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‘Come on Toyanceee’: Toya Johnson Blows Fans Away When She Debuts New Hairstyle

Valentine’s Day weekend just passed, ladies all around the world were making sure their hair was done for that special someone, and television personality Toya Johnson was no exception.

The mother of two took to the ’Gram right before the weekend of love hit, debuting a new hairstyle of a side part and luscious curls.

Television personality Toya Johnson debuts a new hairstyle. @toyajohnson/Instagram

“I love a natural quick weave,” Johnson captioned the quick video before thanking her hairstylist Bre Rena’e. Johnson’s post captured over 456,000 followers’ views, and they were practically all here for her natural and elegant look.

“Pretty af!!!!!!!!!!”

“Come through inches!! 😍.”

“It’s the natural face for me! 🥰.”

“Whewwwww, come on, Toyanceeeeee😍😩.”

“Look like Meagan Thee Stallion right here!! Beautiful.”

“Black doesn’t crack, honey 😍😍.”

Fans also noticed how young Johnson looked. In the comment section, social media users wrote that she looks 21, 18, and even 15 years old. That makes sense, seeing that Johnson and her 22-year-old daughter Reginae Carter by rapper Lil Wayne, are often confused for twins.

However, it’s important to note that Johnson, 37, puts in the effort to take good care of her hair and body.

Two days before getting her hair laid to the side, Johnson uploaded a video after washing her hair.

“Haircare tip! It’s wash day, and I’m back with another hair care tip using my favorite products,” she captioned the tutorial video.

Johnson said she likes to use a moisturizer because it “puts that shine in my hair and the moisture back in.” Johnson then combs her hair before putting it into a low bun and finishing it with a shine mist.

It looked as though Johnson was ready to spend an unforgettable weekend with her fiancé, Robert “Red” Rushing, who fathered her younger daughter, Reign Rushing.

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