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‘There’s Levelz to This Wealth and Riches’: Marjorie Harvey Stuns Fans with Another Custom Accoutrement

Marjorie Harvey proved to have taken the throne for customized gifts on Sept. 7 after the 54-year-old learned how to ride scooter in style on a limited-edition Christian Dior two-wheeler.

Harvey has been making headlines for either owning or being gifted lavish items over the years, including a recent addition of a Louis Vuitton Airplane purse valued at $39,000.

Marjorie Harvey shocked fans after uploading a video showcasing her custom Dior Vespa. (Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

In a clip that showcased the mother of three on the Christian Dior Vespa 946 vehicle, which ranges in price range from $10,499 to $22,000, depending on the edition, Harvey admitted she has yet to master her current escapade while sharing the recording of her unnamed instructor training her. She wrote, “Learning how to ride.”

Despite posting the footage, Harvey didn’t disclose how she obtained the personalized scooter and the matching helmet. As her followers began to view the video, many of them expressed that the Harvery matriarch was on a different level of “rich.” One even jokingly pointed out they felt broke viewing the clip.

“I feel so broke watching this lol…🔥🔥🔥.”

“Auntie you rich as f–k 😭.”

“DIOR????? Bye. I’m tired of being poor.”

“There’s levelz to this wealth and riches 😩.”

“You know you’re rich when your bike and helmet have matching designer logos.”

In addition to Harvey’s fans bringing up her financial status, others expressed how much they enjoyed seeing her try new things in spite of her age. One wrote, “Living life, to the fullest and always willing to learn something new! This is what keeps the mind young and fresh.”

“Marjorie will try anything, no fear I Love it! And got a whole compound to practice riding, must be nice,” another commenter said. A social media user praised Harvey for taking this risk although she appeared to be scared: “Girl,I’m proud of you for riding that scooter although you scared.”

Harvey’s ageless attitude about participating in countless activities showed last month when she displayed her skills in aerial yoga.

Aerial yoga is a combined practice of yoga and acrobatics with the use of a suspended hammock. She shared a stream of images of the various poses she did while working out which included a vampire pose, suspended headstand pose, reverse namaste hips, and a chandelier pose.

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