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‘Rick Ross Does Rich White People S–t, But In Black’: Rick Ross Shows Fans His New Custom Table Made from an Airplane Engine (Video)

“Stay Schemin’” rapper Rick Ross just added another elaborate purchase to his collection of items and this one had fans’ jaws dropping. 

The Clarksdale, Mississippi, native and former prison guard took to Instagram and showed his 16.5 million followers his new custom brunch table that was created from the fan from a 757 jet engine. 

Rick Ross
Rick Ross. (Photo: @richforever/Instagram.)

In a video where fans can clearly see the impressive gadget Ross told his fans he, “Had the blades polished, had the lights inserted I can change the lights any color I want to.” 

He continued to state that he “Had the table top, the top glass cut. This is custom.”

“I TURNED AN 757 AIRPLANE MOTOR TO A BRUNCH TABLE FOR ME TO ENJOY MY FAV DRINK @officialbelaire 🥂” Ross wrote for the caption. 

Ross, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II, captured the attention of millions for his video received over 4 million plays with over 440,000 likes. 

Many fans — seemingly unaware that the video did not depict an entire Boeing jet engine — couldn’t believe his newest gem and noted how celebrities always do the craziest things with their money.

“Rick Ross is the first rapper to turn a airplane motor engine into a house table [fire emojis]”

“Rich people don’t have s–t to do with their money lol”

Fans on Twitter applauded Ross for living his best life with every grand purchase he makes.

“I love that Rick Ross does rich white people s–t but in BLACK”

Back in February, Ross turned heads on social media after purchasing an Angus bull to join his horse collection at his own Promise Land residence just south of Atlanta. 

In addition to his bull and horses, Rozay also has cows, big cats and buffalo. 

While his interest in animals may seem puzzling to some, Ross explained owning animals was always a “dream come true” for himself. 

All of Ross’ purchases continuously proves how successful he is as not only a rapper, but as an entrepreneur and land owner.

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