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A South Carolina Woman Thought Her Employer Wouldn’t Care About Her Racist Language. She Was Promptly Fired for Vile Messages Released by Black Fitness Studio Owner.

A South Carolina woman was fired from a local automotive company following a Facebook argument where she allegedly spewed racist remarks at her daughter’s summer instructor. 

According to FitsNews, Meredith Little was relieved of her duties as an official of the South Carolina Automotive Dealers Association (SCADA) after the owner of TNT Martial Arts and Fitness Studio, Tim Goodwin, uploaded a series of posts from a racist text conversation that apparently took place between Little and Goodwin about her daughter’s instructor, Tamayah, who is Goodwin’s wife.

In a text post on Facebook, Goodwin wrote that he “just had to dismiss a child from our summer camp because her mother called my wife a n-gger.” Along with the post, the business owner shared a screenshot from the alleged conversation in which the former employee said she wanted to “give that N-gger B-tch a piece of my mind,” referring to Tamayah. 

The Real Tim Goodwin Facebook

Goodwin claims that wasn’t Little’s only offense. While reportedly picking her daughter up from the Cayce, South Carolina, studio later that day, she used the offensive term once more, he says.

Goodwin continued, “It would be nice to think that stuff like this doesn’t happen because it’s 2021 but unfortunately that’s not the truth. We’ve come a long way but apparently we haven’t come far enough.” The man also claimed that Little seemed as if she couldn’t care less about her actions and even told Goodwin that her employer wouldn’t care either because they reportedly don’t “hire Black people anyway.”

South Carolina woman loses her job after engaging in a racially charged argument with her daughter’s instructor. (Photo: Tim Goodwin/Facebook screenshot)

However, they cared enough to distance themselves from Little and terminate their relationship. According to the outlet, in a statement posted to their Facebook account, the organization revealed that Little was no longer a part of the company.

“SCADA was made aware this morning of an incident involving one of our staff members that took place on her personal time, unrelated to anything SCADA sanctioned,” the association noted in a Facebook post. “SCADA would like to make it clear that we in no shape or fashion will tolerate any discriminatory behavior or language. This staff member is no longer employed by SCADA or affiliated in any way by our association.”

Goodwin took to his social media platform once again, writing, “Justice served.”

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