did research on religions, doctrines and their histories and determined they are as fake as silicone….appearing real but not. He is now a devout and very vocal Atheist advocate and activist.

  146. …Voldemort.

  147. Joan Dean-Edwards Get ahold of Samuel Jackson then and tell him they are discrediting his name. I'm sure he will take care of it.

  148. Savannah Gardiner you do know that both Apple and Microsoft are founded by Atheist. The Internet was founded by a Gay Atheist and Facebook yep Atheist if you are afraid of so called Satan's work you are best to become Amish. Though they are a little more the average racist. but unplug your computer now Satan works in mysterious ways. BTW you can easily look up and verify everything I said. and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

  149. Dead men are lord of the worms

  150. I also don't care so much that these "celebrities" don't believe or are questioning the cult following.However it is nice that this is even being spotlighted.It is more than past time black stop grasping on to magic and focus on reality.
    Don't look to the sky life, liberty and happiness.Find it here on earth.

  151. Daron Scott says:

    Idk about this article, its based on random out of context quotes…

  152. Joan Dean-Edwards if this is true i think i will shed a tear for him being in a brain dead cult.I am still keeping hope alive that the info in the article is correct :)

  153. christianity has been used to bind the mind of black people.

  154. Joanne Roles-hufford says:

    I think all this is a bunch of bull.

  155. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is definitely the smartest person on this list…or any list, for that matter. List every person currently alive on the planet and Neil is on the top-10.

  156. Truth!

  157. Levon DeMarquis Valle says:

    "Sooner than later too"

    Said by every Christian for the past two millennia.

  158. Levon DeMarquis Valle says:

    Being non-religious does not equal "atheist" or a non-believer. Only a few on this list can actually be considered atheist or non-believers; the others non-religious at most. This was horribly written as well as a biased article. And while I'm an atheist myself, Chris Rock can have a seat. He clearly has no understanding of the complex history regarding how the Black Church evolved during the antebellum period. But I'm sure Nat Turner, Jupiter Hammon, Phillis Wheatley, and Henry Highland Garnett give zero fucks.

  159. Richard Boesiger says:

    Carl B Grant you are so lost. Where is your reply to Garth…….. this is pure comedy.

  160. Richard Boesiger says:

    Christianity lives everywhere in the world. No race is safe from it's lies.

  161. Richard Boesiger says:

    Garth Blair I give 5 stars to all your comments on this page. (y)

  162. This is the reason why black Americans are on the decline. Despite the struggles during slavery and Jim Crow black folks still believed in God and led moral lives. Now blacks are following behind whites, supporting gay rights, following Jay Z and Beyonce, and are getting sucked up in celebrity and wealth and believing what are coming out these devils mouths. I don't care if the whole world don't believe in Jesus and God. I know the truth. Without God I am nothing.



  165. you don't exist!!!! now everyone will believe me

  166. Neshanique Darden says:

    I agree w/ Eustace you can"t all people form any group, religion, race in 1 bucket

  167. Nadina Kulara says:

    Well said!

  168. Jody Javiera Andrew To simply say, "Look around you" is a cop-out because you're seeking an answer that is immediate & most convenient for you, as opposed to researching for one that is based on reality. I just think it's funny how Christians deny carrying the BURDEN OF PROOF. Yet whenever they are asked to provide EVIDENCE for their extraordinary claims, the reply is either what I had just stated above or, "Well the Bible says yada-yada-yada" which doesn't carry any merit because you have nothing other than what is limited to ancient print on on a page. Of course the other cop-out I failed to mention is this encouragement to substitute reason for faith. FAITH!!! Let me tell you something about FAITH. It's not at all a virtue but GULLIBILITY. It's EVIDENCE that determines whether or not your perception of reality is in conjunction with what everyone sees in the real world. And I'm not talking about what you want to see but what you & everyone else ACTUALLY SEES.

  169. Cheryl South it's also a major part of being an atheist…thank you very much. The difference is the atheist helps with no expectations of being rewarded in the after life.

  170. Dragnauct Sylvas says:

    Yet their disbelief is marginalized in the public eye and the other "black stars" are lauded for their ridiculous attribution of their natural talent to non existent deity. This is sad and laughable at the same time.

  171. Just because humans use religion to justify and perpetuate their ineptitude, doesn't mean that God doesn't exist. Our minds are just not evolved enough to understand all that God is. We use religion and science to try to comprehend the incomprehensible, but it is beyond our limits. Maybe in a thousand years we'll have a better understanding as we continue to evolve.

  172. Lora J. Ray says:

    "Professing themselves to be wise they became fools"…"the fool has said in his heart there is no God!!!!"…. so very sad….

  173. J Germaine Gray says:

    Daron, these celebrities are self-proclaimed non-believers. These are direct verifiable quotes from people who are still alive. There are successful well-adjusted Black people who do not believe. Accept it, and get on with your life.

  174. I hope the author isn't implying that robin quivers lacks morals. many, many people separate work from their personal life. very few companies behave ethically, yet the predominantly christian masses go to work for these companies every day because they need to pay the bills. and I'd like to thank neil tyson for putting out some choice quotes over the years.

  175. and i guarantee you that tyson is only an agnostic in so far as he doesn't discount the fact that anything is possible… including some sort of god.

  176. Sandy Jones says:

    thank gawd here are some smart black folks out here. how blacks can love a gawd who allowed them to be taken as slaves, and cont to allow untold suffering in this world, for all races, is beyond me. I grew up in a home where my parents were raised christian but never forced us to go to church. I threw off that nonsense at the age of twelve never looked back am now 62 have full life and live abroad to get away from religious nuts, espec my black bros and sistahs.

  177. Sandy Jones says:

    lol. ther buybull is man mad nonsense to subjugate the low info. those too stupid to do their own research. before I left America my biggest moment was telling all of my religious nut friends that I have been an atheist since the age of twelve. u should have seen them shouting about praying for my soul. they are so convinced that they are going to meet some sky daddy in some mythical end times, they have no savings no health care, losing their homes, while I planned for my future I am sunning myself in secular country laughing my butt of at stupid religious nuts in America. by the way the sane world is laughing at us too

  178. Sandy Jones says:

    once of the biggest tricks that "satan" ever played to get black folks to wait for justice in heaven rather than justice on earth. there are far more black atheists than will admit cuz inour community you are persona non grata unless u drink the jesus juice

  179. Sandy Jones says:

    calling on gawd sure help all of our black ancestors, sure helped all of those jews during the holocaust and it sure helped all of those racist, bircher, christian baggers get mccain/palin elected lol I have more faith in the church of the flying spaghetti monster

  180. Keith Davis says:

    OM-goodness. All of you demon possed folks on here have lost your way, that is, if you ever found your way. While everybody has a choice to choose what he or she wishes to believe if there is a GOD or a Jesus, I would like to commission you to pick up the bible and read the New Testament and see how the word has prophesied the events that are happening today. You can argue it all you want, but the truth of the matter is, there WILL be a second coming of Jesus Christ and what is happening in the world today is leading up to his return. And as far as Celebrities turing away from Jesus, isn't that what, in many cases, Hollywood does to you. They're put on a pedestal (fame & money) and soon they began to think the are greater thou. Once all the fame and money is taken away and they hit rock bottom, they coming running back home, hollering Lord, Lord, help me. Remember, the Lord giveth and the Lord can taketh away. The point I am trying to make is don't be a fool and lose your soul because you lean on your own understanding. Put your trust in God, not man.

  181. I agree wholeheartedly Bianca. I am a member of the Soka Gakkai International as is Herbie Hancock, Bennie Maupin, Wayne Shorter and Buster Williams all of who are BLACK! I grew up a Methodist and I don't regret it . I just moved on and found Nicherin Daishonin's Buddhism a great fit. It's about taking ownership of my life. Looking within instead of looking outside of myself. the Buddha is within, not some guy with a pot belly. It is less about what I am against and more about what I am for. And if one is not creating value(and I don't mean money) and upholding the dignity and respect for the lives of others, then I really don't care what they call themselves.



  184. Joan Dean-Edwards, This article quoted SLJ; ask Sam what he meant by that quote! Then exclaim that in all CAPS!

  185. Jody Javiera Andrew, those early farmers that pushed Christianity, knew about birds, cattle, even "sea monsters", yet didn't know about dinosaurs; therefore they forgot to mention in Genesis that dinosaurs ruled the earth for millions of years…. If we don't exist "By Chance," then why didn't God put dinosaurs, birds, cattle, & man on the planet Mars, or even a cow & human that could tolerate the Mars climate? Or is it because of science: that the "chances" are Mars is too far from the Sun, & Venus is too close to the Sun. Maybe dinosaurs were created by God first, but those dinosaurs couldn't be led around like cattle, so God created cattle & man.

  186. Don't give us your source, without giving your facts or opinion; few care, unless we know you Barry Piece.

  187. Don't give us your source, without giving your facts or opinion; few care, unless we know you Barry Piece.

  188. All of what?

  189. PREACH Keith Davis!!

  190. PREACH Keith Davis!!

  191. Todantoni Fleming says:


  192. There IS a difference between Religion and Spirituality. We DO live in a multidimensional Universe (thats just science) however modern religions have it all screwed up. Seems we are either one extreme or the other, no Balance. smh

  193. TY! For the Data
    Auset Aswad

  194. I want to be at this Conference! I have wanted to create something like this where all religions come together along with a panel of anthropologists, scientists, geologists, Indigenous Spiritualists, Metaphysicians, Cosmologists, etc. to debunk the lies, either step up and be heard by defending your beliefs with facts, or do not attend and be ignored as false.

  195. choose thought!!

  196. lord of what ? FOOLS!!!

  197. was you saved by grace in the hold of the slave ship???, no ?, id didnt thinkso!!!!

  198. no but seriously DELUDED people!!!

  199. may as well , your imaginary god never does anything either!!!!!

  200. Winston Sherman maybe he is , but not the saviour of any body of any color , including you!!!!!

  201. Bradley Strohl says:

    Did you fail biology 101?

  202. Brandon Alexander Jesus wasn't white or black. He was a Mizrahi Jew:

  203. You people with your finite minds are not intelligent enough to contemplate an infinite God, creator, source of matter and energy. I simply suggest that you have faith. May God Bless you all even the fools.

  204. How can you deny the existence of the greatest African Jesus. Even if you aren't a Christian know the history of Christianity from the heart of Ethiopia. Your have put the European lie on Christianity. The same people who do not believe in God put perms in their hair and try to deny their own natural self and talk about they don't believe in God of course not you can not and will not have a relationship with God until you have a god-centered relationship with yourself. The practice of christianity does not make you a believer. Jesus himself practice the religion of Judaism. It is when you break through whatever religion you serve and make your life profound in a metaphysical and spiritual way beyond the earthly physical realms of course you can not believe. Like the old folks use to say you have to know him for yourself. But do not JUDGE those who believe differently.

  205. I totally agree! God is not a religion, He is a relationship! That's the problem many black churches are teaching, religion! Jesus taught religion, he taught relationship! I have relationship with Christ and if he is a fairy tail, then I'm getting some great benefits! Things in my life have change in knowing Christ! God is real to me personally! Countries, cultures, societies, cities, families, individuals, without a relationship with Christ will never have true security no matter what! If family fail me, friends fail me, job, government, etc.. fail me, I truly know a joy unspeakable, that I will be ok because I have a relationship with Christ Jesus, who is the best fantasy I've ever had! I can tell you testimony after testimony! I learned Jesus for myself, not behind a man! God bless!

  206. Amen! I agree!

  207. Sheol & Hades is just mankind common grave, there is no such place as your being sent to hell to burn forever and ever for being bad. Death is just being in an unconscious state, not knowing nothing (Eccl. 9:5; Psalms 146:4). The Church has taught us nothing but lies for years.

  208. Ruth Ware says:

    Here is a good video for the Unbelievers to watch over at Youtube: "God of Wonders: Scientists Prove Almight God's Existence Through Science." Just type it out in the search engine and you'll find it.

  209. Steffie Jay-Mack says:

    all i have to say is "without God, I will be nothing…with out Him, I would fail…without God, my life would be nothing…be like a ship…without a sail…" one of my favorite hymns of all time. God blesses the believers and non believers, the just and the unjust…He can do anything because He is God almighty, el shaddai…the ruler of all things. I am not here to judge anyone because there is only One Judge and we all must stand before Him when our time come. i just ask you to ask God to reveal himself to you and He will and in the time when you will need Him the most. God is real. Stay blessed

  210. Very Interesting… WOW! At least John Legend trying to get back in reach but this was very interesting. To each its own!Oh well.

