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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Violent Anti-African Race Riot Rocks Israel, Black Men and Women Beaten

Violence surged in the streets of Tel Aviv as a 1000-strong protest against African immigrants seeking asylum in Israel turned violent.

Residents of a low-income Tel Aviv neighbourhood descended to the streets, waving Israeli flags and chanting “Deport the Sudanese” and “Infiltrators get out of our homes” to protest against the increase of African migrants moving into the area and the country.

The protest rapidly turned violent and police arrested 17 people with charges ranging from assault to vandalism. Some of them were still beating up migrants when they were arrested.

Protesters in the Hatikva neighbourhood set trash cans alight, broke some stores window and attacked African migrants who were passing-by. They also attacked an African migrant driving through the area and broke his car’s windows.

Reports suggest the protesters targeted local shops known to have African migrants as customers.

Another group of demonstrators stopped a shuttle taxi searched for migrant workers among the passengers, while banging on the windows, the newspaper Haaretz reported.

The protesters were backed by Likud Knesset member Miri Regev who participated in the march and said “the Sudanese were a cancer in our body”, Haaretz ‘s report added.

Protesters complained about Prime Minister’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the asylum seekers “problem” with some even carrying banners in support of Interior Minister Eli Yishai.

Yishai had called for the detention and expulsion of all asylum seekers earlier this week.

Interviewing Interior Minister Eli Yishai, Israeli Army Radio likened the violence to pogrom attacks on Jews in 19th century Europe.

Yishai retorted by saying Sudanese and Eritreans migrants were responsible for a rise in crime.

“I cannot judge a man whose daughter gets raped. I cannot judge a young woman who cannot walk home,” said Yishai,

“I cannot under any circumstances judge people who get abused and harmed, and who are then confronted by the state, which says, ‘Why do you behave this way to the foreigners?’”

The protests came as last week, an Israeli man was charged with arson after he threw seven Molotov cocktails at the homes of African migrants.

Read the rest of this story at ibtimes.co.uk


  1. The originator of separatism finally reveals they trueselves in their own land. And as they slowly try to move their own citizens and culture to new lands, I wonder if they also expect the eye for an eye law? The do for do law, is a foundation stone in the Mosaic Laws. Plain and simple, I hope that the Sudanese people being beaten up there, do the same thing to those Jews who have moved into their neighborhoods in the Sudan, as they build and open they schools, businesses, etc.

    Maybethey own stink to syop

  2. What I was saying is. Maybe They need to taste they own stink to stop stinking

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      The video didn't show any evidence to back the story, I guess you believe what you want though.

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      Since we're on the talk of black oppression I'm curious as to your take on Libya. Here you had a dude Ghadaffi who was trying to unite Africa, he had the financing to start Africa's own currency and get out of Europe and America banking systems ( scams ). When you look at the last days of Ghadaffi he had an all black army as his personal army and they got tortured bad and no blacks spoke out, except Farrakhan. Here's a dude that is about to unite Africa for the first time in history based on the model of having United States and becoming a world power and keeping the money of their resources in Africa………..then the obongo administration squashed it and it seems to me blacks are actually defending obongo for this oppression of Africans. Enlighten me on what I'm missing here.

    • Gary Pratt says:

      Jerry Hogan, you're not MISSING anything!! It's as if it NEVER happened!! Ask someone about it and see what they REALLY have to say.

