‘You Got What?’: Mom Faces Backlash for Piercing 3-Month-Old’s Nose to Tell Twins Apart, Claims She’s ‘Particular’

One mother of identical twins shared on social media how she tells her daughters apart.

However, the public is divided, with many calling her method too unconventional.

A Nigerian woman, whose TikTok handle is @bae_favvy1, took to the platform to share some tips with her 790,400 followers on how she parents her toddlers. The mom says she pierced one of her daughters’ noses to differentiate the two because they look so much alike.

Mother Pierces Twins Nose
Oye Oluleye and her twins, Kimberly and Kendra (Photo: TikTok/@bae_favvy1)

Kimberly and Kendra are beautiful little ones with sparkling gray eyes and light brown skin.

In the video titled “How I tell my identical twins apart,” the mother said a lot of people had been asking her the question. She revealed that when her daughters were 3 months old, she and her husband took Kimberly to get a nose ring in her left nostril.

Comments exploded with a variety of opinions.

One person believed it to be a “prank.”

“Just buy a bracelet with their name [on it],” a user wrote.

“They’re [your] kids, [you] can do whatever you like. [Your] husband is in support of it so [you] are good!” someone commented, while another said, “Love your decision, [it] is your life you must not please anyone.”

Another worried about the piercing being the root of sibling rivalry, saying, “the other will ask of her own when they are of age.”

Oye Oluleye wrote, “You can as well pierced their two noses… one by the right and the other left side.”

Many others asked why she didn’t just get their girls’ ears pierced.

So, the young lady made a follow-up video explaining that she and her husband don’t like ear piercings on little children. They believe this is a decision an individual should make on their own.

“I am particular, and I don’t like it, so because of that, [my husband and I] agreed not to pierce their ears,” the mom said.

She added, “I like it when people make their own decisions. When they choose what they want and what they don’t want.”

The TikToker stated when her daughters are older, she and her husband will allow them to get their ears pierced if they decide they want to.

A person wrote in the comments, “You didn’t give [them] choice [on whether] or not she [wanted] her nose pierced.”

Now that the girls are older, there are several ways the mother says she can tell the girls apart.

The mother says Kendra is the “bigger” twin and has bowlegs. She also said Kimberly had a smaller body shape.

In another video, she said that Kimberly has a calm disposition and gets “babied” the most.

The key, she later determined, is to watch the children as they get a little older and their personalities will show their differences. Fans can also tell them apart. One writer said she believes “Kendra is the stubborn one.”

The personalities are strong, the mom says and shows in later videos.

Kimberly, the calm and smaller twin, no longer (or does not always) wears her nose piercing.

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