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This Actress Shoots Her Shot at Michael B. Jordan After His Break with Lori Harvey and Fans Claims He Needs Time to ‘Heal’

Michael B. Jordan has apparently caught the eye of an admirer following his recent split with Lori Harvey

Jordan and Harvey, who began dating in November 2020, were reported to have gone their separate ways last month, reportedly because the model refused to settle down. Following their breakup, Harvey and Jordan have since wiped their social media accounts clean of each other.

Michael B. Jordan and Phoebe Robinson
Actress Phoebe Robinson shoots her shot at Michael B. Jordan following his recent split from Lori Harvey. (Photos: @michaelbjordan/Instagram, @dopequeenpheebs/Instagram)

On July 11, actress Phoebe Robinson expressed her attraction for Jordan during the premiere of her new Freeform series “Everything’s Trash.” While being interviewed on the red carpet by Page Six, she jokingly said, “Michael B. Jordan, listen, I know you’re available.” 

Robinson also told the news outlet that many people in her circle have encouraged her to shoot her shot at the newly single actor. The 37-year-old added that she chose to do it publicly because she didn’t have his number. 

She said, “So I’m doing it here, Michael!” Although Robinson didn’t disclose details about her current relationship status, the “2 Dope Queens” star did mention how excited she was “to be out in these streets again” following the COVID-19 lockdown. 

As Robinson’s comments circulated online, many social media users claimed that Jordan still needs time to heal from his split with Harvey before pursuing another relationship. 

“Let that man heal. Sis, he ain’t ready.”

“Lmao damn can he heal.”

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan. (Photo: @loriharvey/ Instagram)

“He’s healing. Sis, give him time.”

“Can he heal first?”

“Girl let that man heal in peace he’ll pop out when it’s time.”

Among the previous remarks, others praised Robinson for her “boldness.” One wrote, “Lol, I applaud her boldness.” Another said, “Lmaooo the females who shoot they shot at men are stronggggg. I couldn’t.”

Jordan has yet to respond to Robinson’s advances.

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