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      akt. So sad to think ppl are so in tune to Americas media propaganda machine that they can't even have a rational thought to call their own.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:

      honestly jerry you have a really valid point. i say the exact same thing. the thing ur not mentioning is the brainwashing @ every level of this bastardized democracy when it comes to blacks here. its ingrained inEVERY institution. not to mention afro-americans have had the history of our race hidden, erased, all accomplishments given a white face. can you say egypt and libya? u.s. history portrays these BLACK AFRIKANS as white in books and movies, i.e. indiana jones, the mummy etc. so when talking about a race thats denied their history its obvious that many cant relate to africa. obama just a puppet, a black face to carry out an imperialis/capitalist/racist agenda. R.I.P. Bro. Muammar Qaddaffi, may peace be upon his name.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:

      also jerry lets be clear, mant afro-americans voted for the potus along racial lines. are u surprised, given our unique history of racism, rejection, and lynching. those with brains can see how his policies affect us. many STILL blindly support him for the same reasons, mainly the resistance from the far right wing. their resistance is racially coded- a neo-southern strategy, so most afro-ams resist and support in a reactionary way to the racism, its subtle, i.e. fox news, the birthers etc. most who support potus were not taught to think along global lines, and cant see that potus not bombing libya, hes bombing AFRICA. AFRICA is still portrayed as primitive, bad, evil, ugly. so while your post has countless assumptions, theres ALOT YOU ARE NOT SAYING

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      Let me enlighten you, Republicans have a long history of fighting for blacks and supporting them on the voting ballots. It was the Southern Dems who implemented Jim Crow and slavery and today those same 5th generation KKK Dems are still the racists in the South. The very ppl you walk to the voting booths w/ and vote for a bigger government and more welfare are your enemy, not the right wing.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:


    • Jerry Hogan says:

      Looks to me like you are the one trying to rewrite history. White Republicans spilled alot of blood during the Civil War and were also involved in the Freedom Fighter movement in the 60's. Blacks made a deal w/ the Devil under LBJ's Great Society ( War on Poverty ). The deal was if you voted w/ the Dems they would quit lynching you. Look at the founder of Morehouse College and Grambling, they were fat white rich Republicans promoting equality for all to have an education, not welfare, it was based on conservative values. This isn't about race to me, it obviously is to you. We have two different directions to go here, Dems ( Marxist, Socialist ) or TEA Party ( smaller government and more jobs ). For the record, I'm hardcore Libertarian w/ fiscally conservative values entrenched in capitalism, not crony capitalism.

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      Kalidu Thomas And as far as Lincoln, he ran on the lie that he would not interfere w/ Southern states policies on slavery, he didn't run saying he was going to start a Civil War. You can't take bits and pieces of history to judge people by, you have to look at the picture in it's entirity.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:

      NEGATIVE RAFTER MAN! whites werent shedding blood in the civil war in the name of abolition and equality for blacks. there were two economic systems competing. south: free slave labor, north: industrialization. america had to pick. both north and south these were capitalist elite money hungry devils. the north abolished slavery and recruited runaways as a way to undermine the souths war making capabilities. dont be so caught up in YOUR people's lies. b.s. if you think the tea baggers are gonna make jobs. the very name is racist in regards to potus. tea party fought against tryranny and oppression done by YOUR ancestors. so when u say teaparty in today's context their omplying the potus is a tyrant? why because he not really for cutting social services, raising taxes on the rich? why then do they use the name tea party? thats re-writing history and using coded racial language. lincoln didnt free the enslaved, he didi what was neccessary to preserve the union. get your facts str8 buddy. YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO HEROES, NOR HONORABLE MEN. FDR wasnt even all that gud, he too, did what was politically expedient.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:

      and just to get back on track here the article is about jewish people who are ALWAYS crying VICTIM can be so hypocritical and evil toward another group of human, especially when they stole the land from the palestinians. no one cries when they shout never again, but yall accuse us of everything when we shout BLACK POWER AND SELF DETERMINATION! WTF? so now we are anti semitic because whe want to do for self? its because when we do forself they wont be able to exploit us anymore. who can argue with these facts? and i guess jews forgot about their VERY ACTIVE/HUGE role in the trade of enslaved humans? i know you dont know this because whenever its mentioned, thsy play the anti-semite card! i suggest you read THE SECRET RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BLACKS AND JEWS, VOL 1 & 2. go ahead, no research….no right to speak

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      FDR is one of Obama's role models, along w/ Woodrow Wilson……that's exactly what the current TEA Party is fighting. Big government has never worked in a free society, the two can coexist. My facts are straight, I'm a Ron Paul Libertarian. Who are you supporting ?

