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‘Not Funny’: A$AP Rocky Responds After Viral Meme Shows the Rapper Struggling to Get Away from Fans During Concert

A$AP Rocky became a topic of conversation for multiple reasons this past weekend following his Rolling Loud performance in Queens, New York.

The list includes issuing an apology to his fans after his set was cut short and a viral moment that occurred when the rapper jumped in a mosh pit. A$AP Rocky, who headlined the festival on Sept. 24, could only deliver a 30-minute performance that featured other artists like French Montana and GloRilla because of his tardiness.

Following the short set, a visibly upset A$AP Rocky gave a brief rant and stormed off stage. Although the 33-year-old didn’t provide an exact reason why he was late, he did explain his frustration in a Twitter post.

He wrote, “I am so hurt right now! Last night was supposed to be a turning point in my live shows from the old to new! I will take full responsibility for the circumstances of what led to last nights show being everything it was and everything it wasn’t.”

The “Fashion Killa” emcee added, “I also want to acknowledge that even tho I prepared the best show for my fans, detail for detail, over the course of MONTHS…I was unfortunately not able to bring my vision to fruition and Im hurt about that and I want to apologize to all of my fans and continued supporters, and thank y’all for showing up for me regardless!!”

Hours after his apology, A$AP Rocky began trending on Twitter that same day after fans viewed a viral video of the rapper jumping into a moshpit during his Rolling Loud performance. The commotion stemmed from A$AP Rocky’s terrified reaction when being dragged and pulled by the crowd.

As the video circulated online, fans mentioned that A$AP Rocky may have regretted that decision after viewing his facial expressions. At the same time, others brought up that the “F–g Problems” lyricist is too old to be jumping into mosh pits.

“He look scared as hell.”

“That’s real fear on his face.”

“It was at that point he knew…he was getting too old for this s–t.”

“Why I can’t stop laughing man y’all see his face and then someone said he’s too old he got a kid at home.. “

“I’m telling u once u hit them 30s you gotta let that 20 year old behavior go lol.”

The Harlem rapper responded to the viral moment. “This sh-t not funny , sum lil bih was squeezing life out my nutz b.”

Among the previous responses, several individuals claimed that A$AP Rocky’s girlfriend Rihanna may not let the rapper live that moment down. One wrote, “OMG I can’t. I know Rihanna cutting jokes right now.”

Another said, “Rihanna at home like ‘I told your a– to stay home’ (laughing emoji) Now look at you.” A third social media user stated, “Picture Riri tryna hold her laugh in, cause she gone stick beside him.”

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