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‘They Saw Her Pulling Up Those Jeans and Went Crazy’: Jordin Sparks’ Husband Has Had Enough of Male Fans Sending Singer Unsolicited Risqué Photos, Fans React

Jordin Sparks’ husband, Dana Isaiah, is sharing the downsides to working for your wife, who happens to be the wildly beautiful and the season six  winner of “American Idol.”

Over the weekend, Dana took to his Instagram Stories, where he expressed frustration over the overwhelming amount of racy photos sent to the “No Air” singer’s email by her apparent male fans. 

“I RUN THE EMAIL FOR ALL INQUIRIES ABOUT @JORDINSPARKS,” the famous gym trainer revealed. “I’D APPRECIATE NO MORE D-CK PICS PLEASE & THANKS,” he continued. Dana noted that if supporters still felt inclined to continue sending the “SH-T AT LEAST WARN ME IN THE SUBJECT SO I WON’T OPEN THAT BS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!”

?They Saw Her Pulling Up Those Jeans and Went Crazy?: Jordin Sparks? Husband Has Had Enough of Male Fans Sending Singer Unsolicited Risqu? Photos, Fans React
Jordin Sparks’ husband Dana Isaiah, has a message for men sending singer unsolicited risqué photos. @danaisaiah/Instagram 

Social media users were cracking up over the entrepreneur’s dilemma, including one user who shared, “For the love of God has me screaming lmaooooo.” Another person added, “at least he let us know he’s opening her emails & not her. Unless you’re into dudes it’s pointless to send anymore pics now for sure. #embarrassing”

A third impassioned critic felt, “Ppl have no respect for other ppls relationships bcuz they don’t have 1 of their own,” before adding, “Hurt ppl hurt ppl.”

“Tell her stop showing ass, and they’ll (sometimes) stop sending pix but he just now mentioning it after all this time, right after her video lmao,” commented a fourth person. “They saw her pulling up those jeans and went crazy lol.” 

As highlighted by many people in the comment section, The “One Step at a Time” songstress recently had online fans in a frenzy when she uploaded a video of herself showcasing the process of putting on jeans while having thick thighs. 

Jordin stretched, squatted, and jumped in the pants as Megan Thee Stallion’s “savage Remix” featuring Beyoncé played in the background, specifically the verse of the song that said, “If you wanna see some real ass, baby, here’s your chance I said left cheek, right cheek, drop it low, then swang. If you don’t jump to put jeans on, baby, you don’t feel my pain.” 

Viewers were stunned, including one who wrote, “Who knew Jordin Sparks had THOSE cakes?”

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