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      And for the record Palestine was never a country to begin w/.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:

      your geriatric candidate/hopeful cant win. look get this str8: dont try and put me in the potus camp. i know you keep trying to steer the convo off topic, but again: ITS ABOUT HATEFILLED JEWISH PEOPLE BEATING AND KILLING INNOCENT AFRICAN HUMAN BEINGS! quit bullshitting, how can you defend this, unless you feel the same about africans? ive never agreed with the hon. bro min. farrakhan about your people before, but you and them are proof that you are the DEVIL. HOW CAN YOU JUSTIFY ISRAEL'S STANCE?

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      Maybe you need to go get some facts on where a Ron Paul supporter stands on Israel and the rest of the world as far as that goes before you open your mouth w/out knowing what you're talking about.

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      It's starting to make sense to me how the KKK and the Black Panther Party are both under the Dem flag, they both have a common enemy….the Jews. The really insane part of this story is Jews march under the Dem flag too.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:

      OH SO THE N.B.P.P. BEOKE THE STORY ABOUT ISRAEL HUNH? damn ur ignorant. why cant u stick to the article about how israel really feels about another group of humans, while always playing the victim. i guess u never heard of the 2 books i suggested either. ron paul is better than the other re-thug-licans, but he still has some issues i dont like. they ALL cater to the extremists tea-bagger ideology so i cant support him, as much as i wish there was an alternative to the 2 that are considered eligible for the job. bottom line: israel has no right to treat africans or anyone else the way their doing. THEY ARE WRONG – PERIOD!

    • Kalidu Thomas says:


    • Jerry Hogan says:

      Sir your insults fall on deaf ears based on the fact that Ron Paul and myself believe in withdrawing our military from all foreign lands, cutting off all foreign aid immediately and letting the world police theirselves. This is the solution to our current economical and social status, but, you have displayed the notion that you have been brainwashed into thinking all TEA Party ppl are racists and/or incompassionate toward their fellow man. You sir have been brainwashed into this thinking via your faux media news sources. I bid you a good day.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:

      fox is controlled by the kock bro who are big donors of the tea baggers, so lets get back to the article, or will you keep being evasive and protective of the racism the jews are perpetrating. WHY DONT YOU WANNA DISCUSS THE ARTICLE!?!?!?!? STOP TRYNA TURN THE CONVO TO SOMETHING ELSE!

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      Sure, I'll discuss it. It's Israels land, they can do w/ it what they want. If the world would start worrying about theirselves instead of what everybody ielse is doing, we might find ourselves living however we choose to live w/out outside or internal government entities.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:


    • Jerry Hogan says:

      You can't give Jews a little bitty chunk of land the size of Texas that's made of sand ? Blacks have Africa, Mexicans have Mexico, Arabs have their space, Chinese have China………………..what is your major malfunction here anyway ? You damn racist !!

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      You are alot of things, but, Zionist Pig I am not, you r*aghead, camel riding, z*pperhead Muslim extremist POS. It was Israel's land, Palestinians invaded it in war and ' occupied ' it. It's always been Jews land the way I see it.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:

      yeah, i was waiting for the DEVIL that you are to show itself. theses white joos (jews) are NOT the hebrews your bible speaks of and you know it. your people are wrong and you wanna make excuses. hitler may have been a little extreme, maybe even manic, but he was CORRECT about certain ways of exterminating vermin, and he should have been allowed to do it. dumb ass god stripped palestine of its ability to produce food, palestine is where soddom and gommorah were located. your people are a race of fags which is why you were punished

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      I'm an American fool, I ain't no damn Jew.

