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‘These People Have Lost They Mind Thinking I’ma Be Ashamed’: Keri Hilson Hits Back at Critics Who Suggest ‘BBL’ After She Posts Bikini Pics Showing Her Assets

Keri Hilson is unapologetic about the appreciation she has for her natural body. She also is not interested in the unflattering comments anyone may have about her figure.

The “Pretty Girl Rock” songstress was indulging in a beach vacation, partaking in sunbathing, cocktails and time spent in her oceanfront bungalow hammock. As many of her fans are aware, she recently wrapped the “Millennium Tour: Turned Up” with co-headliners Bow Wow, Mario, Sammie, Pleasure P, Lloyd and several other artists who stayed at the top of the music charts in the early 2000s.

Keri Hilson Photo: Kerihilson/Instagram

In the footage shared to Instagram on Dec. 20, Hilson donned a cheeky two-piece magenta bikini. Throughout the video, she is seen standing in front of the camera, confidently displaying her assets and the tropical scenery. But any reaction to the scenic view was temporarily derailed when a user commented, “A BBL would do you some justice.” Hilson not only checked him for the unsolicited suggestion, but she also informed him that she is not hurting for his attention.

“I’m sure it would but hey…like what you like. This is actually the worst it’s ever looked but I love myself & adore my body at any weight. Also, if you think your option would change any of that let me inform you: I’m so good if you never looked my way,” she wrote.

Numerous admirers agreed that her body was perfect as is. They commented:

“She do not need a BBL! There are still women out here with their natural, God given bodies!!!”

“Who said she needs a bbl she looks fine to me.”

“Just here to say you don’t need nobody’s bbl. That natural beauty & body is TOP TIER.”

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is considered one of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries a person can undergo. Some of the deadliest risks of the elective procedure include tissue necrosis, blood clots, fat embolisms and excessive blood loss. According to several reports, BBLs skyrocketed in the last decade, with people often traveling outside of the U.S. to seek the service at a lower cost.

Another commenter suggested that Hilson consider augmenting her body with the help of liposuction. Again, the Grammy Award-nominated singer sent a clear message that she was unfazed by the remarks. In her Instagram Stories, she wrote, “First a Black man tells me I need a BBL. Then a day later a Black woman suggests liposuction. I know I ain’t been in the gym for a couple weeks, but Jesus come on down these people have lost they minds thinking I’ma be ashamed of what you & your Dad gave me.”

She continued, “Moral: Men, stop commenting negatively about women’s bodies or suggesting a Doctor is better than God. Some women are content in their skin and prefer to improve upon what’s naturally there. Point: It’s futile. Keep it to yourself. Also, you make yourself look super lame.”

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