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‘Y’all Know Ms. Fox Not the One’: Vivica A. Fox Reacts to Massive Backlash Following Her ‘Snitch’ Comments Regarding R. Kelly

Vivica A. Fox took to Twitter on Oct. 5 to react to the massive backlash she received for her “snitching” comments regarding an alleged report on R. Kelly.

Last week, the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer was found guilty of all nine charges by a New York jury in a federal sex trafficking trial. The charges included eight counts of sex trafficking and one count of racketeering. He currently awaits sentencing.

Vivica A. Fox receives backlash for her R.Kelly snitch comments during an episode of “Cocktails with Queens” Photo:@foxsoul/YouTube

Following his conviction, alleged reports from an disclosed source claimed that R.Kelly –who faces the possibility of life in prison– is providing names of other celebrity pedophiles to the authorities in hopes to reduce his time. Despite the allegations, no other additional information was provided.

Fox, as well as her “Cocktails With Queens” co-hosts ,Claudia Jordan, LisaRaye McCoy, and Syleena Johnson discussed the claim on their talk show which aired the same day.

McCoy voiced her opinion on the entire situation by stating,“He ain’t gon’ wanna be in or out with that kind of behavior, because when I tell you people don’t like pedophiles. … So it’s not gonna behoove him to be out in the world where people can really get to him, or inside where people can get inside him.”

R Kelly receives the Quincy Jones Award for Outstanding Career Achievements (Male) from presenter Vivica A. Fox (Photo by M. Caulfield/WireImage)

Fox then jumped in and called the 54-year-old a snitch. She said, “He’s a snitch. Snitches get stitches, ain’t that what it says?” Toward the end of the clip, the actress further elaborated on why she sees R. Kelly as a snitch.

“It’s a sad end of the chapter. Like, wow, here we go. You get convicted last week and now this week I’m telling. I’m telling, there’s a whole lot of people I’m going to take down too. … Instead of asking for help or maybe trying to help others from where you are, from your experience, now you gonna snitch.”

As a clip went viral, Fox received flak for her “snitch” remarks especially from Twitter user @camdeion. He called out the “Two Can Play That Game” star for allegedly being around R. Kelly when “a lot” of the events were taking place. He also stated that she was scared because her name could be potentially on the alleged list.

“Let’s talk about how you were around Rkelly when a lot of this was going down…i guess you said you wouldn’t snitch and now you’re calling him a snitch Bc he wants to out the other pedophiles? I figured street code wouldn’t matter in this case you scared?”

Fox then fired back that she had no idea what the singer was doing and had she known she would have reported it. “Look here A–HOLE!! I had no idea he was abusing young women! I’m a stand-up woman so don’t u dare bring yo b–h a– over here and call me s coward! NOW WHAT??

Things took a turn for the worse after @camdeion claimed that Fox was close to R. Kelly following another user stating that her remarks made her look suspicious.

Fox shut that allegation down by revealing the only time she came close to interacting with R.Kelly was when she was asked to present an award to him. “STOP LYING ON ME CLOUT CHASING A– B–H! I was asked to present an award to him years ago & that was it! What the hell u doing with yo life? Besides hiding be Twitter fingers?? I’ll wait…”

The interaction between Fox and Twitter user @camdeion went on for a couple more minutes before she ultimately blocked him.

Many people who viewed the Twitter situation go down with Fox seemed impressed by her display of keyboard bravado.

“Now y’all know ms. Fox not the one 😂😂.”

“She Said TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME SWEETIE 👏😹 Don’t Play With Her.”

“Y’all know auntie a lil hood, y’all better chill.”

“LMAO she said aht aht leave me out of it.”

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