Monday, July 25th, 2016

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Missed ‘Scandal’ Last Night? Get Your Fix Right Here

MV5BMTUwMTQyMTIwMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjI1MzU2Nw@@._V1_SY317_CR12,0,214,317_Each week, Scandal outdoes itself with intense and jaw-dropping story lines that register high on the drama meter. Thursday’s episode delivered again.

But because it was Valentine’s Day, you might have missed it while out at dinner with your mate – or doing something else (wink, wink). Well, just as Olivia Pope would fix it, we at ABS monitored the show for you.

Here are the high points (with some whimsical commentary) in order of how they unfolded during the show:

  •  It’s a year later, and the president still is not happy with those who fixed the election in the small Ohio town. He’s also drinking. A lot. Like, at 7 a. m. while taking a shower. Seriously. The wife delivers it because she’ll do whatever he says to stay in the game. As he drinks, she decides he needs another “pick-me-up,” and her head is lowered out of the screen as she services POTUS. The look on his face was not what one might expect considering what Mellie was doing. Just saying.
  • Stuff just got real: Word came in the middle of the night that four Americans were being held hostage on foreign soil. More on that later.
  • David, on an incredible run of awful luck, wakes up to find a bludgeoned dead woman in bed with him. As much as he loathes Olivia and her team, he calls on them. Led by Huck, whose skill set stretches beyond killing people – who knew? – the team breaks down the situation and determines through examining his eyes that David had been given “ruffies” or  Rohypnol, the date-rape drug. They move the dead woman out, clean up the mess and generally do what they do best … cover stuff up. One problem: the bartender at a local spot saw David and the woman leave a bar together.
  • Olivia deduces that David has been set up for murder and wonders if Cyrus – Mr. Cutthroat who was ready to kill his husband last week – was behind it. When she asks him, and he answers the question casually, as if she inquired about wanting a cup of coffee. Something’s really wrong with that.
  • It is revealed that Olivia is the godmother to the adopted baby girl of  Cyrus and James, setting up a potential meeting with the president at the baby dedication ceremony.
  • David goes off on the dude who took over his job, telling him it would be a waste of time and jeopardize his new position if he pursued a murder case against him. Real strong stuff from David, who has not shown that he had a pair. If it were cable, the scene would have been profanity-laced.
  • A military bigwig character is introduced to the show (a guy from the show The Unit) and begins putting the moves on Olivia. Something creepy about him, though. Too perfect.
  • The POTUS is not feeling Cyrus at all. Leaders are gathered in the Situation Room, mulling over how to get back the hostages. Prez ignores Cy to the point where he pleads for a sit-down. The president agrees and in the Oval Office,  berates Cyrus, even calling him a “dragon.” Unfazed, Cy tells him he knows he’s being ignored and devalued. President listens to his advice on the hostage situation and rescinds his order to send in a Seal team. Then he dismisses Cyrus.
  • Wifey goes in, telling the president in the car headed to the baby dedication ceremony that Cyrus was the ringleader in the Ohio voter fraud that won him the election. Threw Cy entirely under the bus. President, who had pulled his hand away from wife’s a minute earlier, bought her con. He grabbed her hand and she looked away with a smile that said, “Fooled you.”
  • President is floored when Olivia steps into the church looking like a movie star diva. They stare into each other’s eyes during the baby dedication ceremony. But Olivia gets upset afterward and struts off down a maze of hallways, too long and twisting for any church. Anyway, Prez catches up with her, pulls her into some vacant room, and while Stevie Wonder plays in the background, they engage in wild, desperate sex. As they head back to the festivities. Olivia apologizes. He says, “It won’t happen again,” although she was talking about the voter fraud. He tells her it was “betrayal.” And in the line of the night, the president says to Olivia, “I might not be able to control my erections around you but … we’re done.”
  • Navy Seal goes into hostage situation on orders from the president, who reversed himself listening to his wife. They get there and there are no hostages. The mission is aborted. POTUS learns there is a mole who gave the bad guys the heads up. Not good.
  • President said he was done with Olivia, but he’s drinking more and in the shower for the second time, reminiscing about her. Wife again tries the down under move in the shower, but he strongly stops her. He’s gonna need rehab – from Olivia, not the drinking.
  • Too-good-to-be-true military guy gets a call from Olivia. They set up a dinner date. Both are at their phat cribs. Then camera pans to homeboy’s lavish layout of television screens, each showing a different room in Olivia’s house. Yes! He’s spying on her and watching her as they talk. Dude is gonna be trouble.
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  1. I really love this show and I like that I never know what to expect each week. It makes me long for the next THursday to arrive.
    People on Twitter were whining that Liv is a whore and all the other dumb monkers. I really don't believe that any of these people understand how relationships work or how people actually behave in situations. LIV and FITZ are end game (with continuous bumps in the road).

    #1 – The man was betrayed by the one person he thought believed fully in him. It is what attracted him to her in the first place.
    #2 – People keep talking about the sex, but in reality, this is like the 3rd time they had sex after about 3 years, so sex isn't the problem here.
    #3 – Fitz killed that Snitch Verna and he has no one he could confide in.
    #4 – Fitz is also dealing with the fact that maybe he wouldn't have one, and now he would never know.. Perhaps Daddy was right.
    #5 – The man is brain damaged after the accident, so cut him some slack.

    Millie is a Beast! LOL

    And as for Jake… I think he was given the job to spy on her, but I really think he is falling for his mark! Things are never as they initially seem in Shondaland.

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