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      You, the Jews and the KKK all vote the same, w/ that D at the end of whoevers name. That's your world you bisquit eating, nappy headed, pissed off black man thinking you were a damn slave and somebody owes you 40 acres and a mule.

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      Ron Paul and myself don't give two shits about a Jew, African, Chinaman, Mexican, Canadian, etc., We are Americans.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:

      stop sending me friend requests! you and your kind are our open enemies and will be treated as such. ru paul, your candidate will not win, hes got dementia, why do you think the media ignores him? this aint about politics its about 2 races of white devils working together trying to own the globe. i see youre due for the reginal denny treatment.

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      You are talking out of your ass now. How many times do I have to keep repeating the fact that I don't give a damn about you and your kind no more than a pesky gnat on a hot afternoon. I care about me and mine and the freedoms to do as I damn well please as long as it doesn't hurt others. I'm an American old man, you want mine, come and get it.

    • Kalidu Thomas says:

      why are you ridin the jooz (jews) d@ck then, is it because both of your races have a history of being evil predators and DEVILS!!!!?????you know that to expose the joo, is to expose the ameriKKKAN. yall are butt-buddies….strange bed fellows hunh?

    • Jerry Hogan says:

      And for your info angry black dude, I didn't send you a friend request because I like you, I did it to hear what's rattling around in your NOI, anti-capitalism, slavery mentality, kill Whitey, bisquit & pork chop w/ lots of Louisiana Hot Sauce eating mind of yours.

    • Jerry Hogan You're trying to stop a snowball bolding down a mountain side, too bad this ignorance can't be cortailed and too bad that Africa has no apparent divinity to the minds of many of the Nubians you mentioned…..but once the ark of sound reasoning closes and their rulers subside, where will they cling to then

  3. You would think the jewish people would be a bit more compassionate given their experience in Nazi Germany.

    • And the Bible story of Egypt, not to mention Rome, Babylon, Persia and the list goes on. Over some land. I can't help but wonder why a God of love would put his people thru so many years of war and terror. Something just isn't right. No peace since in the days of the kings of Israel. I am wondering if Israel have oil!!!?????

    • Perhaps and again this is just a guess, "his" people are so utterly vile and disgusting that he knows he's got to wash His hands of them and start over.

  4. Hmmmm, another black eye for the Jewish community. All Jews do not behave or act this way. Eritreans and Sudanese are then original Jews and Egyptians the gods and ancestors will not tolerate this behavior, narishkeit.

  5. But when a European political party speaks against immigration the western media label them a 'fascist party' or a 'hate group' and any European politician who says a thing against immigration gets called a 'right wing extremist'. Why the blatant double standard when it comes to Israel?

  6. Terrence Wilson says:

    How about they fight their own wars from now on? They have all that extra energy and hate in them, let them us it to fight for their lives.

  7. let there be peace.

  8. The thief is not willing to share his theft…

  9. Hmm … too few people to comment on this. If it were the Palestinians who did this, all the rats and cockroaches would leave their holes to comment!

  10. History proves that the original Hebrews were and still are Black or African or Edenite, which ever term one wants to use. After 70 A.D. when the White Romans burned down our Capital City, Yahrushalyim/Jerusalem, there is no letter J in our original Hebrew Language, our ancestors migrated out of Isharael/Israel. A few went into Europe and took all of their wealth and their religion. They taught the Europeans the religion of Yudah/Judaism. Some Whites who are now calling themselves Jews have a few drops of our Black Blood. Most of them do not have any of our original Hebrew Blood as we are descendants of father Abraham, and they are not. Yet they dare to attack the true descendants of Abraham. These racist uneducated backwoods hypocrites are no more than modern day klansmen. They are the same ones who the White Racist Israeli Politicians use to keep confusion going in the so called Middle East, which is really North Eden/North Africa. All of this is to keep the ultra rich capitalists class in power and building war machines while they take the resources of the land.

