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‘You Gonna See What Happens’: Unhinged Florida Man Smacks School Bus Aide, Threatens Him After Son Is Suspended from Riding the Bus

A father in central Florida is facing multiple charges after being accused of attacking and threatening a Black school bus aide because his son was suspended from riding the bus.

Esdra Burges-Cruz is facing one felony count of battery on a public or private education employee, one felony count of burglary, and a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace.

A video taken by another middle schooler aboard the bus shows Burges-Cruz coming onto the bus without permission, yelling expletives at the school bus aide and driver, and striking the Black school bus aide.

(Left) Esdra Burges-Cruz confronting the Black school bus aide; (right) Burges-Cruz mugshot. (Photos: YouTube screenshot/ Fox 35 News, Marion County Sheriff’s Office)

“Shut the f*** up!” yelled Burges-Cruz in the video.

Burges-Cruz then shoved a piece of paper in the aide’s face and said, “This is going to be the last time, last time.”

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He snatches the aide by his lanyard in an attempt to grab him. The incident ended with the 50-year-old father making another violent threat before exiting the bus.

“If I hear something else about my son, you’re gonna see what’s gonna happen,” Burges-Cruz is heard yelling at the bus aide as he gets off the bus.

The incident reportedly took place on May 2, and the next day a student reported it to a school resource officer at Ocala-area Lake Weir Middle School.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation after reviewing the video footage. They located Burges-Cruz, questioned him, and then arrested him on probable cause for battery, according to Fox 35 News.

Burges-Cruz told police he had permission to come aboard the bus and denied striking anyone.

According to Education Week, since students have returned to in-person learning post-pandemic, there has been a significant rise in behavioral issues. A survey conducted by EdWeek Research Center in 2022 showed that more than 4 of every 10 educators know at least one teacher in their school district that has been attacked or physically assaulted by students in the past year.

“We had the worst year in terms of behavior and outbursts from students and parents we have ever [had],” said a middle school principal in Michigan to Education Week who took the survey. “It was a year of emotional outbursts that we weren’t prepared for.”

As for Burges-Cruz, he was arrested on May 3 and had a bond set for $17,500. He was released on May 4.

“We believe the arrest speaks loudly and will help the community better understand we expect adults to behave appropriately in the same way we expect our students to behave appropriately,” the Marion County School District said in a statement sent to FOX 35 News.

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