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‘We Are All in Pain: Family Torn After Emergency Worker With ‘Caring Spirit, Bubbly Personality’ Crushed Between Two Ambulances in Freak Accident

Philadelphia police are investigating the circumstances around a local emergency medical technician’s death.

Nisha Jaia Renee Dash, 32, was crushed between two ambulances during her shift on Saturday, Sept. 10. Officials said two private ambulances were coordinating a patient pick-up. One ambulance had the patient, and the second planned to assist. The assisting ambulance that was unoccupied was parked behind the first.

According to reports, the driver of the first ambulance got out of the vehicle as the emergency response team was preparing to remove the body from the back. However, he reportedly had placed the ambulance in reverse and it started to roll backward. He got back in the vehicle to stop it from rolling but reportedly hit the gas instead, pinning Dash between the two ambulances. She was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Dash’s family said they are devastated by the sudden loss.

“Right now, my world as I know it is torn apart,” wrote Kathleen Bennett Gould on Facebook. “The pain I feel is indescribable,  the hole will never be filled…I had so much joy being your Mommom… Jesus, I ask for your strength and that you whole my other GRANDS in your arms as they mourn the loss of their cousin…We are all in pain.”

Dash’s family describes her as a “loving” woman with a “caring spirit,” bubbly personality” and a “bright smile that would light up any room.” When she wasn’t working as an emergency medical technician, she would paint and spend time with her family. She had no children but was raising her 4-year-old cousin, according to an online fundraising page.

“She lost her life doing what she loved, helping people. I am so proud of you, you loved your job, the most caring EMT. NISHA J. DASH .I will always love you…” Bennett Gould wrote.

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