‘Wow What Money Does’: Marjorie Harvey Rents Out An Entire Aquarium for Her Grandkids, Lori Harvey Tags Along

Marjorie Harvey might be going down as one of the best grandmas ever.

A recent photo she shared on social media shows Marjorie with her grandchildren and her daughter Lori Harvey, sitting on sleeping bags at an aquarium. Posting several photos and videos over the course of three days, Marjorie gave her followers a peek of what her time at the aquarium was like over the weekend, including in a March 21 Instagram post.

Marjorie Harvey, her four grandchildren and Lori Harvey (Photo: marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

The next day, she uploaded a short clip showing her granddaughter Rose getting in the water to pet a stingray. Rose sat calmly on her Na Na’s lap as the aquarium employees showed her how to pet him. Marjorie praised her for her bravery in the caption, writing, “Rose is so brave 😍#proudnana.” Many fans figured Rose must’ve gotten her courage from Marjorie, who has shown numerous times that she has an adventurous side.

In a March 23 video, her brave granddaughter was wrapping up a bedtime story while they watched the fish swim around. Before the video ended, her grandson BJ, who was up next to tell a story, said his would be “so creepy.”

For that video, she wrote, “Best Sleepover and bedtime stories ❤️.”

Marjorie Harvey’s granddaughter petting a stingray (Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

Fans praised the 56-year-old for her kind gesture and for being an awesome grandmother. One person said, “OMG this is so awesome. They’ll never forget. 🙌🏽🙌🏽.” Someone else wrote, “Ok it’s great to have the luxury to shut it down looks like you guys enjoyed it beautiful family 💕.” Another stunned follower said, “Wow what money does.”

Not all of her grandchildren were present, but three of her son’s children were there and the fourth child was Steve’s daughter, Karli Raymond’s son. Some would say Marjorie stole the idea of renting out the aquarium from Lori’s boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan, who rented an aquarium visit for Lori for Valentine’s Day. It seems she must have enjoyed her time with him since she went again, this time to sleep there. And even though Marjorie may have borrowed from his idea, she did so in order to make sure their trip to the aquarium would be as safe as possible amid the pandemic.

She wrote on Sunday’s post, “Had to shut down the Aquarium for my babies!! 💙💙🐠 #covidsafe.”

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