  211. Macey Beevers says:

    Cheryl South it's not only a part of being Christian it's our evolutionary empathetic behaviour, other species also show empathy and help others of their kind without believing in a deity. Do you only help others because god tells you to and you want to get into heaven???

  212. I am saved by grace after I do all I can do to help my fellow man
    to give comfort and treat all of mankind as I want to be treated.
    Christ love is unconditional and mine must also be. People don't realize that our time here on earth is a chance for us to choose
    weather or not we go back to our Heavenly Father. Before our spirit
    Came to earth in the body we now have we lived with our Heavenly Father we were sent here and given the choice. We must respect the
    Choice that others make and love them. Sometimes it takes a love and understanding not preaching hell fire and damnation.

  213. This article says that Religion is ingrained in the black culture. But its deeper. Religion was whipped into our people. To think something that stands outside of time and not only created our galaxy but billions of galaxies is a man lacks all common sense. And the fact its a white man lacks even more common sense when all sciences tells us that the first homosapiens are black Africans. Every Race and culture had their on gods made in their image and culture. So how did we get Jesus? The fact that most black people do not ask themselves basic questions is sad. Especially given our historical experience with the white christian. White europeans were lied to as well. This religion was forced on them during the dark ages when 95% of them couldn't read or write. That was a privilage back then. And the only people who had that privilage were the wealthy and religious monks. All the information was completely controlled by the church. The truth is there has never been a Jesus Christ or an Abraham nor a Moses. And if you dont believe me, then ask yourself a simple question. Out of all the people in the Bible, can you name one burial place? How about a descendant? Belief is just wanting something to be want you want it to be. Knowing is knowledge learned. We were given this flawed religion from our former oppressors and I will be damned if I betray all those men who were slaughtered or those women who were raped and beaten until they accepted what was being forced on them. We are free now but our minds are not. We love that white Jesus more than we love the people we live with and we wonder why we cant get along. Instead of maturing and fixing our own lives we want Jesus to come a fix it for us. There is a reason why poor people all over the world are the most religious. I personally believe that is a higher power in the universe. But to think that its something we fully understand when we havent flown past the moon defeats all logic. I do respect the songs and the dance that has afforded me my life because it comes from the African soul. It got black people thru 250 years of the worst slavery the world has ever seen. And then another 150 years of lynching and Jim Crow policies. What you see in the black church is our spirituality and energy that came with us from Africa. We are in the digital age now. Put down the symbol of death (the cross) and Sankofa. The means reclaim your past or in better words "go back…..and get it" Ase`

  214. James Williams how do you KNOW that? You believ it but how do you know?

  215. Fredrick Garlineus Juah says:

    Jesus is the Son Of God.. and he's coming back. Confess you sin and he will accept you now.

  216. Mark Greene he did not create light twice. one was the overview, the next was the method of doing so. if you think about it, its impossible to execute without a plan.

  217. It took the Quran for me. "…and if you say this is forgery, write one like it. But you can't even write one verse like it….gather all of your scholars together and see if they can produce the likes of this". I'm para-phrasing but Allah puts forth this challenge in the book.

  218. One thing we are all failing to see is religion is of man and not of God..God did not mandate no religion.Who put Christianity upon the black community? When Jesus was crucified,"he said"The work is finished"There are no more burden's to carry,because he has met all the DEMANDS OF THE LAW..Its the Holy Spirit that applies salvation to us and works other fruits in our lives..If we see Galatians 3:25-29.We are heirs to the promise..Spiritual life in the body is not a matter of legalism.It's not a burden; it's a blessing,because the Spirit lives within us..

  219. Sam, sounds like you DO concentrate quite a bit on what's not "real". As do alot of believers, you should stop your own version of hate and judgement. Religion is the least of the black(and all) peoples problems.

  220. Elliot C. Myrick Actually Jesus was real. if you dont believe he was the son of god, thats a different "story".

  221. Nonya Byzness says:

    Jesus is a deception/. There was no messiah named Jesus

  222. Is being black a sin?

  223. Nonya Byzness says:

    The problem is, Jesus is not the son of God. yahshua said, he comes in his Father's name. The Father's name is clearly noted in the KJV version of Psalms 68:4. His name is Yah…hence HalleluYAH…get it?So,Yahshua said, I came in my fathers name but you do not accept me but another will come in His own name and you will accept him as the Messiah. Put two and two together…

  224. The problem is, Jesus is not the son of God. yahshua said, he comes in his Father's name. The Father's name is clearly noted in the KJV version of Psalms 68:4. His name is Yah…hence HalleluYAH…get it?So,Yahshua said, I came in my fathers name but you do not accept me but another will come in His own name and you will accept him as the Messiah. Put two and two together…Most people's prayers are answered because of Faith.

  225. Christopher Moser says:

    Sam says it with such conviction.

  226. Nonya Byzness says:

    There was no and stillno Hebrew named Jesus

  227. Tangie Miner says:

    Tonette Wesley is right….it's a fantasy.

  228. Tangie Miner says:

    The only thing nuttier than having an imaginary friend is having an imaginary enemy.

  229. Tangie Miner says:

    Onaje Allan Gumbs…this is why I have been trying to refer to myself as a Humanist rather than an Atheist. I want to describe myself based on what I *do* believe rather than what I *do not* believe.

    Personally, I don't care whether you belong to a religion or a cult as long as you 1) don't use scare tactics to get people to join, 2) don't shun science, 3) keep your faith out of the law, and 4) harm no one.

  230. Whoa @ all the comments.

  231. You have to call people who don't believe what you do "demon possessed"? So if you call non-believers "evil" it somehow makes you feel less threatened -right? We are compassionate human beings. Your lack of understanding is what makes you feel threatened, and your thoughtless name calling is really not very christian like. Leave us alone, and act like a true christian if christian is what you choose to be. That means leaving it between the atheist and "god", and between you and your god. If your god does exist, from what I've read about him he is not very impressed with you right now. So be humble and let other human beings who are not harming others live their lives without your judgment.

  232. Tangie Miner says:

    Greedy people who aren't happy with one life. You have to have eternity, too? Would you still worship God if you weren't trying to get a ticket into Heaven? What would be in it for you, then?

  233. Tangie Miner says:

    If I don't believe in gods, why the heck would I believe in demons? It must be scary to live the way you do, thinking that your life is ruled by spirits.

  234. Mutuku Abraham Thuo says:

    Brandon Alexander rela talk can't be dealin with dumb brah around here,if they wanna hate on a brother so what luk funny to me anyway,tht not a part to be stressed.i believe in………….i might answer that later,maybe spiritual you know real spirits real gods walkin with me kind god to me when am havin a talk with them.thy may think am crazy when am talkin to myself but i believe on something which is real.thy became gods even though the not with us anymore

  235. Moor-ena El says:


  236. Moor-ena El says:

    BRAVO!!! YES!!!

  237. Moor-ena El says:

    BRAVO!!! YES!!!

  238. Dana Freeman says:

    It's also a major part of being a good person period.

  239. Moor-ena El says:


  240. Moor-ena El says:


  241. Genie L Robinson says:

    Under duress, maybe. I'd confess Lady Gaga was lord after enough torture.

  242. R Kenneth ONeal says:

    Why do you need to call out to a made up deity when the trials of life come calling????? Is that what you were taught to do?

  243. Peter Kuan Pan says:

    the greatest trick a unicorn ever played is the same as devil and god i guess. that it doesnt exist so we wont try to find them. LOL ok im saying there is no God

  244. Raina Satija says:

    "He’s even gone as far as to compare religion to slavery, stating: 'A black Christian is like a black person with no memory.' "

    I'm very concerned at the fact that these are painted so negatively. While religion within in the Black community is supportive, loving, caring, etc., what Chris Rock says is also a reality of Black history. While Christianity was seen in Africa before the start of colonialism, missionaries and countries that wanted to colonize Africa (who used missionaries and religion) did bring Christianity to Africa as a justification system of colonialism. Christianity at the time was very degrading and oppressive toward the people of Africa (and the people of other countries and continents), stating that they were "devil-worshippers" and the only way to cleanse them was through Christianity…and slavery. nbd. So yes, Christianity and the Christianity within Black culture is very unique in its support for its community, but this history exists, and it's important to acknowledge it and not degrade those Black people that do acknowledge it.

  245. Raina Satija says:

    to add to Tyler the Creator's comments: yes, Jesus was a real person. duh. Read a history book. One written by historians, not theologians.

  246. Raina Satija says:

    and Neil deGrasse Tyson is just…yes.

  247. Heru Salmon says:

    If there is a devil it's the white man. But there is no such thing as a real devil like the bible said it to be. Religions are mostly base on pure ignorance. Our ancient ancestors didn't have religion they had a way of life which we abandon.

  248. Heru Salmon says:

    I do believe in a afterlife. I just don't believe in religion or those nonsense things. I abandon religion now 21 yrs ago and i feel fortunate to have done it. I know it was nonsense and i never went back. Thats pretty much when i was only 13 and now i am in my early 30s.

  249. one day u all will come to know him but maybe that time will be too late , i know god is real

  250. Diane Moore Mayo says:

    Brandon Alexander GOT IT….THANK YOU!

  251. Numero UN says:

    Those who are very well educated should be those to testify that there is a God. Many people get lost in the thought , for those who still don't believe in God, they are simply not educated enough and same goes to those that believe in religion, they are all followers because they simply cant think for themselves so they stop searching and crawl to the easiest option which is obviously a global opinion being religious or not believing in anything, i call that weak .
    how many do stop to even think that a creation would never be aware of its creator but will realise it is serving a purpose . think people think .

  252. Diane Moore Mayo says:

    The bible clearly states that GOD/Jesus has hair like wool, eye's like fire and feet of bronze and not one pic show's that. Satan the GOD of This world. So there may be other gods of other worlds or planets.

  253. Dale Silas says:

    Oh wowww!!! it feels so good to be around liked minded people. I am out so numbered by a bunch of clueless Spread the love Mz Samantha. I wondered when will I see a church/organization design for us.

  254. Sigh… Can I just… Why are people still ignorant of the difference between the terms 'atheist' and 'agnostic'? They're not mutually exclusive.

  255. I see going to college hasn't done you any good.

  256. Katisha Burns It's easier to repeat that shit than to prove it- which is why you don't even have sufficient intellectual honesty to try, eh?

  257. Blah blah blah, whine whine whine, claim claim claim.

    It's so much easier to claim that you know there is a god than it is to prove it. If you actually cared about whether or not your god existed (instead of just mindlessly accepting your religion for social reasons, you stupid sheep) then you would provide evidence. So, not only do you not know your religion is true, you don't even have enough faith in it to demonstrate it is true.

    Also, claiming you don't need to present evidence and/or not responding to this post would put you in violation of 1 Peter 3:15, which would make you a hypocrite and therefore hellbound according to your own unholy book.

  258. amen to that. Jesus is now and forever, He is real

  259. David Lynch says:

    Samantha says our families "need us to be of sound mind by not living in a fantasy world" This is stated by a self-described "Professional Gamer" … e.g. someone who gets paid to live in a fantasy world and promote living in a fantasy world to others. Pretty funny and very hypocritical.

  260. David Lynch says:

    Samantha says our families "need us to be of sound mind by not living in a fantasy world" This is stated by a self-described "Professional Gamer" … e.g. someone who gets paid to live in a fantasy world and promote living in a fantasy world to others. Pretty funny and very hypocritical.

  261. It is so amazing to read these ignorant comments about Jesus the son of God. II have not see God or Jesus, but I believe God and Jesus does exist, I feel the holy spirit inside of me, I believe. just like you know you are in pain because you feel it, yet you do not see the pain, but you believe it is pain

  262. Religion is the great Hoax how can any believe in that in this era of information it's about time Black people free their minds of mental slavery and realize that the helping that they are looking for is at the end of their wrist

  263. wish more black people wake the f*&*&K up. just say the film 12 years a slave and thought, how stupid black people are to be believing in this god and jesus and bible crap, the same tools used to enslave us.

  264. wish more black people wake the f*&*&K up. just say the film 12 years a slave and thought, how stupid black people are to be believing in this god and jesus and bible crap, the same tools used to enslave us.

