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Jeezy Showered with High Praise from Samuel L. Jackson and Fans After Giving Up His Airline Seat to Young Cancer Patient

Jeezy’s heart of gold strikes again after the Grammy Award-nominated emcee shared that he ran into a young fan during his recent travel. After learning he was battling stage 3 cancer, the Atlanta rapper upgraded the 11-year-old’s passenger status, ensuring the young man arrived at his destination “like the boss he is.”

“Meet Andre, he’s 11 and one of the bravest young Kings I know,” the rapper wrote alongside a gallery of photos. “I met Andre on my flight to Memphis. Overheard he was battling stage 3 cancer and was on his way to Memphis for treatment. Offered him my first class seat so he can go to treatment like the boss he is,” the “Put On” emcee shared. 

Jeezy showered with high praise after giving up his airline seat to a young cancer patient. Photo: @jeezy/Instagram

Jeezy later revealed that “In taking his seat, I spoke with his amazing and strong mother.” Andre’s mother told the recently married star of “how mighty of a fighter her son has been.” Jeezy, whose real name is Jay Wayne Jenkins, invited Andre and his mother to a show. “And like a boss he pulled up,” Jeezy wrote before telling his 4.9 million online followers, “Let’s show Andre some love.” 

Not only did folks push for young Andre to get better, but they also applauded Jeezy for his warm gesture, including acting legend Samuel L. Jackson, who told the hip-hop star, “Doing the right thing is part of your DNA.” “Salute,” wrote fellow Atlanta native and rapper T.I. 

“U a good mane Jeezy. U  been one of my fav artists since u came up bruh,” said another user. “This post makes me look up to u even more.” A fourth person commented, “Cup always on full… because you’re constantly blessing others.”

Jeezy, who’s currently out on the road for his “Legendz of the Streetz Tour” alongside Fabolous, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, and Rick Ross, rarely misses an opportunity to give back. 

In 2017, the rapper was honored by Forbes magazine and media maven Karen Civil for his philanthropic contributions and successful entrepreneurship. Giving out backpacks and toys to children in his hometown is just the tip of the iceberg of the work he’s done. In 2016, he and Future donated $25,000 to the United Negro College Fund at the Atlanta Mayor’s Masked Ball.

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