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‘We Were Toxic’: Lamar Odom Gets Candid About Break-up With Fiancée Sabrina Parr That Led to a Newfound Sobriety

Former NBA star Lamar Odom has been on a journey of self-healing and is revealing more about his road to getting there.

Recently Odom revealed that a breakup with his ex-fiancée Sabrina Parr helped him find his way back to sobriety.

Lamar Odom is set to pay his ex and the mother of his children Liza Morales $400,000 in back child support after the judge ruled in the “Basketball Wives” star’s favor. Photo:@lamarodom @truliza4u/Instagram

The Revelation

“A year ago yesterday I left my ex-fiance’ at the W Hotel in Atlanta without notice,” Odom wrote on social media. “When she realized I was gone back to my home in San Diego she was livid. I received over 250 calls and text messages over the course of last December from her wanting to fix us. We were toxic. Independently and collectively.”

Parr, an influencer, and the 42-year-old former NBA player, broke off their engagement  in December 2020. Both Odom and Parr took to social media to reflect on their respective transformations since the relationship ended and called off their engagement.

However, Odom and Parr have different takes on who ended the relationship, with each viewing the breakup through a different lens.

Through A Different Lens

“A year ago today, I officially walked away from my ex-fiance,” said Parr on social media. “I did not tell a soul (not even him); I just left! I knew the more I continued to talk about my unhappiness, the more I would stay comfortable being in it.”

Odom detailed how he has now let go of the three vices that were dogging him during his time with his ex-fiancée. He said he is no longer doing drugs, watching porn or dating women, adding that he has gone cold turkey.

“Today, I am free. Drug free. Pornography addiction free. Marijuana free. Relationship free. I am rebuilding a relationship with myself. With my family. I am focused on my faith. My growth. My brand. I am a legend. I own that. I am a recovering addict. I own that too.”

The Road To Recovery

Odom’s self-reflections have delivered truly individual results on the road to recovery.

Odom blames “the addict in me” that “hated being alone” and “wanted a pretty face to wake up to” as the reason he would indulge in certain vices or people.

To find out more about NBA Champion Lamar Odom’s struggle with sobriety, click here.

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