‘When the Mac & Cheese and Yams Touch’: Ashanti and Mya’s Link Up Has Fans Drooling Over Their Good Looks 

A resurfaced video of 2000s R&B princesses Ashanti and Mya has proved one thing — Black does not crack. 

The two singers recently took over the internet after a clip of them embracing backstage at their April 15, 2022, concert in Gary Indiana, had fans noticing their youthful beauty. 

The Macaroni and Yams Is Touching on the Plate': Ashanti and Mýa Linkup Sends Fans into a Frenzy 
Singer Ashanti (left) and Mya (right) began trending on Twitter after images and videos of the pair circulated online following their Indiana performance. (Photo: @raphousetv2/Twitter)

In the video, Ashanti, 42, and Mya, 43, are seen posing for a photo together in what appears to be a dressing room and looking just as good in their 40s as they did in their 20s. 

Twitter users did not disappoint in forming creative comments about the ladies’ ability to age gracefully. 

“Two of theeeee baddest REALEST still real females in the game!!!! NATURAL & ORIGINAL beauty… we can all clap for that!!!”


When the Mac & cheese and yams touch”

They have both most definitely taken good care of themselves over the years.”

“Two breathtakingly beautiful sistas! Melanin is gold!”

After noticing the love they were receiving, the “Foolish” singer reposted the video from Hollywood Unlocked Instagram’s page and shared it on her own Instagram Story. Ashanti made sure to shout out her fellow Libra sister in her message. 

“Libra gang,” Ashanti wrote. Mya quickly screenshot the post, using the blush emoji with a heart as a response. 

Ashanti (bottom head shot) and Mya (top shot) acknowledge a resurfaced clip of themselves. @ashanti/Instagram, @myaplanet9/Instagram

Both ladies have been very vocal about how they choose to maintain their radiant skin and live a healthy lifestyle. 

It is no secret that Mya is a vegan, a person who doesn’t eat any food derived from animal sources. In a 2019 interview with VH1, the “My First Night With You” songstress admitted she believes what you put in your body will affect your outward appearance. 

“I started with cucumbers on my eyes, a whole lot of natural stuff,” Mya said. “I’m vegan, and so I believe like what you put in your body definitely affects your skin.”

She continued, “I don’t drink alcohol, but I will have my wine — my red wine. For antioxidants, you know sometimes. I don’t drink soda anymore, and that had definitely affected my skin and everything on the outside.”

The Washington, D.C., native also mentioned trying natural fruit and vegetable masks. 

While Ashanti hasn’t publicly spoken out about her face care regimen, she has credited the gym and colonics as ways she’s managed to stay stacked up

In an interview with BlackDoctor.org, she revealed, “This may be TMI but a great colonic does wonders. Wonders, I promise you.” 

She added, “colonics and squats and cut out fried food.”

The two beauties took the music industry by storm in the early 2000s and appear to continue to have fans drooling over them.

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