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‘My Health Is My Business’: Janet Hubert Sends a Message to ‘Vultures’ After Revealing She’s Returned Home from the Hospital

Janet Hubert, famously known for her role as the original Aunt Viv from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” took to Instagram on Dec. 7 to deliver a message to those she deemed as “vultures” following her recent hospitalization. 

This post comes three days after the actress revealed she was in the hospital for undisclosed reasons while uploading a cryptic post that received mixed reactions about how not making peace with individuals can cause harm to one’s body. Hubert also thanked her former co-star  Will Smith for telling the truth regarding their former feud. 

Janet Hubert sends a message to the “vultures” after revealing she is home from the hospital. Photo:@janethubertformyfanspage/Instagram

Smith and Hubert’s public quarrel reportedly began in the 1990s, after she was replaced by another actress for her role in season four of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” The pair ultimately reconciled in 2020 during the show’s reunion special, where Hubert admitted she blamed the star for her career stagnation after her firing.

In the recent upload, Hubert brought up the negative portrayal of her now-deleted health post and called out the media and some unidentified individuals. In addition to her rant, she also informed her followers that she had returned home.

“Wow… the press and some of y’all are ready like Vultures to circle the body…well this body will reach up and grab your a–s and have you for dinner I am home and my health is my business kay.” The 65-year-old wrapped up her statement by thanking the many people who sent their well-wishes to her during her hospitalization.

Hubert said, “To the many of you who helped me feel better with your well wishes…THANK YOU! Positively heals, negatively kills. LIVE YO LIFE, I’M LIVING MINE. #nowrunandtelldat.” As Hubert’s post went viral, many pointed out the star’s feisty attitude.

“Ain’t even cut off the hospital band off her wrist yet and still sassy.”

“I swear this lady had enough sass and attitude for a small village!”

“Why she so spicy but ok happy you are ok.”

“Why is She so ZESTY.”

Among the comments regarding Hubert’s attitude, other people brought up that the flak she received regarding her health post was her fault because of how she shared the news on her social media page. One wrote, “You legit put your business out there though miss mamas , along with some message that could’ve been assumed you were on your deathbed… All this sass for what?”

Another said, “She’s saying it’s not our business when she literally involved us by posting about it…. not to mention the bringing back up of Will & her when we all thought that was squashed… it’s giving stay relevant auntie Viv but lemme mind my business chilleee.”

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