    • The fact that we are Hebrew Isharaelites here in America and even in other parts of the world does not stop some of the White Jews from being racist towards us and yet we are their fathers and mothers. Many of them would still be in the woods painting themselves blue and wearing wolves skins if not for a few of our ancestors migrating north into Europe after 70 A.D. and teaching them the religion of Yudahism. "We taught them how to dance, we taught them how to sing, and they repaid us with slavery with treachery and with chains." The Last Poets

  11. Sushant Panigrahy says:

    Likud Knesset , you are along with U.S are the real cancer in the body of human being in the world..

  12. Sushant Panigrahy says:

    F*ck you bloody gingo racist bastards of the world..You think that you are the superior races of the human world? F*ck you..who care what skin you got? better you all Gingos fascist , why don't you go , play hide and f*ck yourself…Thumbs down for this f*cking anti-African racist demonstration!

  13. Sulah Wa Insaaf says:

    Slap in the face of the "blackwashing"… yall need to make sure this gets the attention of African American students on US campuses who are being appealed to by AIPAC:

  14. Leonard Knight says:

    The fake European Jews being racist? Oh my, what a shocking development. / sarcasm.

  15. Carla Cuevas Jackson says:

    Cannot tolerate how human kind forgets history…. jews forget their history as soon as a race other than theirs need help but bombard us w holocaust stories when someone in their race is in trouble….

  16. Unbelievable.. the Jews sent Jesus to the cross.. they didn't learn their lesson then. They didn't learn about tolerance from their encounter with Hitler. Now, they're at it again..

  17. Where's Obama's opinion on this?

  18. Binyamin Yeshua Volf says:

    jesus sent him self to the cross you fool and he was also a jew

  19. Vivian Jaryn DiTommaso says:

    It's true

  20. Vivian Jaryn DiTommaso says:

    You'd think people would remember the past. History repeats itself :/

  21. Vivian Jaryn DiTommaso says:

    And to think the original Jews were mostly all black :/ what is wrong with people :/

  22. Vivian Jaryn DiTommaso says:

    Jerry T. Cracker If we vote 3rd party we can show that they have to follow through. In fact every time we elect a bad republican and then a bad democrat, we have to vote in a 3rd party to control them. think about it. It's about time we stop putting up with this.

    Maybe a 3rd party candidate would be our chance for real electoral reform. We don't need to keep a 3rd party president we just need one long enough to get the corruption out.

    btw a republican was elected to end the vitinam war and bush won my vote on his anti nation building platform. But since and obama have lied to much I'm done with them.

  23. Andy Mogz Hiscox says:

    How long before the wrongs of kristelnacht are repeated? The Jews learnt nothing.

  24. Fuck jews and white jesus

  25. this wont be the best explanation but with the huge rise in illegal immigrants (last count at 60,000) from africa of which a vast majority stay in southern tell aviv there has been a huge increase of crimes in that area (rape looting assult robbery….)
    to the point where people are scared to leave there homes and to walk on streets that a few years ago were safe and fine
    so people are scared and isreal doesnt have a system for illegal immigrants so this is a rather unprecedented occurrence
    also its not like we can just go ahead and give them citizenship since that demographically from a jewish state point is suicide
    and really i thought we outgrew the middle ages …..jews sent jesus to the cross……wow just wow
    furthermore comparing this to the night of broken glass is disgusting as that was state sanctioned this was not and many of the rioters were arrested
    also this story happened last year at the time when a bill was being dicussed about what to do with the immigrants this is not an every day occurrence
    also this article states that the rioters were the people who live in southern tel aviv who are not in the best socio economic state so judging Israel for this is like judging america for the gang violence or the islamic states for the way they treat Christians (ohh wait….)

  26. wow!!! this is disgraceful!

