‘My Goodness’: Fans Go Wild Over Omarion’s Latest Shirtless Photo, Many Zoom In on His Joggers

The internet is heating up thanks to the latest shirtless photo of R&B singer Omarion. He used his subtle sex appeal and tatted chest to tempt fans on Instagram. His 4.2 million followers are currently lusting over a photo of the 5-foot-6 artist snapping it up in what appears to be a fitting room. In the caption, he wrote, “BULLAMATARDI (check that tonic out).”

As O’s photo made its way around Instagram, many solely focused on the bottom half of the shirtless dancer. While many were stuck counting O’s tattoos, others zoomed in on the joggers he wore.

Omarion teases fans with shirtless photo while most zoom in on his joggers. @omarion/Instagram

“OMG wait a damn minnn…”

“Sir…you know we about to be real thirsty.”

“I know I can’t be the only [one] that zoomed in.”

“That print…my goodness.”

“These joggers makes sense.”

At the same time, fans of the former B2K singer were not surprised to see him giving fans a glimpse of his assets, including one who wrote, “I zoomed all the way in.” Another added, “You know what you were doing sir.”

A third fan referenced his 2006 song “Ice Box,” writing, “Um Mr. O…your ice box melted.”

Meanwhile, fans on Twitter are hounding Omarion to follow up his 2020 album, “The Kinection.” The former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” embarked on spiritual journey of enlightenment and unbothered-ness, which stemmed from his trauma, including his children’s mother, Apryl Jones, beginning an affair with former B2K singer Lil Fizz.

In an April 24 tweet, the father of two said, “Know your limitations and defy them. When you know what you are weak at and what need more support, you are able to come up with a strategy/ plan to overcome those weaknesses. #doselfwork.”

Fans began asking the 37-year-old to release the sequel to his 2014 album, “Sex Playlist.” One fan said, “Oh I get it but can we get another ‘Sex Playlist 2,’ please?”

Well it seems the hounding did just enough to inspire Omarion to release those new tracks. He replied, “No worries. I got a full clip of some shiii TRUST.”

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