  265. Mark H. Golding says:

    Sam You are awesome ……….xok

  266. Mark H. Golding says:

    Paula M. Adams aahaha Well said sistah , well said ……………xok

  267. I agree with you LISA I truly wont to be In that number when my roll is called I wont to see Jesus I wont TO sing with the heavenly angels ,walk those streets of Gold and sit with my father on hi oh when I reach those pearly gates my father & my son will be waiting for me my oh what a day that will be so I say to those who don't believe I won't see you there so as long as he allow you to breath you have time to change GOD bless us all

  268. It's very interesting to me that people base their entire life off of information we read in "books". For those of us that went to College we base our careers off of what we learned from the text books and we take it into the workforce. But when it comes to the Bible people want to invalidate that book. Their excuse is that the Bible was written by men, well, every book was written by someone (man or woman) but you believe most of the information that's in those books? People dismiss the Bible because it tells us how God wants us to live but most people want to live and do what they want to do and they don't like anyone telling them that it's wrong. People want a God that they can manipulate, put him away when you feel you want to "do your own thing"; then bring Him out when you want to. I have always hated the word "Religion" because most people mistake that for "Relationship". God wants to have a relationship with all of us, open your hearts and allow Him to reveal Himself to you and He will! The Bible is the infallible Word of God and He will not change it so that you can live your life the way you want to. We must change our lives and conform to His Word!

  269. Priscilla A. Walker says:

    Garth Blair OMG, this made me laugh so hard! Best laugh of the day. Side note, I love this discussion and I love to see that people are starting to be more courageous and standing up for what they believe, even if their views are unpopular. I love it! Everyone OUT of the closet!!! Yaaaaaas!

  270. Brandie Gray says:

    These comments are so sad. :(

  271. If jesus is not real then those do not believe has nothing to worry about and all christians will be alright, but if He is real christians will still be alright what about those who don't believe?The believers has being a central part of Every BLACK movement, N.A.A.C.P, MARTIN LUTHER KING DIED defending his people, MARCUS GARVEY betrayed by the very people he so loved, check your black history and see how many educated people without GOD stood up for their people

  272. Jordan L. Mathis says:

    Since slavery is popping up a lot in this discussion, I think it's important to remember that both religion (the Bible) and scientific study were used as justifications for enslaving Africans. And even if they didn't have a Bible in hand or men of science to say so, they still would have justified it with with their guns.

  273. Valerie Johnson says:

    I've always thought it was important to respect other's beliefs. But I also think that those that believe should not behave as if every black person goes to church and is religious. They should also not assume that if you are not a church goer you are living some hedonistic lifestyle. Personally I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated. Surprisingly it is quite possible to be a decent, kind and loving person without being a church member.

  274. Valerie Johnson says:

    Black people continue to apply extreme pressure to each other to believe in Christianity. Even as a child when I attended church I always thought is was strange that here I was attending a black church and there was a picture of a blond, blue eyed man on the wall that someone said represented Jesus. Somehow that never did seem right to me. But I understand that our people do suffer more than other groups in this world and it is important to many to have that faith. I met some cousins recently and the first thing they both asked in separate phone calls was do I go to church. I was thinking what does it matter? Once they found out I do not go I did not hear from them again. It was as if they had nothing else to say. I found that sad.

  275. Cheryl South Ummmm…they weren't loving one another during the crusades.

    Just saying.

  276. Clarenzo C. Jones says:

    i think you confused confess with profess. those three are free of the programming that still holds you hostage

  277. Clarenzo C. Jones says:

    its totally a cult. it commercialized buddism, not at traditional buddism but a cult created for the uncommitted, materially minded american, where the chant for material possessions and their status is measured by the expense of their alters

  278. Brandon Alexander the correct term is "Bride of the Church" not "his bitch." (ha ha ha) The devil is in the details! You forgot schizophrenia – when is God the good God and when is God the bad God. Did I say the Devil is in the details? Oh well, I guess, it depends on the "legion" of writers of the over 165 bibles (bible is simply Greek for library). Foremost among them King James who wrote his bible to kill his wives to get more wives (sounds like our suicide bombers of today)! Speaking of today, after 600 years of chattel slavery, kidnapping, rape and forced breeding by the pious christian and righteous white man and woman why are we doubting the presence of Jesus of Nazareth in our enslaver? Oh…that is why the slaver did not want his slaves to read the bible! They would know the good God created the devil, marked the devil and damned up the devil in caves!

  279. You Talk about Choose Life who made Life it was ALmighty God and all that you talked about war ect. who cause that the devil and all wicked mankind who started away fro God and his rightousness . Amd you talked about living life without God and having and perfect life Good luck iwith that and yes try saving your self from Death may God have mercy on you AND LEAD YOU TO HIS WAYS .

  280. I will pray for you all….and may God have mercy!

  281. groove and all the rest of the donkeys STOP wipping a dead horse !!!!!

  282. All i can say here is BIG UP TO THE EIGHT hope to see many more AWAKEN PEOPLE …LET THE christian demoms BURY there DEAD AND leave them that is awaken to live as they chose too !

  283. Exactly how long are these "last days" you speak of? I'm 37 now and Ive been hearing about these "last days" scince I was a kid.

  284. (shrug) Faith is not for the weak or self-sufficient. Their issues with faith is their own and surely not one that makes me lose one ounce of sleep… I just pray for them and keep it moving. Fortunately, their permission isn't needed.

  285. I don't think so…

  286. Let me ask a question: Why would your god create Satan in the first place? Would that not make HIM responsible for all evil? In the book of Job, your god makes a wager with Satan regarding the loyalty of Job, if indeed he is all knowing and all wise, would he not already know the answer thus sparing Job his unnecessary suffering? And yet you choose to believe, not be convinced, but believe.

  287. Oh, so the Bible says so. OK, let's see what experts on the Bible have to say about the Bible. Here is Dr.Bart Ehrman of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill :

  288. Anonymous says:

    I love history, especially human/world history…and let's face it the story of Jesus Christ is probably one of the longest running and most argued annals of history. Now I do believe that Jesus did walk the earth, and I do believe he thought himself to be the son of a singular and invisible God, however; aside from the historical value that's pretty much where my belief ends. In my heart I believe that the religions that surround ancient historical events were the invention of man to use and control other men. I have seen very little in life that contend to otherwise.

    Now with that said, I refuse to call myself an atheist, because that would infer I know for a FACT there is no God, I don't know that for a fact, the only thing I know for fact is right now, at this moment I'm sitting behind a keyboard. My mind is open that there could be a larger force than mankind, but I don't live my day to day life preparing for an eternal life that may or may not exist, I'm taking it as I always have….one day at a time.

    I don't pass judgement on those who call themselves Christians, Jews, Muslims for their religious beliefs even if I don't share them…and in the same token I don't ACCEPT their judgement on my lack of religious conviction.

    Now, right here I'm going to give total strangers my basis on my disbelief of the Judea-Christian doctrine:

    If in fact there is a Godhead and an evil dark force known as Stan; if God grants eternal life and peace to his believers, and the Devil punishes those who don't accept nor believe for eternity,wouldn't in fact God and the Devil be cooperative business partners at the very least, or the same figurehead at literal value.

  289. the fact that there are those of us feel tis way confirms everything that Jesus mentioned…i'm sure those same "celebs" did'nt feel that way when they were "goin' through some thangs"…

  290. it's interesting how those who think they have to see God,in order to believe in Him.but don't say the same thing about air…we know God is real,because of the testimony that He gave us to walk with.And just as we believe in The Father,we also believe in His Son,who has gone to prepare a place for us…

  291. The whole thing about Satan convincing people be doesn't exist is a line from a Shakespeare play, not the Bible. The bible never hints at any such deception. When Satan deceives people in the Bible, they're very much aware of him. Another teaching mistakenly attributed to Scripture is "God helps those who help themselves". That comes from Aesop, not Jesus.

  292. Everything that they are talking about confirms everything Jesus Christ mentioned before he was crucified.

  293. i can't "front",i was an agnostic back in the day and one night i got tired of debating and God literally saved me and gave me a testimony…it's because of that testimony,i believe in God and was convinced to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour,it was the least i could do for ALL that He's done for me…my prayers go out to these and many other people who only know of God based on traditions of man as opposed to having a personal relationship with Him. "He who The Son has set free,is free indeed".therefore you're no longer a slave…

  294. uh, Amen. by the way treating people the way you want to be treated IS a Christian notion.

  295. Samantha A. Christian There definitely would come a day when u wud realise that all that u've said here was just a fallacy. God still loves you, whether you seem to doubt His existence or not. His arms are just open to you waiting for you to fall right in. Accept Him now before it will be too late. Where do you think all the pple around you who are dead go to?

  296. Carol Arcovio says:

    Elliot C. Myrick if that is so where did you come from how do you come to Exsist?

  297. Carol Arcovio says:

    Samantha A. Christian if you are godly those same things are giving to each other ! Where the hell yuo getting that from with out a way there is nothing!

  298. Isa Massi says:

    Samantha A. Christian, you sound like a damned fool! I bet you're mighty proud of yourself too with your tinsel education. You are screaming for the hell fire and making way for it fast. I detest black people like you. Learn about Islam and get on Allah's good side before its too late for you.

  299. Isa Massi says:

    True, but that is Christianity. That is one fake Satan inspired religion. Now if you want the truth come to Islam and learn peace through submission to Allah. That is the true name of God and even the Egyptian Christians know it. I can't believe most of you are sell outs like this. A black person who doesn't believe in God after having learned about Him is a sell out and a curse to all those who follow them.

  300. Isa Massi says:

    Not so twisted after all considering the stupid things people have to say on here.

  301. Isa Massi says:

    Paula M. Adams Exactly right, because that would be arrogance at its finest hour. However, when you have a 1400 year old scripture (to the best of modern man's knowledge) that is actually from the Creator who Created and Witnessed everything that He Created, it is not arrogance, but rather enlightenment. With that I say, find Islam and find the truth. As Salam Walaikam.

  302. Isa Massi says:

    Onaje Allan Gumbs For this I can only say that though your meditation may be soothing, it is ultimately pointless without true spiritual guidance. You will fail to reach enlightenment with that alone. It takes a firm foundation in Islam. You meditation would serve you much better in the midst of prayer to Allah. Salam.

  303. Isa Massi says:

    Ramadon Furgan I'm trying brother but I can only help so much. May you all find the peace that Islam has brought to me insha Allah. Ameen!

  304. Isa Massi says:

    Ok, Jesus is/was not white, Roman, or a faggot. Forget what you think you know. Find Islam. Salam.

  305. Isa Massi says:

    First of all, Allah/God is not a creature, so that is where you error. He is the Creator of all things. Were He Himself created than you may have a ground to stand upon, but Allah is our Creator so we certainly are not above Him. That was Satan's mistake and it got him kicked out of Paradise. Be cautious not to be so ignorant or you can miss your chance to get into the Garden. Find Islam, Salam!

  306. Sharon Mulamba says:

    Estevan and Samantha, as a someone of African origin, I can confidently tell you before the white man introduced slavery to Africa, we knew about God. We had and still have names for God in our African dialect. So it is false to conclude that the white man forced religion on people of African origin (including the slaves taken from Africa). I am sick and tired of my people using this excuse for every inconvenience in their lives! Stop using the white man as an excuse to justify wanting to be in control versus giving up a worldly lifestyle in exchange for a relationship with God. Having a relationship with God is a choice. If you are uncomfortable with giving up worldly pleasures, then acknowledge that and make peace with it. If God so pleased, He would have willed every human being He created to become a Christian. It is not an easy walk, but the reward is worth it. I have personally experienced the goodness of God in my life, and I can tell you God is real!! I tell you this though, one day, you will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

  307. Sharon Mulamba says:

    Toure, Can you prove that the world is older than 5 minutes?? Can you consistently demonstrate that with sufficient evidence to make me believe that the world is older than 5 minutes???

  308. Sharon Mulamba says:

    Dan 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment [was] white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure WOOL his throne [was like] the fiery flame, [and] his wheels [as] burning fire.

  309. Michael Eley says:

    U told the truth.did you try the Himalayan salt.

