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‘Why Would Kevin Ever Leave Her? She’s Such a Vibe’: Torrei Hart Drops Music Video to her Song ‘Treasure,’ Fans Bring up Her Ex-Husband

Torrei Hart told us “It’s Torrei time,” following the release of her new film, “Super Turnt” three months ago. The comedian and actress had every intention of living life on her terms and embracing other creative passions she has. But one thing she can’t get away from is her ex-husband Kevin Hart.

Earlier this month, the 44-year-old dropped a teaser from the music video to her single, “Treasure,” featuring California artist Childsplay KiDD.

Comedian and actress Torrei Hart can officially add singer to her résumé after dropping the music video for her single, “Treasure.” (Photo: @torreihart/Instagram.

Fans in the comments complimented Torrei’s braggadocious “Treasure” video on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page. Many were impressed with the Philly native’s rap lyrics, such as “Say they f—-n’ with me but they really on some fake s–t/They ain’t give me nothing had to move around and take s–t.” Yet some commentators were puzzled by Torrei’s new career choice.

“It don’t sound bad I’m just shook its her that’s all.”

“I like the fashions she looks good!”

“She ate.”

“It ain’t bad but everybody ain’t meant to be rappers. ‘Maybe it gotta grow on me.'”

“Sounds better than Joseline Hernandez first debuted song lol so she might have a chance.”

It’s been ten years since Joseline Hernandez debuted her first single, “Bailar,” on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Even so, fans repeatedly mention both her and the song’s producer, Joseline’s ex-fiancé Stevie J, in conversation — the same way commentators brought up Torrei’s ex-husband Kevin Hart.

One person said, “Like Pressure. Torrei, I do not wanna hear you rapping about the coochie them Hart kids came out of.”

Torrei was married to Kevin from 2003 to 2011 and stands by her decision to keep his last name in support of their two children. One person said, “Tell Kevin come get his baby mama.” Another joked, ‘No omg noooo, somebody come look at this’ Kevin Hart voice #cringe.”

However, Torrei’s supporters jumped to her defense, suggesting that Kevin is the one who missed out on a multifaceted woman of many talents. One said, “Why would Kevin Hart ever leave her she’s such a vibe?” Another said, “I love Torrei. Kevin missed out. His bad.”

Others showed their appreciation for the mother of two pursuing her dreams. “Ya’ll love boxing people in. Let people live out their dreams!” added one person.

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