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‘You’re Not About to Bully Me Into Suffering’: Attorney Claps Back After Critic Calls Her Leech for Encouraging Women to Find Rich Husbands

A woman on TikTok is clapping back after she was criticized for encouraging women to find rich husbands. Sahar Khorram, who says she is an attorney and goes by the handle @sistalkswithsahar, shared her opinion with her 482,000 followers last November.

Khorram stated that people should not let others bully them out of trying to find a rich man.

Sahar Khorram
Sahar Khorram goes viral on TikTok after encouraging women to find rich husbands. (Photo: screenshot @sistalkswithsahar / Instagram)

“Y’all, please stop letting hating men and women bully you out of finding and wanting to be with a rich man,” she said. “There is literally no reward for suffering. And being with a rich man is lit. Like, you’re not stressed out. You can focus on yourself. You get to do once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And worse case scenarios, if you get played, at least you get a good return on your investment.”

“Like, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t,” she added. The post was captioned, “You’re not about to bully me into suffering. Byeeeee.”

One viewer with the handle @lackadaisical_luis criticized Khorram for her advice and called her a leech.

“It’s kinda sad that this woman’s feeling of self actualization if gonna come from some else bc she’s established herself as a leach in society.”

Khorram clapped back and said that her problem with the man’s comment is that he presumed she has done nothing with her life “all because I said you should date a rich man.”

She went on to say that she is an attorney and that men pick and choose when they believe in gender roles, adding that men believe in traditional gender roles when it comes for a woman to take their name and “erase your entire lineage” or “cook and clean and take care of the kids.” The attorney added that men no longer believe in gender roles “when it’s time to financially provide for you.”

“Then, suddenly I’m a leech?” she asked. “How does that make sense?”

TikTok users replied to the clapback and many agreed with Khorram’s assessment.

“They want you to submit when there’s nothing to submit to,” replied one user.

Another user added, “I’m a research scientist with a doctorate and married a rich man. And I totally agree ppl should marry a rich man.”

One user noted that it’s expensive if you are the type of man who wants his wife to stay home and look pretty.

“‘I want a feminine princess pretty girl who stays home and treats me like a king.’ … Sir, do you know how expensive that is?”

“He’s hurt and triggered cuz he’s too lazy to be a provider. It’s in his username,” added another.

The clapback video was liked more than 133,000 times, while the first video was liked more than 255,000 times. The video resurfaced on Twitter recently and is currently making the rounds on that platform as well. @lackadaisical_luis has since made his TikTok page private.

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