  310. Bert Lundblad says:

    yes u can remember years back fex

  311. CHUURCH!

  312. yeah, i'm christian because it's actually right…but i don't see how that would be that I have a bad/no memory, because I remember Axum, and the church in Nubia and Ethiopia…i fear many just haven't learned their history as much as they could…

  313. so are you.. atheists saying all that is came from nothing and is going nowhere no beginning or end ,,oh yes once there was nothing then a big bang then all this millions of years later,,,,,,,just yesterday the news stated that scientist now believe that man was mnade from clay oif the eareth ,,gee doesnt the so called fictional book you dont believe in say that thousands of years ago ,,also the bible says the earth is round and hangs on nothing ,,pretty good guesses . lol ..try looking at god as more of a supernatural creative being that is somewhere that we cant explain ,,,i know that some atheists believe in aliens but not a supreme being ..;whats the difference ,,its all out there and we dont understand it ,,it all boiuls down to this we chose what to believe in or not so if my maker comes back today ,,and i dont believe ,,what do i lose ,,,just an eternity ….if you really believe tgat mankind is from nothing and going nowhere ,,thats your business hope you dont die in your sleep tonight ,,just saying happens all the time ,

  314. and that is called hasty generalization. those were mistaken christians. do not forget just because someone is a christian does not make them have super hero powers to prevent them from doing anything wrong. AND if there is no God, how the heck did we get here?? is it just a coincidence how everything scientific in our world works? its all DESIGNED. from plant growth to our digestive system to how a tree or baby grows, its all carefully thought out and planned so everything works. I'm no coincidence. and I have someone to live for other than myself. its called Jesus! woot woot :) I love him! and he loves me even tho I screw up a lot! and he loves you too! I DARE YOU to read the bible and learn from it. It will change your life. common! don't you want to go to heaven! I know our human brains can't comprehend power and magic and god and heaven but I know it exists. God strengthens my faith.

  315. the irony in your last name

  316. Debbie Hoad says:

    Cheryl South And yet Christianity is not required for either of those things. In reality, it often hinders them, making people more judgemental and likely to exclude or mistrust people outside their belief system. (As you can easily see from some of the comments here.)

  317. Debbie Hoad says:

    LMAO. Or not.

  318. Loryn Tracey Partlow says:

    is religion the biggest fear game of all time?

  319. Loryn Tracey Partlow says:

    is the bible the biggest fear game going?

  320. God is not just anything. He proves Himself so that we will increase in Faith in Him. The faithless will never truly understand until it is too late.

  321. Estevan Carlos Benson says:

    Isa Massi What exactly is a "god" isa?

  322. Estevan Carlos Benson "a God" doesn't exist. However, "The God" does exist. To answer your question less vaguely, God is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. He is the Originator of Creation. There is only one God. Allah (which is the proper name for God) is eternal and self subsisting. That means that Allah is the only true Reality. He created everything and was not created Himself. He is the source of Peace and Perfection. He is far above our knowledge or comprehension, however He gives us instructions that we can comprehend and the very fact of our comprehension of anything at all is a sign from Him of His existence. None of Allah's other creations were created to comprehend things as well as we do.

  323. Estevan Carlos Benson The truth proves itself though it requires some prior knowledge to have full comprehension. For instance, if I say the sky is blue, and you look up and you think red is the color blue, you may think I have lied when I actually told you the truth. The same hold true with the Qur'an. It is the wise book, and the wisest book on Earth. God maybe a concept, but Allah most certainly is not, and John Lennon is probably burning in Hell as we speak. Anyway, back to why I know its the truth. The Qur'an proves itself in various ways with everything that is recorded in it. There is no other book like it on Earth. No falsehood can approach it from before it or after it. Thor may have been a real person, but He was not "The GOD". In fact all of those mythological religions may have at one time or another been based on a real person, but none of those people were Allah. Allah proves Himself with His words, for without them we would have no knowledge of Allah. Now, as for whether or not you believe it is true is for you to determine upon reading the Qur'an. However, I know it to be true because Allah contacts me in my dreams and shows me things that most people don't get to see. So for me it is a bot easier to determine, however it is even better for those who haven't seen what I've seen and still have faith anyway. That is how though, with the Qur'an. If the Qur'an had been from someone other than Allah we would find much discrepancy written in it. There is no discrepancy written in it because it is from Allah and it proves Allah's existence in the fact of how it was revealed and that no one else can bring 10 chapters like it..

  324. Sam! That's Wassup! Typed the good word, right there. Real talk. Truth.

  325. Cheryl South, so is hating others. Yep, bigotry is also a major part of being a Christian.

  326. Ramadon Furgan, Actually you need to re-read that scripture because if a fool gets the fact that there is no god, then clearly it doesn't make people like you smart. Makes you as primitive as the bible authors themselves. #1. #2. That 2nd quote goes to show the hypocrisies & contradictions that is Christianity as rooted in scriptures. Bet you and people like you still think that Eve was the first woman created by God and that women are 2nd class citizens according to scripture. Lol. Get your mind right.

  327. Keith, obviously cherry pick your scriptures, too because God created demons according to scripture just like he created hell and the Devil. The only one possessed is you and people like you. The lord giveth and taketh away because he is both god & devil alike. So if you want to live your life on your knees as opposed to your feet, enjoy your psychosis. Leave everybody else out of it.

  328. Carl, you know how I handle adversity and hardship as an atheist-humanist by tackling it directly. I don't beg for shit. I don't cry out to imaginary friends and blame imaginary foes for imaginary crimes against me or think I'm enduring imaginary punishments. I actually, on my own, take up my bed and walk. I don't get on my knees for anything. I take full responsibility and accountability for my actions. You know what that is called? Self-discipline. Maybe you should try it and stop assuming crap by typing out of your butt.

  329. Kamilah T. Harris And they do it so naturally too. Its like all of their preaching and teaching goes in one ear and right out the other. How else do you explain Jim Crow, and a few influential Southern Leaders bringing about the KKK and Jim Crow?

  330. Think you forgot the part in the bible where God created the Devil, hell, and demons. God + Devil = Same. Oops. Your bad. You also don't know the real history of Christianity, the bible, or g/God. Bummer. And yes, you are religious. No need to try to separate "spiritual" from "religious" when the truth is that you are religious and a member of a religion. Thus, your brainwashing. Nice cherry picking the bible as usual. Lol.

  331. Yes, you are obliged to assimilate and indoctrinate the planet. That is your job as a Christian to spread the cherry picked versions of the a book that was put together by committee millennia ago. Good luck with that train wreck mission.

  332. In one sense, that's true. It's called "Theism." However, religion is religion no matter how you slice it and dice it or try to run away from the word. It is what it is and you are religious just w/out organization or system. Now, until you actually know "people who don't believe in God," I suggest that you do not talk about them or their Non-Theism. Just a suggestion of civility. Faith is assertion and claim without evidence so your analogies of the brain and oceans are horrible. Cute as subjectivity but overall truth? Ah no.

  333. Here's where stupid and ditzy kicks in….Debbie!! Ah no. No atheist "believes that we came from nothing." There is just no evidence for the religious claims that we all came from magic performed through dirt & air by a sky wizard calling himself "daddy/father." None. All of the authors of scriptures was not there. Additionally, the only people who knows what happens after death are the dead. You don't know and neither did any scripture authors when they were alive so you know nothing about atheism or atheists. My suggestion: Keep your ignorance to yourself. It actually helps the planet.

  334. Actually, they know far more than you do. Seriously.

  335. Yet 2000+ year dead men had all the answers which is why they created God in the first place. Wow! Your measurement of intelligence is quite low and semantics are primitive. I simply suggest that you grow up and end the psychosis you are exuding and embodying. For you sir, are a bigot.

  336. Actually, African-Americans have been on the decline since Christianity put them there as a result of slavery which is condoned by the bible; poverty where churches are popping up like popcorn while libraries, grocery stores, & community centers are closing; preaching is the new shortcut to wealth career path like athletics/rapping/drug dealing; & Black women are disproportionately single mothers struggling while feeding the church instead of their babies. But hey! You seem to think you know it all without any evidence to back it up. The only liar seems to be you and with God, you are nothing.

  337. Question: How many other scriptures do you know? The bible has uh 66 books worth, you know? 1 scripture does not prove anything…at all.

  338. And here's another stupid/ditzy post that I've found on this thread. Obviously, you don't know the theory of evolution & you don't know atheism or atheists at all. Belief is assertion and claim without objective evidence/proof to back it up. Your post is filled with bigotry.

  339. Well, actually God created the Devil so the only gullible one, Mason, is you. Especially since you are the one who believe 2000 + year dead men's imaginations over actual reality. Nobody needs to convince you of anything you are incapable and too primitive to understand anyway.

  340. Clarenzo C. Jones your comment completely distorts the SGI. While we may not be your particular definition of traditional Buddhism, ours is the vehicle closest to the Daishonin's spirit and has always stood up for all justice. Believe me when I say we are truly committed to our practice. There is always someone materially minded who acts with a horse blinders attitude mentality until they come to one or more of our meetings and then see just what all of this is truly about. There is so much more to this than our chanting for material possessions. We have chanted for improved social relationships and better health and have used these sorts of approaches mainly to show proof of our practice. The main point of this what we have is to show it all starts with us if we want to improve something in our lives. We do not measure our status by the expense of our altars, and proof positive mentioning that specifically comes from the simple fact that I had built mine from scratch. Ikeda Sensei had first-hand experiences dealing with life after bombs were dropped in his country and has been by and large at the forefront of the disarmament of nuclear weapons.

  341. Isa Massi While I have immense abundant respect for your faith, I can personally guarantee you there is plenty of true spiritual guidance coming from our particular brand of Buddhist practice. I am quite sure Mr. Gumbs and I both are pretty much content with a practice that shows it is up to us entirely if we want to create lasting happiness. There is so much more to this what we have than just meditation. We are fusing our lives with the Gohonzon, a rice paper scroll inscribed in Sumi inks that acts as a mirror for our lives like the object of veneration that it is, a complete and utter reflection of our lives, definitely not a god, and we cannot become misconstrued as seeking such things outside our lives. Another lasting difference between us and the Abrahamic faiths is that we see this time as a beginning of a new era whereas they were seeing the last 14 years as an end to the world.

  342. Dennis Spurling says:

    @kamilah as you fail to realize that nothing from nothing leaves nothing and the something that exist came from somewhere best explained by the 2000 year old dead men and not in anyway explained by you, you ma'am are a dam arrogant fool. In addition being called a bigot for supporting the word of God is perfectly acceptable. Thank you….try again.

  343. Kamilah T. Harris I believe in questioning and challenging. I don't believe in being a condescending douchebag when it comes to people's beliefs. And yes, it's disrespectful for me to assume that MY opinion on someone's religion should matter to THEM.

  344. Dennis Spurling says:

    Its fashionable to do away with religion. I am not very religious but their does exist good and evil in the world. I strongly suggest to you all who seek to do away with religion consider that their are people who are only bound by their belief in God. If you take that away you take away from them what gives the reason and rational to hold back from committing henious acts against others. Criminals do believe they are going to get caught. People who's moral belief system has been undermined and are not afraid of the legal repercussions are dangerous. I would suggest that if you don't want those people waiting for you, and your wife, husband and kids when you come home at night you not undermine their belief system.

  345. Satan has many people blinded, this is what he does, satan wants you to believe that there is no God, and he even wants people to believe that he don't exist, God gave humans free will, it is humans that has the free will to do evil or not to do evil, God did not create human to be robots, God gave humans free will to even believe in him or not to believe in him it is your choice, humans have free will to help one another or not to help one another, humans have free will to cause problems or not to cause problems, you can not blame God for the problems of the world we have the free will not to fight each other or to fight each other, it is the humans choice on how they want to act, and yes God created the world and everything in it, the big bang theory is a lie from the pits of hell, satan is a liar and he is the father of lies, to bad he has many people blinded and is leading them on the road to destruction, but still it is humans choice where they want to spend eternity, I notice the growing numbers of non believers, all this lets me know that Jesus is coming back soon, as the Bible says, people are turning the word of God into fables, the non belief that is growing, the non belief that Jesus died for our sins, this really lets us know we are living in the last days, in the last days non belief will grow, the Bible is fulfilling, Bible prophecy is unfolding, so saints be prepared we will be out of here soon, Jesus is coming back for the true believers, and that is no fairy tale.

  346. Satan has many people blinded, this is what he does, satan wants you to believe that there is no God, and he even wants people to believe that he don't exist, God gave humans free will, it is humans that has the free will to do evil or not to do evil, God did not create human to be robots, God gave humans free will to even believe in him or not to believe in him it is your choice, humans have free will to help one another or not to help one another, humans have free will to cause problems or not to cause problems, you can not blame God for the problems of the world we have the free will not to fight each other or to fight each other, it is the humans choice on how they want to act, and yes God created the world and everything in it, the big bang theory is a lie from the pits of hell, satan is a liar and he is the father of lies, to bad he has many people blinded and is leading them on the road to destruction, but still it is humans choice where they want to spend eternity, I notice the growing numbers of non believers, all this lets me know that Jesus is coming back soon, as the Bible says, people are turning the word of God into fables, the non belief that is growing, the non belief that Jesus died for our sins, this really lets us know we are living in the last days, in the last days non belief will grow, the Bible is fulfilling, Bible prophecy is unfolding, so saints be prepared we will be out of here soon, Jesus is coming back for the true believers, and that is no fairy tale.

