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‘Nephew, You Trying to Smoke’: Resurfaced Clip of Kevin Hart’s Impression of Snoop Dogg Introducing Him to ‘Boogie Blunts’ Leaves Fans Cracking Up Again

Kevin Hart was a hit on social media this week after a clip resurfaced of his hilarious Snoop Dogg impression while telling his fans about the first time he smoked weed with the rapper notorious for his marijuana consumption.

The comedian described in the 2020 video how he got high with the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” artist while they were working on their 2002 movie “Soul Plane.”

Snoop played the pilot of an N.W.A. Airlines flight, while Hart played the CEO and owner of the airline. Hart described the funny encounter in a resurfaced video from his Instagram Story.

Boogie Blunt': Kevin Hart Tells Funny Story About the First Time He Smoked Weed With Snoop Dogg
Kevin Hart (left) seemed to get a lot of laughs after he told a funny story about Snoop Dogg (right). (Photo: Kevin Mazur / WireImage via Getty Images)

“Here’s how I knew Snoop was a professional smoker. First of all, Snoop had the s—t in the room that take the smoke out the room,” said Hart. “Whatever this machine was, but it, basically, takes the smoke and, and tries to put fresh air in the room where the smoke is taking all the fresh air out.”

“It basically, the machine eats the smoke and shoot it out it’s a—,” he continued. “I don’t know how or what. But this is, you know, I’m at a level in my life where I ain’t never seen no s—t like this.”

The “Night School” actor said while he was with Snoop a former pimp named Bishop Don “Magic” Juan dropped in and brought “a couple of his guys.”

“Snoop goes, ‘Nephew, you trying to smoke?’” Hart said doing his best impression of the “Gin & Juice” rapper. “First thing I remember is, there was like a circle that was immediately formed.”

The Philly native went on to say that everyone sat down in chairs in the circle as Snoop said, “Light up a couple,” and they passed two blunts around, laughed, and told stories.

“I just remember Snoop kept sayin’, ‘Pimpin’. Church, church. It’s pimpin’.’… Nothing’s really making sense but I’m just quiet,” said Hart. “I’m too young to say this is all confusing and gibberish.”

The 44-year-old said nothing Don Juan was saying made sense, but Snoop seemed to understand him. “Snoop keeps going, ‘Church.’ Snoop can’t be high this fast,” said Hart, noting that he was feeling high by this time. “This weed was strong!”

The stand-up comic said he was then shocked after Don Juan took the blunt and put it “in his nose.”

“I said, ‘What the f—k just happened here?’ Oh no. ‘S—t, nephew. You already know how I do.’ He did it again! The first one, I thought I was seeing s—t. The second confirmed that I wasn’t.”

The “Ride Along” star claims the same blunt Don Juan put in his nose was passed to him, but he declined.

“I said, ‘You can keep that one. I’m not gonna put my mouth on that.’ And I looked at Snoop, Snoop start laughing.”

Hart told Snoop that he’d wait for the other blunt to come around again as they continued smoking. After the other blunt got passed to Bishop, he did put it in his nose again, much to Hart’s dismay.

“‘Oh No! He about to do the same to the second one.’ It looks like my moment smoking with Snoop is over,” he stated. “That’s a boogie blunt. I ain’t about to smoke no boogie blunt. I just faked like I was sleep.”

Fans reacted to the hilarious story on Twitter.

“Yo I wasn’t expecting that,” noted one social media user.

Another user replied with several laughing-crying emojis and wrote, “what a story teller.”

“All I know is Snoop needs to patent this air smoke swallowing machine coz I NEED one,” echoed a third.

“I can confirm the bishop definitely smokes this way.”

Hart ended the video by saying it was the first time he had smoked with Snoop. But it doesn’t sound like it will be his last.

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