‘Look Even Younger’: Morgan Freeman Shows Off New Look, and Fans Say He Couldn’t Look More Different

Morgan Freeman has rocked his signature short afro since he first started out in the entertainment industry five decades ago. But the actor recently tried out a new style that made fans do a double take. 

The 85-year-old legend uploaded a photo on his Instagram and Twitter pages that showed him standing outside of a taco truck with long, gray dreads falling from his head and past his shoulders. 

Morgan Freeman shows his new hairstyle. (Photo: @morganfreeman/Instagram)

“Would you buy Tacos from this guy? #TacoTuesday,” he wrote on Instagram; his post received over 300,000 likes.

Freeman’s post on Twitter had no caption but did receive over 4 million views. 

While it is unclear if this new style is for an upcoming film or for his own personal liking, Freeman’s photo was obtained by The Neighborhood Talk, which asked its followers how they felt about his dreadlocks.

“Rastafari Morgan! They kinda work for him though”

“But why I like it tho! Okay Morgan Marley!!” 

Several fans also brought up their opinion of it being about time that Freeman finally switched up his look. 

“He actually looks younger for once”

“N—a been old all my life and never aged frfr.. Damn dreads makin him look even younger” 

The last time fans saw Freeman with dreadlocks was in 2016, during his portrayal of Sheik Ilderim in the remake of “Ben-Hur.” During the film, Freeman rocked a thick dreadlocked wig almost similar to the hairstyle he recently showed the public. 

Throughout his time in the industry, various individuals who fall into the generations below him have made it a long-running joke to highlight how Freeman has managed to look the same for many years. 

Earlier this year, a Twitter user went viral for uploading side-by-side photos of actors with their younger selves. This post included Freeman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, and Al Pacino.


The tweet received notice due to Freeman’s photo being the same picture, insinuating that he has not aged. “Morgan gonna live forever cause I swear I’ve never seen a picture of him as a kid,” one user responded.

Despite the joke, Freeman has previously uploaded photos of himself as a much younger man on his social media pages. The most recent such post went up in November.

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