  347. "douchebag" ….disrepectful.

  348. Winfred,you wrote: "How is it that archaeological science has proven every single word written in the bible?" ….wrong! They haven't even proved Jesus! Let alone talking snakes, or Jesus' miracles….

    There's much we don't know. But what we do know is that life changes, & those that survive will have a chance to control the rest. Are you sheep or man? Will you be lead like cattle to slaughter; as in the past, someday, they will again ask you to put your life & family on the line to fight to the death for them; or vote their positions; or just be another number against an innocent cause; etc….

  349. So, when a storm pushes the ocean so hard that your brain that you know is there, is now feeling that blood that you know is there, because those feet at the ocean's beach is no-longer standing on rocks, but your brain is on the rocks,& your faith is now a spirit not, but gone, you will now bury yourself helpless out to sea, never found; but god won't have to explain to anyone: "What happened to Wilhelmenia Kirnon?"

  350. Run Nita Run….

  351. Dennis, well please teach our finite minds about your infinite God, that is not so infinite since it stopped short of our finite minds….

  352. Michael Asbury; good1.

  353. the only thing that you are sure of is that you woke up this morning.

  354. This is 1of the many problems with religion….

  355. I call myself atheist because people then know that I'm serious. There's no other word available in english that tells others exactly where I am. The only other word that's close is "non-theist," & to me, is just a longer way to say atheist, & usually requires explanation.

  356. I was just beginning to believe! You ruined it by writing "….that is no fairy tale." However, free-will is the term present-day believers use to dodge today's science vs prophecy, or the fact that their scriptures are full of contradictions & fairy tales….

  357. Who do you "know" beverly. Proof is the only think that doesnt make it faith.

  358. OK, that was an apt beginner's science lesson, but "prove almighty god's existence" ….well, the proof never happened. So, just because you claim it so, doesn't make it so.

  359. Kamilah T. Harris Never in my comment did I ever mention Christianity. I am not a Christian but I study Islam. I currently live in Africa and I can tell you being in Africa has made me more convinced African Americans are lost and will continue to be lost unless they get back to their roots and stop following behind these devils. America itself is on a serious decline so what you people are talking does not make any damn sense. If one does not believe in God in these dangerous times then I actually feel sorry for you. You people have no clue as to what is about to come. And dumb behind black folks are going to be the ones who suffer the most.

  360. Michael Asbury Devil go sit down somewhere. I am so blessed because of what God has done for my life. I feel sorry for people like you. You honestly have no clue.

  361. Dennis Spurling says:

    @dwaine, like I said I am not very religious but I know from my own experiences that good and evil exists. Many people who would otherwise be uninhibited from committing henious acts are held back by their religious views. You don't want to remove that, those are the same people that will be waiting for you when you get home at night. It the savage nature of mankind.

  362. I don't believe in him either!!!! So, what yo butt going to do???

  363. That guy Andrew Bryant Bristol is a Pervert!


  365. Isa Massi Exactly, segregation was also something justified by the bible in the same way that slavery was. So practically everything….segregation, slavery, bigotry, prejudice, intolerance, racism is directly linked to scripture. Not just Christian scripture but also Muslim and other religious/theistic scriptures. Thus, the ongoing relative world issues.

  366. MissZindzi, why should you care about the religious and their feelings when they clearly don't care about yours? Religion/theism is inherently bigoted. It is in itself, no matter the creed or stripe, condescending. Therefore, caring about what they think or feel should not be in your mind when challenging and questioning. Understand? Trust me. I have been in countless debates/spats/discussions to know. If someone thinks that you're being condescending when you are not, let them think that and be absolutely wrong. It's their problem, not yours.

  367. Dennis, your failure is so epic that it's classic. First of all, your "nothing equation" shows your ignorance. No, the 2000+ year dead men did not explain crap. They made shit up. Human imagination, sir. You obviously have no clue what it is or how it works. Also, the only arrogant fool is you for being so bigoted. Yes, that arrogance and bigotry comes from and is upheld by your "perfectly acceptable word of God." Again, enjoy your psychosis. That placebo in your head is working wonders for you. Really. Lol

  368. Isiah Izzy G. Gentry says:

    I feel this article lumped people who are anti-religious with people who actually have no belief in God. Ultimately, I don't have a problem if someone doesn't believe in God as long as they don't ridicule my belief in a higher power. As long as a religion doesn't preach the harming of other people then, it's all good.

  369. Dennis Spurling says:

    @kamilah, no its your failure. Because you challenge the existence of what is obvious. "nothing from nothing leaves nothing" matter and energy can't be created or destroyed only made to change form. You tell me how those came to be when and how and I will I give you an example of the most high at work. Whether you call the God the creator the center of the universe or simply the source of all things their is a God. Until then you are a dam arrogant fool. Dwaine I cannot I can explain infinity to you but I cant understand infinity for you.

  370. Jay Dunning says:

    You are all kinds of awesome Sam! :D And I will be adopting the term mind virus!

  371. Kamilah T. Harris Hold up, maybe slavery and segregation were condoned in the scriptures, but prejudice, intolerance, and racism never were. That is going a bit too far. Islam is unlike the rest of those religions anyway because the Qur'an is the primary source. That is why we KNOW that Allah is real and that what He tells us is the truth. It makes no mistakes for Allah makes no mistakes. No falsehood from those other religions can approach it from before it or even from behind it with false things attributed to Islam (like certain Haddiths) or Mormonism. Islam is the perfect religion.

  372. Kamilah T. Harris its okay brother i will pray for all of your souls all shall confess

  373. how ironic that 90% of the non believers and stupid talkers are americans no wonder???!!!!!

  374. Kenneth Britcher i will pray for you but if your heart and soul belongs to the devil than you're bound to hell

  375. Jesus is a dictator, Groove Jones …. he's also a fairy tale character in the bible

  376. Isa Massi Well, how is that going too far considering that prejudice, intolerance, and racism are all forms of negativity justified in translation of scriptures? All deities and scriptures no matter the banner, creed, and beliefs hidden behind are fallible. Humans created them. Everything you claim to be of "no mistake" actually is of mistake. In fact, women should not even be Muslims, for example. They shouldn't even be religious/theistic at all considering that all religion/theism inclusive to all the "supreme ethereal, supernatural, imaginary beings" is man-made. Period. Nothing is perfect. Nothing…including Islam.

  377. 1st of all, Jody…I am not a "brother." I am female. Let's get that straight. 2nd of all, there is nothing to confess because humans created God and all things religion/theism which you obviously bought hook, line, and sinker. Third, it's only ironic and bigoted that you claim non-believers to be "stupid talkers who are American." I find international folks like you to be hypocritical. The same crap you & folks like you claim us, Americans, are is the same things you are…arrogant, stuck up, bigoted, and full of yourselves.

  378. Lisa, did you mark my response as spam?! If you did, wow. If not, cool. I'm going to respond again anyway. You did not have to mention Christianity. Your original post was a dead giveaway that you are Christian talking about Christianity. It was obvious. 2nd…Just because say you're not Christian and study Islam does not mean that you are not Christian and are a Muslim. 3rd, you know nothing about African-Americans. You don't know African-American history/chronology. You don't know about our issues and plights. You're just typing out of your butt. It is best that you stay off threads with your nonsense. The only dumb and ignorant one among myself, Michael, and you is you. Period. Keep proving us right.

  379. No, the only obvious is that you epic failure in your arguments. You're the one who believes that humans came from magic tricks performed using dirt from imaginary beings who call themselves "daddy/father." Your little "nothing from nothing leaves nothing" theory is just belief. Assertion w/out evidence/proof existing or supporting your claims. If you know much about "the most high's work," then why isn't "the most high" explaining it himself? Why use such a poor and failing mouthpiece as you?

    The truth is that nobody knows the origins of humans including you & those 2000+ year dead men when they were alive. They just made stuff up and tried to guess but none of it has been proven true. None of it. I call BS on this assertion: "Whether you call the God the creator the center of the universe or simply the source of all things their is a God." Just because you say there is a God does not make it so. I am not the arrogant fool. You are. Heck, you're showing yourself to be quite the bigot, too.

  380. Kamilah T. Harris ridiculous deduction on your part Kalimah. Allah sent Islam that is why it is not like those other religions. You not being a Muslim obviously wouldn't know that, however you should at least know more about Islam before you make such a broad statement. Prejudice, racism, and intolerance are all justified by the U.S. Constitution, by the work force, and at one time the U.S. Educational system. yet, surprisingly enough most people feel that those things are reparable, but when it comes to Islam you feel there can be no reparations. Islam is unlike the various false religions because it was sent from Allah. Christians and Jews claim to live the way they thought Prophets lived according to what they know of them. Islam was taught to a Prophet would clear instructions so that there could be no confusion. Islam however is a religion for mankind that was given by Allah. If it had been the case that mankind could have come to Islam on their own Allah would have allowed them to do so. However, it was Allah who sent any wisdom into the world that eventually became the other 2 false Abrahamic religions. Every woman should be a Muslim. It is the best way of life for a woman and I haven't met one Muslimah yet who feels otherwise. What a non Muslimah thinks doesn't matter to me. I only concern myself with believers. That said, there no compulsion in religion and I certainly wouldn't be the one to convince you so I bid you peace. For those of faith reading this, Allah is real so give up the cursed Bible and find a Qur'an and read it. Embrace Islam so that your souls may return to Allah well pleased and well pleasing unto Him. Some people have no vision, and their limited view is almost infectious. One day their eyes will open and they will see how much less than bright they actually were. Allah is real and He never lied about Himself. He created it all and He got this. Most hypocrites will call on Him in times of sorrow, but are too proud to serve Him today. As for Kalimah, if you're still reading this and the shoe fits…

  381. Dennis Spurling says:

    @kamilah, I used to be like you. I failed to see the logic so I didn't believe. I saw violence murders death rapes robbery senseless nothing convinced me of Gods protecting hands around me. Then I got cut open and with my guts hanging out in the street I found my faith and I was spared. I hope you find your faith. God bless you.

  382. Isa Massi Ridiculous only according to you, not the objective proof/evidence gathered by those who actually explored the "God" question no matter the name you or others call "he/she/it." Just because I'm not Muslim does not mean that I'm wrong about Islam. Islam is the youngest of the major religions. It's a theism that predicates itself on belief/faith notions (assertions w/out proof/evidence existing or supporting claims) that it's "perfect" and "absolute." The truth is that Islam is man-made. Thereby, imperfect/fallible. Period. I know about Islam from being related to a Muslim who does the same kind of salesman pitches you do. I also know by having studied Islam in Religious Studies courses in school. There is nothing that deep about Islam. It's like every other theism/religion. Rooted and perpetuated by human imagination.

    Allah is the same deity that all other religious and theistic folks worship, revere, and blindly follow. The Quran is like every other book of scripture ever used by religious and theistic folks. Allah was created by the very man/men who wrote the Quran. It was from their imaginations that all things Islam was formed. Of course, you bought it hook, line, sinker so in that sense, it works. Staples. That was easy.

    No. Every woman should not be Muslim. No woman should be any religious/theist individual, period. We did not create or write the scriptures. We did not create the g/Gods and stuff. We should not be told by any men how to be girls and women at all. Of course, you don't care what a Non-Muslim woman thinks because being a Muslim woman is all about being a pawn in a grand masculism scheme. You and your religion/theism condones female stupidity, ignorance, and oblivion. I & other non-theists are all about what is naturally female – female empowerment, education, equality, etc. I am a Progressive Feminist also known as Egalitarian. That's something that your primitive mind cannot possibly process or understand being Muslim.