  27. Now now now…. looks like SOMEONE forgot that Moses married an Ethiopian woman!

  28. sure is manifest destiny up in the 21st century…

  29. Who knows? He's probably too busy authorizing drone strikes on Pakistani children.

  30. Kalidu Thomas The sad thing is that these people are not the real Jews of the bible. They are a product of the Eastern European conversion into so called Judaism. However, the real Jews, came from Judah-so called Negros in the slave coast of Africa and America. They know the truth and that is the reason they hate our people so badly. Christ said Rev 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

  31. Fayek Ahmad says:


  32. Jerry T. Cracker

    Times have changed since the days of the Civil War. Those same whites…who voted for Demo's back then……..vote Repub now. I understand what the Repubs did for blacks back in the day….but the MAKE-UP of the Repubs today….has mostly the SOUTHERN WHITES who voted for Jim Crow back in the day. They support White Supremacy…….they whites who support the Repubs today….arent the same kind of whites who fought for equal rights for blacks. Nice Try though…LOL

  33. Karl Dunkleberger says:

    Vivian Jaryn DiTommaso :Ah……………No!

  34. Karl Dunkleberger says:

    actually the romans under Ponchus Pilot: but thanks for playing"Who executed Jesus?

  35. Karl Dunkleberger says:

    Increase in population , Increase in crime… Nothing to do with imagration, or assylum, although jobs reduce crime, and shop owners are reluctant to Hire the swartz!

  36. Karl Dunkleberger says:

    Vivian Jaryn DiTommaso : most republixcans cant remember what they ate, or what bill they voted on!

  37. Karl Dunkleberger says:

    Original jews: Dark skin : but not black, and did not speak Hebrew; thanks for playing"lets rewrite history" a Foxx News program!

  38. Karl Dunkleberger says:

    Lets pull our money away friom Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!They say they are friends… But with friends like tham… Who needs Enemies/

  39. Karl Dunkleberger says:

    Jerry T. Cracker Unite Afruica? the way the russian Bolsheviks united all of what we caled "The solviet union?"

  40. Jerry T. Cracker

    Quit play'n…lol…you and i both know..that most of the whites who voted for DEMO's back during the civil war….vote REPUB now. MOST of the SOUTH voted for Repubs. Times have changed, and so has the make up of each party. Black and White.

  41. Karl Dunkleberger says:

    Michael L. Mackey :Best Post I read all day congrats: U have the same name as my tea-party Brother in law, who
    hates all liberals and democratics!

  42. Well, you would think they learned a thing or two about tolerance from the Holocaust.

  43. Sadiki Tolbert says:

    Say word!!!!

  44. Ah, yeah!

  45. Ah, yeah!

  46. Vivian Jaryn DiTommaso says:

    Karl Dunkleberger You can't make up history

  47. David O Gordon says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TVd8ovSPl4 This video my give you and idea who they are and why they act this way. Khazars tribe that coverted

  48. Binyamin Yeshua Volf Jesus sent himself to the cross? Wow, you're clearly the pride of your family! lol! Jesus died because he fought against the same banking-clans that rule the world today! Don't blame him because you believe your ancestors are the ones that sold him out to the Romans! The irony: The "Jews" sold out Jesus to the Romans for the bankers & the same bankers destroyed Rome centuries later, then Europe & now America + the rest of the world. I guess all of those people walked themselves into the gas-chambers too! #AnotherRetardFAIL

  49. Karl Dunkleberger Ah… Yes! Double it. Other races were converting to Judaism intermingling with the original black Jews, so you already have mixed Jews; at least some remained black original. And for the last time JESUS was black, cause I don't know where your going to find any hair like lambs wool on anybody but black folks including my own head of hair (wink— not this one)

  50. Aimua Idehen says:

    Binyamin Yeshua Volf why did you have to call someone a fool? You are the authentic fool

  51. Aimua Idehen says:

    Aryeh, are you trying to insinuate that the African migrants have anything to do with the upsurge of crime in Israel? And what made you assert that giving those Africans Israeli citizenship will be suicidal? you need to rid yourself of ignorance, and remember that there are Israelis in other countries (including African countries). There is nothing special about Israeli citizenship.

