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‘Knowing When to Pass the Torch’: Fans Rush to Janet Jackson’s Defense After a Resurface Video Sparks Debate About Her Dance Moves

A resurfaced video of Janet Jackson during a dance break for her “Miss You Much” hit created a debate among fans surrounding when the pop icon and legend should finally hang up the performance towel


One of Jackson’s fan pages who goes by @vibewithmita uploaded a video of the 56-year-old performing on stage in 2019 for her “Metamorphosis: The Las Vegas Residency” tour. In the video, Jackson didn’t miss a beat as she fell into formation and executed her beloved routine for the late ’80s hit. 

“Mood all 2023 [white heart],” read the caption, but the video wasn’t well-received from critics who felt like they needed to trash Jackson’s dance. 

“Janet no disrespect but it’s time mama to sit down.. You guys need to stop trying to make a comeback with stiffness and arthritis running through your body, enjoy your wealth.”

“Wisdom is knowing when to pass the torch. We love you Janet and respectfully ask you to take your place with the spectators. Your time has passed but your presence and contributions to the art is always appreciated and respected” 

“Not everything has a season, let it go”

Critics’ perspectives created a discourse with hardcore Jackson stans who defended the innovative musician, noting that she should be able to do whatever makes her happy, whether that’s performing or any other acts. 

“Man, what’s wrong with people today. Just let her do what she wants. It’s her life. Just worry about your own life, people. I love and respect her big time!”

“We build them up and just as passionately tear them down. Our idols can’t even age in peace… We are not well” 

“Do you Janet! [red heart emoji]” 

Janet Jackson’s name carries weight. Between her acting ability, her crisp vocal skills and influential dance moves, the mom of one paved a way for black women in the music industry.

Her discography includes 10 “Hot 100” singles, two being “Together Again” and “All for You,” 16 “Hot R&B” number-one singles, and 20 “Dance/Club Party” number-one singles. 

The “Nasty” vocalist also became a sex symbol who redefined femininity. The most notable way she did this was appearing topless in her 1993 Rolling Stone cover. During the shoot, her then husband, Mexican songwriter René Elizondo Jr., covered her breasts as Jackson held her hands atop her curly hair. 

Jackson continues to show her talent as she prepares for the second leg of her “Together Again,” tour which begins in April 2022.

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