    As for the message that ends your post, Lol. Guess it's A.B.S. as usual. Always be selling. Heck, it's A.B.I. (Always be indoctrinating) or A.B.A. (Always be assimilating). Typical. I'm not a hypocrite or bigot but clearly from all that's written, you fit the dictionary definitions in real time along with the shoes fitting well. It's Kamilah not "Kalimah." FYI. It's Arabic meaning "The Perfect One." Isn't that ironic? Lol

  383. Kamilah T. Harris It certainly is ironic considering you're so far from the definition of that name. You're also very wrong, but I guess you still haven't figured that out by now and never will. To touch upon a few things you said though, it is obvious you know nothing about Islam that is of any true significance. First of all, Islam is not the youngest of the faiths, it is the oldest. That is first of all. Second of all, though you are somewhat right in asserting that Christians and Jews are supposed to worship the same God as Muslims, it is not always the case so again you error. Islam was the way of life of Abraham. The Prophet Muhammad was taught by Allah how to perfect that way of life and that is what Islam is. Obviously no actual Muslim would have ever asserted otherwise. Also, the Prophet Muhammad couldn't even read or write, so again you error. The Qur'an was not in a written form when it was originally revealed to the Prophet because he had to memorize the entire book (which he did). Secondly, the fact that you would say " There is nothing that deep about Islam. It's like every other theism/religion. Rooted and perpetuated by human imagination." shows me what kind of unbeliever you are. I've wasted enough time on this. I just didn't want you to mislead people with your arrogance. Also, there is plenty of factual data and signs for those who believe. People like you will never see the light. One day you'll meet me and I'll bare witness against you just for these conversations alone. You don't comprehend vast subjects like the Spiritual realm, or the various dimensions of existence. Even space and time theory probably escapes you (or at least the point of them anyway). Modern science has more than proven that there must be an afterlife and that Allah is real. Believe what you want. Peace!

  384. Isa Massi Well, I'm human. That's what makes me imperfect. However, I am striving everyday to be as close to perfection as possible. I'm never going to be perfect and that, I know. Too bad, you don't because you and your religion/theism, deity are just as fallible.

    Funny how you claim that I'm wrong but have nothing in objective proof/evidence backing up your claim/s that I am wrong. Then again, that's what you and ppl like you do. I am actually correct. Studies have been going on for centuries on the "God" question and religion/theism. Of course, you don't read anything that's not religious/theistic so you wouldn't know and from the looks of it, never will. Advice: Quit thinking that I'm you because I'm not. I know better.

    Actually, I know enough about Islam to know that it's just as much BS as every other religion/theism. That's the truth and it's not only sufficient but very significant because unlike you, I'm not brainwashed.

    Islam is not the oldest religion/faith. Whoever told you that and wherever you got that from clearly lied to you. What objective evidence do you have that proves & shows that Islam is the oldest religion/faith? I would be glad to see it. To your 2nd point, I'm not "somewhat right." Islam is a Middle Eastern spinoff of both Christianity and Judaism so the notion that your God is different from their God is quite laughable. Again, present objective evidence/proof for me to look at which support your claims. I know that I'm not wrong.

    No, Islam is a spinoff of faiths/religions that preceded it. Your prophet was/is like all other prophets – self-appointed "God messengers" where everything brought forth by them was/is claimed to be "straight from God." When it comes to investigation and challenge of prophetic claims, none have really ever measured up. Thus the perpetuation of claims by them and the career path that has evolved over time within the religion/theism itself and their institutions. This is regardless of faith/theism/religion. Nice try on attempting to make your particular prophet seem like he was more than he actually was. Founder of Islam.

    To your next point, the Quran had to be written by someone. It did not just fall out of the sky onto paper. Muhammad may have not known how to read or write but obviously somebody did. Therefore, there were authors. I never said or implied that it was Muhammad who wrote the Quran so oops, that's your error.

    "Secondly, the fact that you would say " There is nothing that deep about Islam. It's like every other theism/religion. Rooted and perpetuated by human imagination." shows me what kind of unbeliever you are." Really?! And what "kind of nonbeliever" that you assume or presume I am exactly? Lol

    No, the only arrogant one is you and I'm not the one misleading people. You are. You claim this…"there is plenty of factual data and signs for those who believe" but have yet to know that all believers "factual data and signs" presented so far has been subjective, biased and not objective, unbiased. Huge difference. Present some if you got it. I'll wait.

    "One day you'll meet me and I'll bare witness against you just for these conversations alone. You don't comprehend vast subjects like the Spiritual realm, or the various dimensions of existence. Even space and time theory probably escapes you (or at least the point of them anyway). Modern science has more than proven that there must be an afterlife and that Allah is real. Believe what you want. Peace!"

    Lmao! 1) You don't scare me. I've debated Muslims before including my own stepfather several times. The only witness you'll bare is that the same thing bared here. I'm not stupid. 2) No. It's you who doesn't comprehend vast subjects. You're brainwashed primitive mind seems to be incapable of doing that. No, you don't know science ancient or modern. Funny how you think that you do. You don't even know what the scientific method or critical thinking is. 3) Modern science has not proven by evidence/proof in favor and/or support of theistic claims of any kind regardless of religion/faith. Again, present some objective evidence/proof of that for my review. You can have your own beliefs (no matter how ridiculous they are) and be entitled to them but you are not entitled to your own "facts." Put up or shut up. Peace out.

  385. Dennis Spurling says:

    @Kamilah when finish medical school and you finish your residency and you begin practicing medicine you may find some instances where you realize that their are just some instances the medicine and since can't explain. Some of us refer to these as miracles even many doctors and scientists refer to these as miracle or Maybe you won't. That said the laws that operate in this universe are consistent I can't explain them I simply rely on my faith. You on the other hand choose not to believe even. I suppose this is a circumstance of your up bringing. Nevertheless although I find you to be foolish for being so young and without having had the experiences that many of us who have endured the hardships that life has offered to have already formed definitive opinions about what is and what isn't. But again this is your choice I think that you may find that the hate and vitriol that you have for us po' ignant kurschens' may eventually come back to you. I cant explain this phenomena the Buddhist call it Karma. At the point where you are confronted with the manifestation of your own hate and vitriol I hope that you find what I found on the day when I was confronted with mine. Either way good luck to you in your endeavors.

  386. Dennis Spurling says:

    @kamilah, I just realized you are not the "kamilah" I thought you were. My God is the father or mother of a black man from the middle east named Jesus who taught peace. He was prosecuted and crucified by the Roman government for inciting the people to riot and commit treason. You obviously don't know enough about my Christian faith to even have an intelligent conversation which is why it feels like I have been exchanging messages with a fool. If you think that their is no higher power the created this world then answer the question "how was the universe created?" You have no answers and you can't answer. Until you do you will continue to be the ignorant fool that you are now. Have blessed day. Oh yeah the laws of thermodynamics don't agree with your theory. Again nothing from nothing leaves nothing you dam fool. Lol

  387. I will pose to you another question. Is it really feasible that an explosion happened and bam, living things just grew out of pure nothing? Science has disproved this. Archaeologists cannot find Jesus's remains because Jesus rose. And since he rose and was taken back to heaven then it would be impossible to find them.

  388. Amen Groove Jones and those who say Jesus is a myth, how is the notion that a fiery explosion happened and created life out of nothing reality?

  389. Amen Cheryl South Amen!

  390. Debbie Hoad says:

    Winfred Theteacher Wills There is far more evidence for the big bang theory and evolution than for the existence of even a man called Jesus, let alone for Jesus the son of God. Don't ignore truth just because you don't like it.

  391. Dennis Spurling Ok. You went through all of this BS to make what point? None. 1) Faith/God = placebo. That's what it was invented by humans 2000+ years ago for. Of course, you disrespect the medical personnel who helped you by bashing them at the same time & crediting an imaginary sky daddy who did absolutely nothing because he doesn't exist. Typical Christian. 2) You have the audacity to make assumptions personally about me. Continue stooping even lower although you are already low with your ignorance and bigotry fully displayed in real time all over this thread. Keep proving me right. You don't know me. I don't know you but you keep showing yourself enough for me to know that you are the foolish one and not me. I know about Karma and the only Karma that is going come around is back to you for the bigotry, falsehoods, and ignorance you display and spread everyday both on and offline as a Christian.

  392. Dennis Spurling Excuse me?! O Prejudiced one. I didn't know that I was here to appease you. Typical. Just typical. Heck, stereotypical. Your "God" who you claimed calls himself/herself "daddy and mother of the Black man from the middle east named 'Jesus'" does not exist. Don't care whatever nonsense you believe and think you know. All objective evidence/proof points directly to the contrary. It's all been disproven objectively over centuries. Humans created God. Humans created Jesus (ethereal & non-ethereal). You don't know the origins of your own religion/faith. Heck, I know the bible and Christianity more and better than you. "Intelligent conversation?!" You have said absolutely nothing "intelligent" since first posting on this entire comment thread. Just ignorance. You're the fool. Not me. Show me the objective proof/evidence of your Jesus claims. I'll wait. Until then, I suggest you find a chair somewhere and go sit down. It's also obvious that you don't know laws of thermodynamics or anything science related either. No, thermodynamic laws does not disagree w/ me. Enjoy your psychosis.

  393. Dennis Spurling Excuse me?! O Prejudiced one. I didn't know that I was here to appease you. Typical. Just typical. Heck, stereotypical. Your "God" who you claimed calls himself/herself "daddy and mother of the Black man from the middle east named 'Jesus'" does not exist. Don't care whatever nonsense you believe and think you know. All objective evidence/proof points directly to the contrary. It's all been disproven objectively over centuries. Humans created God. Humans created Jesus (ethereal & non-ethereal). You don't know the origins of your own religion/faith. Heck, I know the bible and Christianity more and better than you. "Intelligent conversation?!" You have said absolutely nothing "intelligent" since first posting on this entire comment thread. Just ignorance. You're the fool. Not me. Show me the objective proof/evidence of your Jesus claims. I'll wait. Until then, I suggest you find a chair somewhere and go sit down. It's also obvious that you don't know laws of thermodynamics or anything science related either. No, thermodynamic laws does not disagree w/ me. Enjoy your psychosis.

  394. Dennis Spurling says:

    @kamilah I am going to pray for you. Lol

  395. Dennis Spurling Exactly. You got nothing but an exit line. Dismissed. Lol.

  396. Dennis Spurling says:

    @kamilah I was watching the game.

  397. Dennis Spurling Like I care. Point? Oh, that's right. You've never had one.

  398. Dennis Spurling says:

    LOL hmmmmm okay.

  399. Dennis Spurling "LOL hmmmmm okay." Continue proving me right. See you still got nothing. Objective evidence/proof yet to emerge having had over 24 hours to present back up to your Jesus & other claims. Interesting. Lol.

  400. Dennis Spurling says:


  401. Dennis Spurling What? Hands are cramping? Your posts are getting shorter and shorter by the day. 48 hours. Still no objective evidence/proof that your "Trinity" exists or ever existed. Here's a suggestion. How about you don't reply anymore? Yeah, because when you are actually challenged to give evidence that comes w/out bias that backs up your claims, you actually have none so let the truth be told. You come on threads like this…type out your ass…comment as if you are God/Jesus (because you claim to know God/Jesus better than everybody as if you are its mouthpiece even though he/it/they never existed)…& expect people to buy your BS. Typical Christian. Typical religious/theist individual. This is my last post. Again, enjoy your psychosis.

  402. Dennis Spurling says:


  403. The world mentality is sinking faster than the titanic. It is unfortunate that the reality of who God is won't sink in until it's everlasting to late. One day, whether you want to or not, you will have to stand before the Lord and receive your verdict; the choice you made in rejecting a free gift. But hey, God is good. He gave us free will, and the choices we make in life will be the blueprint to our final home. Some of us; and I say us proudly, because I count myself in that number of those Christ talked about concerning the place he has prepared for those who love him. Than there is the other place; not of rest, but of contempt. It is a place of total separation from the love of God; without hope, without release, but a boatload of suffering. One day all those who have posted here, will be gone, and entered into their respective places. Oh, you may say you don't believe in God, but you can rest assure, believe it or not, one day he's going to take back the air you now breathe. Hebrews 9:27-And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. Once you close your eyes in death, you have been tried. Without the shed blood of Christ, there is no remission of sin. You don't have to go to heaven, but you can't stay here. We are all one last breath from eternity. If there is no God, than you have no worries. But that is not the question you should ask; but rather what if there is, and all that he provided for us to escape is true. Than you risk to lose the only thing that you'll be taking on your very long trip. Don't lose your life and soul based on pleasing friends family, or anybody besides God. God is what matters. One day we will all know.

  404. By the way, I have no interest in religion, only interested In Christ. Christ is not religion, he is life; life eternal.

  405. Wesley Lasan says:

    I feel the same way. Religion is a tool. Christ is real

  406. Ruth Ware Let's look here now. I have to call BS on your claims. Here's a breakdown as to why. 1) A biased video about God is not proof/evidence that God exists. There must be objectivity and clearly there is none. Let's get that out of the way 1st. 2) What Dwaine has is not a belief. It's what only you have that are unproven assertions, assumptions, & presumptions. You. You are entitled to your beliefs but you not entitled to your own facts.

