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‘When Old Flavor Flav Meets Young Flavor Flav’: Flavor Flav and Boosie Unite After Months of Comparison Comments from Fans

Flavor Flav and Boosie Badazz stunned fans on Monday, July 12, following the rappers’ union after countless comparison comments. Both men initially met up to announce that they would be collaborating on a podcast episode entitled “The Flavor Flav Show,” hosted by the proclaimed “reality TV icon.” 

In the clip, both Flav and Boosie are seen hugging each other and smiling while sharing the news. The “Kevin Gates” lyricist said, “We just went crazy, podcast.” Flav joined in by saying, “that’s right, Flavor Flav, Boosie Badazz baby.” 

Flavor Flav and Boosie unite to announce that they’re collaborating on a podcast.Photo:@flavorflav/Instagram

He added as he referenced fans’ past comparison remarks, “this is my son. Yea, that’s right, everybody said this is my son, well we get the job done. Father and son get the job done. Ayo Bossie Badazz baby, and guess what gee the podcast coming.”

Bossie closed out the video by reiterating Flav’s previous statement about the podcast. He said, “Flavor Flav podcast on the way, Boosie Badazz boy.”

Flav, the co-founder of the group Public Enemy, also informed fans about the podcast news in his caption by writing, “IN 2 DAYZ,,, the podcast of the century and the Father-Son reunion y’all have been begging for is here,,, FLAVOR FLAV is the father, BOOSIE BADAZZ is the son ,,, and the two of us together is gonna make y’all all feel like U won,,, get ready to set the internet on fire this WEDNESDAY on the @flavorflavshow ,,, link is coming soon y’all,,, I’M WITH MY SON, GEEEE!!!!!,,,”

Immediately following Flav’s video, many of his followers bypassed the announcement and solely focused on the pair’s strong physical resemblance.

“The resemblance is uncanny 😂🙌.”

“When old flavor flav meets young flavor flav😂.”


“Now Flav, you know you got fifty leven chiren. U sure Boosie ain’t yours? 🤔😂.”

“Y’all really do resemble each other lol.”

Earlier this year Flav addressed the Boosie comparison in a video while on the Las Vegas strip. He said on April 12, “This is Flavor Flav on Las Vegas Boulevard. Live, baby. Ayo, this s–t is getting out of f–king hand right now, man. You know what I’m saying? Muthaf–s is coming up to me, calling me Lil Boosie on purpose. ‘Hey Lil Boosie, how you doing? Oh, Flavor Flav.’ I don’t look like no Lil muthaf–n’ Boosie. Aight?”

He added, “Boosie, look what the f–k you done started, son. You got everybody calling me you now. I don’t look like Lil Boosie. I look like Flavor muthaf–n’ Flav. So y’all get it right, aight? Word up, G. Boosie ain’t got the stats that I got. Boosie only got the stats that he got. So y’all remember that s–t. I’m Flavor muthaf–n’ Flav not Lil Boosie.”

The 62-year-old’s response came a week after someone mistook Boosie, who was at the airport at the time, for Flav.

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