  52. Rhonda Miller says:

    what were they saying….

  53. Anthony Harris says:

    Them devils ain't no damn real Jews. They hateful ass devils with stolen land and birthrights out of the mountains in Germany (germ man). They scared because they know they time is up

  54. So Hitler is your ideal model of where to go to learn tolerance? That explains the rest of your blather.

  55. True Jews were not white… it's amazing how lies and forgeries are the norm… and look how they behave?? May God destroy them all!

  56. Quit getting offended. What they're doing to the African migrants is just as bad. Violence never solved anything. Hitler is not an ideal model, but after everything they went through how can they themselves treat another race with hate? I just can't understand the logic behind that.

  57. Quit getting offended. What they're doing to the African migrants is just as bad. Violence never solved anything. Hitler is not an ideal model, but after everything they went through how can they themselves treat another race with hate? I just can't understand the logic behind that.

  58. Dedun Sonaike says:

    It seems somone forgot thay Father Abraham was married to that Cushite woman whose beauty was legendary Sara. Who are the Cushites you ask ? Sudanese people.

  59. Jews will always be Jews. African Countries especially Nigeria should place an embargo on pilgrimage to Israel. Billions are spent in Israel year on Pilgrimage.

  60. Do you realize that Judaism began in ETHIOPIA? Thus the 92 million Africans are the Jews that outnumber the 16million looking Jews you're familiar with. Judaism began in AFRICA, NOT EUROPE.

  61. This is what they understand most. Seal the money spigot and change their attitudes. Simple as that.

  62. Quit getting offended. What they're doing to the African migrants is just as bad. Violence never solved anything. Hitler is not an ideal model, but after everything they went through how can they themselves treat another race with hate? I just can't understand the logic behind that.

  63. Dedun, what of the drama between Jesus and that foreign woman? Children and dogs were the difficult words. Must jews forget how xenophobia by Hitler nearly wiped them out?

  64. Nwachukwu, they are not the real Jew of the bible Mu brother, you are! They are a product of European conversion into Judism. I will like to discuss this with you is possible.

  65. Jews people have lived in Ethiopia for over 2000 years and went back home when the country was ready to take them back. Now this is how Israel pays back to Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees that needed temporary shelter. I know for sure, the East African from Ethiopia and Eritrea don't behave the way it is described, as being rapist and violent. That is a false accusation.

  66. Temitope Oduse says:

    ignorance is a dieases.

  67. Vivian Jaryn DiTommaso the original jews migrated to africa.. they are they landed in ghana and stayed forever .. most ghanains never know they are jews.. the akans… European Jews are in fact descendants of the Akan people of Ancient Egypt.. now found in ghana.. the akans of ghana are the jews but only few on them know that.. these people in israel r never jews they are stupid europeans.. they….. their dna shows about a big % of black in them tho.. but they are soo stupid

  68. Sylkie Sly says:

    I cant deal.

  69. The majority of the Israel people may be against this, this may be less than 1%. So let us not be quick to judge.

  70. Charles Hill says:


  71. Charles Hill says:

    Kujenga Eliyah Ashe Amon Hotep

  72. Charles Hill says:

    Karl Dunkleberger If the skin is dark they were Black

  73. Charles Hill says:

    Vivian Jaryn DiTommaso There needs to be a reclamation we have been oppressed for thousands of years we must plan to lose some blood over this and it must be a group effort. Our Tree of Justice is going to require watering with the blood of patriots

  74. Charles Hill says:

    If they were against it they would not be in the streets so flagrantly. But hey we are taught to turn the other cheek.

  75. those in the streets are perhaps the less than 1% percent I'm talking about. I'm not saying this is right but it seems like we find comfort in victimhood.

  76. Mouhamed Aymen Hammami says:

    THIS IS PALESTINE. israhell do not exist. Africans and any other race are welcome in Palestine, but the filthy Zionists. GTFO.

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