    3) Do you know that there are such things as "Religious/Theistic Scientists?" Apparently not. Skewed, biased, and error filled. Most of their research is not peer reviewed except by fellow believers. Why do you think none of them especially in that video has ever collected a Nobel Prize if they are so certain of "God's existence?" Right. Because the truth would have been found out of non-existence. God has been debunked for centuries. 4) Humans created God and not the other way around. You like to think that everything "requires a builder, designer, plan, & so did Earth & Heaven." Well, so did God and all things theistic/ethereal/faith/belief/etc. Satan had 2 creators – God by scripture and humans by their imaginations. God had a creator – Humans. Consider your "proof" debunked especially since the Bible was written, compiled, and voted into existence by humans. It is a contradictory and plagiarized text. It's not infallible. Yes, humans existed before there was a such thing as "g/God." That's why their polytheism begat your monotheism. It's all human invention from human imagination.

    Dwaine is right. You failed science classes but you also failed Religious Studies 101. Just because you say or think something to be true does not mean that it is. Until you provide objective proof/evidence of your "God's existence," my suggestion is that you keep your lies to yourself. Helps the planet.

  407. "The Earth, The Heaven's and everything in them are proof of God's existence. Man could not make any of it, man can not even save themselves so I know there must be a higher being, a designer that is almighty that had to bring humans, animals, vegetation, air, etc. into existence." Nice try but incorrect.

    The universe is not "proof of God's existence." God is proof of the lengths in which human imagination can be stretched in order to try explaining things that humans are still trying to figure out and find answers to. For God is a human invention for humans perpetuated by humans to dictate, indoctrinate, and assimilate humans. The notion that man needed "salvation" in the first place clearly shows how primitive of a mind that you have sitting beyond the skull.

    It's funny how you claim to know something for which you have no objective proof/evidence. Just because you assert belief does not mean that the belief is fact, truth, or reality. Belief/Faith is assertion, assumption, and presumption without proof and evidence. No, it is not fact, truth, or reality that a "higher/supreme being" had to exist in order for the universe to have come into existence. That's your ignorance showing. Magic from an imaginary sky daddy when it comes to questions of world and universal origins has been debunked for centuries. Too bad you failed science and world history in addition to possibly having failed or never taken religious studies.

    "The video was just a jesture to show how some scientist have come to the conclusion that there must be a God. I did not convey it as proof of God's existence, it was use to show how some scientist are coming to their conclusions about God." Now, the lie detector determines that is a lie.

    Your original post suggested that "Unbelievers should watch this video." Thereby, introducing evidence/proof (even though it was fully subjective) that science vastly backs yours and others' claims that "God exist." Truth be told. Again, there are such things as "Religious/Theistic Scientists" who invented things such as "intelligent design" as "proof/evidence" that the world was "created." Of course, the information age vastly and objectively debunked that all together even as you and people like you push continuously to indoctrinate and assimilate such BS as "fact and truth." There are scientists who were Christian and other types of theists prior to becoming scientists. There are agnostic theist scientists as well. Thus, the conclusions being flawed not only on face value but minute detail as well.

  408. Ruth Ware "I do not follow any religion, been there done that. And what does a "Nobel Prize" a piece of paper prove? That I'm smart, thats a good one. If you have a certain skill, and you are very good at it, matter of fact you are very professional, profinant in what you do, you know this skill like the back of your hand, do you need a piece of paper to say that you are qualified and profient in that skill?" And here is where the ditzy shows itself. Not surprised.

    Yes, you do follow religion. Of course, your religion is called "Theism." You are a believer in God? You are religious. Period. No need to do that faulty separation of "religious & spiritual." That's long been debunked. There is no difference. Just lingo and semantics as believers' marketing and public relations. That's #1. 2) You obviously have no idea what a Nobel Prize is and what it takes to get one. What a Nobel Prize is considered by most people (not necessarily me) in the sciences is that you have actually performed the scientific method most effectively and contributed to the pursuits of finding answers to big questions. It has nothing to do with measurement of smarts. It's pursuit of truth, fact, and reality.

    Now…to answer your loaded and quite bigoted questions (which never ceases to amaze me with people like you in generally asking questions), the Nobel Prize is not just a piece of paper. Let me start with that. They are not handed out lightly especially in the sciences. You and your work would have to speak for itself. Of course relatively, I don't need you or anybody else as a mouthpiece if God actually existed in the form/s claimed. He would and could vouch for himself in that case. You are not God. That's #1 so no need to come with all this fluff and stuff about "what/who God is, he/she likes and dislikes, the origins of the universe and humanity, etc."

    2) You are not a credible source. Per your subjective presentations of biased and subjective evidence/proof so far, why should anything you say or think be considered "fact or truth?" Oh yeah. That's right. It should not. 3) You clearly seem to think you know everything about God, the universe, and humanity so much that you take the words of 2000+ dead men and believe them over the reality that has objectively debunked them for technically millennia, not just centuries. Therefore, you are not qualified. It's takes brains and objective proof/evidence, none of which you have.

  409. Ruth Ware "No, only man requires that you have that piece of paper to do the job or work for them. I know I don't need a piece of paper to honor me as to what I'm good at doing. So I'm quite sure those scientist do not need a man-made piece of paper stating that they are professionals in what they do." It's funny how you concentrate on pieces of paper yet you believe pieces of paper of 2000+ year dead men that "God exists." Interesting irony.

    Of course, you assume that "scientists don't need man-made piece of paper stating they are professionals at what they do." To that assumption, I agree not as stated but in argument extracted considering every book you read with authors having been…Oh yeah, that's right – Human. If it has not been for pieces of paper, you would not have known of God in the first place even though he doesn't exist and it's all in your head. Also, gods plural (polytheism) was invented and existed long before your god singular (monotheism) was invented and existed. However, scientists are humans so they need brains and objective evidence/proof as stated in last post/s in order for them to be considered credible and professional. That's the bottom line.

    "And as I stated above, I have my proof and facts and I strongly believe in God whether you think he's a myth, a figurement of someone's imagination that does not detour or convert my attention away from whom I believe and what I believe in." Lol. Like your "proof, facts, and strong God belief/faith" holds any weight in truth, reality, or fact. Actually, it holds none. You're just arrogant and bigoted.

    It's not a "thought" that God is a figment of every believer's imagination. It is fact that God is myth and a figment of every believer's imagination including you. Vast majority of objective proof and evidence backs me up. It's contrary to you and has been for centuries. There's nothing to detour or convert with that. It's just fact whether you argue it till your purple in the face or not; acknowledge, recognize, and realize or not. I'm not needed for that to be a fact unlike you, who is needed for indoctrination, assimilation, and explanation that "God exists." Fact is fact. You and every other believer has not proven anything. Not one thing. All you do is assert and assume. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. It was easy for you to believe 2000+ year dead men so if you want to continue being a sheep head, go right ahead. Enjoy your psychosis. I'm not a distraction for that.

  410. Ruth Ware It was a lot of fluff, crap, and stuff I had to address so sorry for the multiple posts to your post. 1 post response was not going to cut it. Here's the final post in response to your last posting.

    "And do not tell me whom I can and cannot talk to….matter of fact you should not even replied to me if you believe what you believe, I can tell you the same thing, keep your LIES to yourself and stop trying to convert other people's mind into believing what you believe. Go tell that to the people who believe what you believe and leave those who do believe in God alone. Helps the planet!!!" Sensitive. Lmao!!

    1) You can't tell me what to do in the same way I can't tell you what to do. However, I can give suggestions and that's what I did. I never told you who you can and cannot talk to. That was a lie. I said that I agreed with Dwaine. You = paranoid. I'm not the one lying at all. You are & that evidence/proof continues to mount on this thread. Continue proving me right. Again, I'm not on here trying to "convert or convince" anybody of anything. I'm just on here separating the facts from fiction. If you don't like it, oh well. I don't care. You're the one on indoctrination and assimilation missions. Not me. You.

    I'm not going to listen to you. I will continue to challenge people like you. I will continue to question people like you. I will continue to debate and spat people like you. If you are a believer in God, prepare to be challenged and questioned. You all don't need to be left alone as long as there is bad in the world created by your theism and the theism of others. Ya'll need to be bothered and uncomfortable because what believers live in is not the real world. Again, I suggest that you stop lying and being bigot. That's what actually helps the planet. Not me accommodating your BS.

  411. Jay Edmonston says:

    Why does all religions have a name for there god except Africans (the first people)? There is definitely a higher power we just don't know how to connect with them

  412. Andy Ryan says:

    Whoever wrote this article had a "Special" relationship with a priest.

  413. Dennis Petty no unless he changed recently. I was at an sgi retreat a few years back and he was there and gave a presentation.

  414. Andy Ryan says:

    "I ain't religious by the way. I'm a Christian saved by grace, personally knowing my saviour." What a stupid statement. I didn't expect anything too intelligent eh? The biggest trick ever played by a group of rich, powerful people was to convince the dumbed down, gullible masses that there is a big "sky man who made it all, and this sky man wants you to remain completely devoid of freethinking in any way. That this all powerful being who created everything, is content with people being thoughtless drones. Achieving nothing but ignorance forever more. Sounds fucking DANDY

  415. Andy Ryan says:

    The moment all the religious freaks fuck off from this planet will be a breath of fresh air to all the humans that are left. Then maybe we can start getting somewhere together as a species, and really start to progress in exploring and appreciating this fantastic existence, together

  416. Andy Ryan says:

    Oh right I forgot that bullshit religion isn't real, but your bullshit religion is? Right ok. *sigh* sometimes I think this world is fucked. You know what? I'm glad it is. Because in many ways, we just don't deserve the privilege. Better to move aside and let the next evolved intelligence have a crack at the whip

  417. Eddie Jonz the only reason you feel the way you do is because you've been told to feel that way your whole life. religion is nothing but brainwashing

  418. Winfred Theteacher Wills how is it that an invisible man that is everywhere at the same time created everything out of nothing just by wishing it? please keep your straw man arguments to your self, they wont get you anywhere.

  419. 8 people who know how to "think" for themselves and look beyond a religious book to give them morals , *Cheers* to them

  420. Bernie Francis Mongan says:

    But how many if them are scientologists?

  421. Jerome Taylor says:

    Well, I for one am a believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ! I stand by it wholeheartedly and that's that!! I guess everyone have the right to choose whether they believe in God or not! I choose to believe in GOD and that's my final answer!!!

  422. Corey Johnson says:

    The problem I have with Bible bully Christians (who ironically rarely if ever read their bible) is the same problem I have with most Internet atheists, neither of you respect other people's beliefs.

  423. Valerie James says:

    only a fool says in his heart, "there is no God." why do you people trust science as if it is your God. Do you know how faulty science is, being that it takes men several times to rid their imperfections and generate accurate results to explain universal phenomenons, that in most cases still have blemishes to them. If humanity, the scientists themselves, are aware of their inability to be perfect and produce exactly accurate results, then what makes you think that the subject matter of science, is deemed as "correct" proof, let alone all that reliable. Go and look up all the scientific discoveries, that had to be reanalyzed and revoked, just because of various errors that were found in their conjectures. Even evolution itself, is not strong enought to be excepted as an axiom, because their are erroneous ideas in it, that no one wants to point out, but only to use it to attack creationism and the things of God. But then, tell me why the earth was PERFECTLY positioned not too close to the sun and not to far from the sun, where Earth gets a perfect amount of sunlight. Tell me why, the earth is perfectly titled on its axis, where by we experience all four seasons. Tell me why, earth's gravity (-9.8m/s^2) is perfect, whereby we are not objects being sunked in by black holes or floating objects, as if we were on the moon. Tell me why Earth's water and nitrogen cycle are accurate, whereby biotic life follows a smooth and indispensable process. Tell me why the human brain is so complex and holds the ability to compute so many things, and learn how to think, love, feel, work, elicit hormones, and rest. Tell me why, the galaxies are perfectly and precisely distanced from each other. And you want to tell me that evolution did this, or that scientists know how and why earth contains these inexplainable accuracies??? Come on, now!!! There has to be a supreme power of perfection, beyond the creativity, computational abilities, and meticulous hands of man, that put the world in all its form. Science may choose to say and do what it wants, but it has never disproved the existence of God. So round of applause to GOD!!!

  424. Well aren't you arrogant, calling these people fools? I think you need to read Matthew 5:22. And while you're at it, a healthy dose of 1 Timothy 2:12.

  425. Mfenekazi Fontanelle KaNdzukuma says:

    continue dreaming

  426. The most fervent followers are the most abused. The Native people of America, the people of 'Latin' descent and the African Americans. All had Jesus beat ,into them and now dance like clowns in praise of it. I am ashamed of what my forefathers did. It is disgusting and still carries the fear and hatred with it today.

