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‘Any Child with Silver Caps In Their Mouth Was Bad’: T.I. Shares Throwback Photos on Instagram, Fans Crack Up at His Smile

Georgia native T.I. showed fans what young Tip; who is formally known as Clifford Harris Jr., looked like as a preschooler and fans couldn’t get enough of the two photos shared on social media. 

Writing “Lil Bad A– Tip” over top of the photos, the “Whatever You Like” rapper uploaded one photo of him in an all- white buttoned-up shirt and then another photo of him in a red cap and gown for what looked like a kindergarten graduation. 

“Mannn, I came so far.. Cause I knew it then… God had purpose for me and I ain’t goin nowhere til I complete it. If I can make it.. You can do it better!! All you gotta do is grind for it, never give up, and believe!!!” Tip captioned the photo as the song “Grinding All My Life” by the late Nipsey Hussle, who is also in T.I.’s profile picture, played in the background. 

Both toddler photos showed T.I. cheesing however, viewers were unable to see his pearly whites because they were occupied by silver caps. Fans found amusement in T.I.’s teeth and equated his silver caps to bad behavior

“Any child that had silver teeth in their mouth was bad as h–!!”

“All kids with silver caps were bad af!”

“I know you were bad, those silver caps tell it all! Lol”

“It be the kids with the silver caps lol!”

Growing up in the Bankhead area of Atlanta, Tip began selling drugs at a very early age. In 2018, the Atlanta rapper took ABC news to his old neighborhood in Georgia and discussed the trials he faced that helped him build up his career. 

“I knew I was good, but I didn’t know how to make my dream a reality. I have ideas in my head that I want to see fulfilled, the ideas to do something that hasn’t been done before or things people think can’t be done. It’s a drug,” he explained to ABC News. 

T.I. has been in the game for over a decade and through some of his actions over the years, he’s shown how he’s mindful of where he came from; the rapper makes it a habit to give back to his community in Atlanta every chance he gets. 

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