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‘She Knows What’s Up’: Folks Defend Wendy Williams After She Quickly Checks Fan Who Tried to Help Her to the Car

Media maven Wendy Williams might not be on daily television or radio anymore due to health issues, but that does not mean she has forgotten how to throw major shade. A woman found that out after offering to help the influencer but breaking out her cellphone to capture the “act of hospitality.”

In 2019, Williams revealed to the world that she had been diagnosed with lymphedema, a disease that causes swelling in her limbs, namely her legs, ankles, and feet, according to Good Housekeeping. In addition to being extremely noticeable, it makes it a challenge to move and creates a restriction in the activity of body parts.

For the former talk show host, it makes it hard for her to walk.

Over the last couple of months, Williams has started to venture out more. Usually, she has a security detail but recently she went out seemingly alone and needed help getting to the curb. She called out for assistance.

Video shared on TikTok by Queen Nurys shows someone filming her getting out of the car, holding onto the door, and asking for help. The footage cuts off and continues with the woman showing her face in the video and waiting for Williams to depart the store.

She reaches out to Williams, while smiling at the camera, and says, “Do you need help?”

With her signature dismissal, Miss How You Doing said emphatically, “No!”

The person wrote in English and Spanish on the video, “I tried to help her but she had a nasty attitude … like WTF. Wendy, I hope you feeling better.”

Fans came to Williams’ defense saying the woman was clout chasing and broke out her phone to get some social media capital by “helping” one of America’s most notable figures.

Harriet with the Lox wrote, “Let the phone go and she may have let her help her.”

“How you trying to help somebody with a phone in your hand recording them & expect them to be nice about it,” commented Pecan Brown Fine.

One person simply blasted the woman, saying, “It’s wild seeing how she gaslit like that talking about Wendy rude…baby get that phone out of her face.”

“Nah old girl was tryna be funny and Wendy caught it. Back TF UP!!!”

 “You was helping for clout, Ma’am,” another commenter wrote, while one more added, “Obviously you not trying help. You are recording her she knows what’s up.”

Williams has suffered from multiple setbacks since COVID-19.

Over the last three years, she has been admitted to the hospital for various challenges and had to fight with her bank and former financial advisers over her money.

While dealing with her health challenges, losing her show, having her relatives speak out about her, and controlling her finances, she has also been in court with her ex-husband, who abandoned their marriage to raise his daughter with his girlfriend.

Things have been tough, but some people have extended warmth and grace to Williams.

While she was coming out of Fresco By Scotto the same week, she bumped into a group of paparazzi, people hired to film and record her.

Celebrity photographer Johnny Nunez spotted Williams and asked for a shot.

She flashed him a good smile, as her handler helped her walk toward the flashing lights. Williams, noticeably thinner but dressed in some shorts and a Louis Vuitton fur jacket, says, “It’s sexy right?”

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