  427. it should be retitled: 8 great black celebrities who arent stupid

  428. @ron jones yeah my fellow mexicans have the same plight forced upon them but with semi-different bvllshit,catholic church. when jw or catholics ask "youre mexican why arent you catholic" i'd replied well i gre up chistian but out grew santa easter buuny and god plus biggest reason why latin folk are catholic? spanish explorers and thier shiny boom sticks as they told my ancestors get rid off your gods worship our or well kill you after they killed a good amount we turned catholic.end of story.

  429. Isa Massi where? what has he done? show me proof .thats what i thought

  430. we deal with them as humans carl b grant we dont need a comic book here to answer what we must do.its called responsibility.KNOCK KNOCK

  431. Sharon Mulamba morrissey 6;9 "and all the church wants is your money" cut and paste works for me too!

  432. If heaven is to be filled it seems, by arse licking, annoying, moronic fanatical religiotards, I will happily welcome your imaginary hell mr Massi

  433. Yes it is too late. For Isa and billions more, completely and utterly brainwashed with utter nonsense. It is a shame.

  434. Yes they will Groove Jones

  435. Bert Lundblad says:

    was it blacks inventing Christianity?

  436. Bert Lundblad says:

    well u can see the universe ,,,the moon… the sun… no mindtrick…ur senses acknowledge them

  437. Bert Lundblad says:

    Isa Massi just another salesman..its like fucking commercials !!

  438. The testimonies of millions of people is a whole heap of the most powerful evidence. Arrogance is telling someone who has experienced that phenomenal change in their life that they are wrong. Religion is a lot of ritual. A relationship with God is TOTALLY different to what you think. Tell your rhetoric to someone like myself who would otherwise still be suffering. Like myself they understand your position. With faith that all changes. Thank God for Jesus ! Otherwise I'd probably be the same.

  439. Bert Lundblad says:

    Sharon Mulamba why cant anyone religious speak from heart? they just babble quotes!!!

  440. Bert Lundblad says:

    Isa Massi why is God/allah called HE? It should be an IT! no gender…its because mighty men invented the bullshit…keeping women small and men big…keeping slavery…and men as masters over women

  441. Bert Lundblad says:

    Chuks Amadi weren't those slavemaster also doing what they did from a certain book…they re not atheists!!!

  442. Bert Lundblad says:

    hehe believers say satan plays tricks…atheists say God is the scam…what do we learn from that? both are mindghosts!

  443. Bert Lundblad says:

    u talk as if u re a racist

  444. Bert Lundblad says:

    can u say that with ur own words and from heart? or is it a phrase to babble when u don't know what to say ?

  445. Gladys Iheanacho-Okereke says:

    Believe in what you believe in and allow others believe in what they wanna believe in, You write with so much hate and anger as if to say Christians are about to snuff life outta you! That's the problem with the world today, Everyone acting out hypocrisy! you claim Christians are forcing their religion down other people's throats, isn't that what you atheist also do? Forever writing epistles of how "blinded" people who believe in God are! Why not concentrate on what you know and leave people to theirs and everyone is happy! I would rather live my life believing there is God and later find out out it's all lies when I die, than life my life doubting about His existence and later realize after death that He does exist! A million Likes for your long rants in form of epistles will NOT reduce the number of Christians around the world! LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!

  446. Robert Ot Do it your way…..I can only answer for myself…..We will all know the truth in the end….I KNOW HE'S REAL.

  447. If you don't believe in GOD, then don't yell his name when are in TROUBLE!!!

  448. Really?? With all of the wonderful things u witness everyday, THIS IS HOE U THINK? Smh.. Wake up ppl! ..ariane barnes. HIS WIFE!

  449. Haha I want to see everyone's face of he does exist. I know he does for me but for those of you who don't. I'd ether be safe than sorry just saying. What are you gonna do if he really comes back.

  450. I am a Christian and have never done any of those things. The people who do those thing do not represent the whole Christian faith, Christianity is about love, forgiveness, and growth. Some of my brothers and sisters in the faith have forgotten that. If you truly want to know what Christianity is about read about the life of jesus, look at the example he set, and then make a decision on what Christianity is about. Pick up a bible and read Matthew, mark, Luke, and john and really see who jesus is.

  451. All y'all done lost y'all's mind! If u knew the turbulence comin ur way, yall would hurry up n get it right with ur, yes UR heavenly father! I hate when U, as well as ppl LIKE u think that it was ur OWN intelligence or MIND that woke u up, etc, made u healthy, fed, n sheltered! Ur WRONG! Yeah, i said it!! What! Lil side note,, I MAY B A CHRISTIAN, BUT I'M HOOD STILL..Y'ALL BRING IT OUTTA ME#!!!

  452. @Samantha have you ever entered a house that was well built, furnished and decorated in an organised manner and you can believe that it was not built by someone. I can accept that if you believe that,.Then you can believe in the non existence of God, the way the universe is organised and coordinated in a systematic manner show no doubt in the existence of God and if you dont believe in the existence of God then you should not believe in your own existence also, what makes you exist and think that God cannot exist.? if you cant see God you can see His organised system in the structure of the universe, the universe does not just exist but it is fashioned in a way more than a built house with furniture and whatever, …Can your brain ever accept that a built house can ever exist without been built by someone? I know if I tell you I believe in that you take me as a mad man. then who is mad here?

  453. A fool says in his heart, there is no God!!! Psalm 14:1 you all atheist is a fool, Why, because the bible says so. I pity the FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  454. Gladys, you are hilarious. 1) Atheism is not a religion. Atheism is not a belief. Atheism is not a faith. Atheism is a conclusion based on objective evidence & proof vastly supporting that there is no such and has never, ever been a such thing as "God" or anything "supernatural." So to answer your loaded question, no. It's not what we do. We stand up to Christians considering that it is Christians who want the USA and other nations to be theocracies. 2) Atheists do not need to be silent at all. We do not and if what we say makes you mad, uncomfortable, or whatever, then good. It should because you all have been getting away with literal and figurative murder and abuse for millennia. 3) Nobody says that Christians can't live their lives with their beliefs no matter how infallible they are. It's you, Christians, who want us atheists to kowtow to you all and your beliefs. Again, we will remain vocal on and offline. We don't care what you, any other Christian, or anybody else theist thinks, period. 4) Atheists don't post, tweet, blog or whatever for "likes." We do what we do because it's needed. We're beyond sick & tired of ignorance, stupidity, bigotry that's negatively impacting our world via theism/religion including yours. So no, we're not going to let live but we will live and you will have to cope with that on your own.

  455. Corey Johnson Not all Christians are Bible bullies and not all internet atheists are assholes. I think you know this. I think the debates, spats, and discussions need to be had because Religious/Theists folks do not get the fact that this is the volcano they built. This volcano may have erupted online more than anywhere else but I'm glad that it has erupted. This eruption should continue because all Christians want to do to atheists is what they wished happened to LGBTQs – see them (us, I'm atheist-humanist) shut up and disappear. Sorry. No way, no how.

  456. Nice coping mechanism Carl for the fact that humans created God. How you know he's real? 2000+ year dead men made him up for folks like you who needed imaginary sky daddies in order to live. Amazing what creations of imaginary friends and foes for adults do to adults. Lol

  457. Mark…Actually, the testimonies of millions are not objective evidence and proof of "God's existence." Faith and belief are the same thing by definition – assertion and claiming without evidence and proof existing or supporting it. Testimonies are totally subjective. Thereby, experiences are not evidence. Those millions of stories would have to be actively investigated in order to determine credibility, first off. Those stories would also have to be actively investigated for their validity. Did they actually happen or not? Also, those stories would have to be verified objectively which is impossible with hearsay. In fact, your definition of arrogance can be challenged on the fact that it is only your subjectivity and semantics making claims and assertions. It is with all of that, I disagree. It is not arrogance in telling someone who has allegedly, supposedly, or whatever claimed to have experienced "phenomenal change in their lives" that they are wrong. In fact, it's the most objectively correct thing to do considering all objective evidence and proof trumps all stories, testimonies, hearsay especially on questions of if there is a God or not.

  458. Bert Lundblad says:

    1 of the biggest tricks God does is to say Satan exists…..

  459. Stephanie Fox says:

    What if they become Jews? Atheist Jews?

  460. Monique Washington says:

    Good for them… Religions are bullshit

  461. Amazing to see so many believers and non-believers alike so FIERCELY defending something they cannot prove. You cannot prove "God" doesn't exist. You cannot prove "God" does exist.

    Wasting so much hot air and venom trying to enforce one belief or the other is zealotry and bullying AND IMHO the same f*cking stupidity of which you accuse your opponents.

    How about you just believe what you wanna believe? P.S. Christianity, or even religion, is not the only way to believe in things beyond most people's 5 senses.

  462. Horus Rising says:

    the black sheeple don't care, they'll still support these stars while blindly still believing

  463. Chuks Amadi : right on Chuks____what a shame

  464. Real Talk Mark Edwards……..

  465. Mark H Edwards Testimonies are not evidence at all. How? 1) People lie. It's not arrogance telling someone who claims to have had a "phenomenal change in their life" that they are wrong especially if it's all a lie. 2) Testimonies have to be actively investigated and verified. Considering that there are zillions (not just millions), that would be a feat in finding out if any testimonies are actually valid or not. 3) Religion and Faith are the same thing. Religion and Theism are the same thing. Trying to differentiate with words and phrasing like "relationship with God" is all tactic. It's all game. Bert and I know this because of the vast objective and proof that backs us up. 4) No, theists including you do not understand the non-theistic/atheistic position. Never have and never will. It's not in your DNA. It's not part of your inherent sanity. That would require growing up and maturing. Where you and others like you are in is a primitive and fundamentalist state and position.

  466. Bert Lundblad says:

    with a normal sight and during a clear nite u see stars.(the universe) ..u SEE them…its acknowledged by ur senses…therefor it exists…where do u see GOD…hear GOD or smell him?

  467. Paula M. Adams Quite a twist you got there Paula. Where did you get the arrogance to put words in my mouth ? I don't see me saying anything like that, er actually .

  468. Rashid Allen . Have you defined religion then ?

  469. Frederick Sparks Gullibility is believing what you hear from others and in the media. Check it out bro.

  470. Frederick Sparks Gullibility is believing what you hear from others and in the media. Check it out bro.

  471. Stephen Driscoll What is Stonewall ?

  472. Kamilah T. Harris So you're a judge too ?

  473. Kamilah T. Harris I am God's creation just like you Sis.

  474. Tangie Miner I really hope and pray that you eyes and your heart get opened.

  475. Samantha A. Christian Praying for ya Sister

  476. Samantha A. Christian Praying for ya Sister

  477. Mark H Edwards It's funny how every time I come to this particular thread on the comments, my posts are missing…like they've been deleted or something. Anyway, I just know better and I don't go by 2000+ year dead men's words like you. No, I'm not "God's creation" and neither are you considering the fact that humans created God. Additionally, I'm not your sister. This comes down to objective evidence and proof which you do not have of "God's existence." God and all things theistic has been disproven for centuries. Too bad you're oblivious to that.

  478. Beverley Gayle Amen

  479. Mike Battle The very obvious place where you can follow Samantha is called Hell. Praying for you bro !

  480. KiKi StarChild Bolling says:

    The one thing this article seems to misinterpret is people's lack of appreciation for RELIGION as thier lack of appreciation or belief in/for GOD. They are TWO TOTALLY different things. i am NOT a religious person, i am not a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Jehovah's Witness ….whatever . But i ABSOLUTELY believe in and love GOD. I do not understand people believing they have a SPIRIT and are ALIVE but do not believe in a Source of that spirit. That makes no sense to me. I LOVE the Universe, God, Source Spirit, The Creator WHATEVER you want to call it. you do not have to be religious or a believer of Jesus Christ to understand the laws of the Universe.

  481. KiKi StarChild Bolling says:

    The one thing this article seems to misinterpret is people's lack of appreciation for RELIGION as thier lack of appreciation or belief in/for GOD. They are TWO TOTALLY different things. i am NOT a religious person, i am not a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Jehovah's Witness ….whatever . But i ABSOLUTELY believe in and love GOD. I do not understand people believing they have a SPIRIT and are ALIVE but do not believe in a Source of that spirit. That makes no sense to me. I LOVE the Universe, God, Source Spirit, The Creator WHATEVER you want to call it. you do not have to be religious or a believer of Jesus Christ to understand the laws of the Universe.

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