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‘Who Is This Lady?’: Toya Bush-Harris’ All-White Shoot Goes Left When She Looks Unrecognizable to Fans

Toya Bush-Harris’ promo for season 8 of “Married to Medicine” on her Instagram page went awry on Jan. 28 after fans pointed out how digitally altered her glam shot was. 

The “M2M” star, who wore a white dress and set it off with a full face and her wedding ring, tried informing her followers about the upcoming season and what they should expect to see. “This Wine Cellar will definitely stay on FULL for Season 8 of Married to Medicine… #Married2MedBACK Sunday 9/8C, March 7th on @BravoTV!” But many people overlooked the message and criticized Bush-Harris’ air-brushed look. 

Toya Bush-Harris’ fans slam the “M2M” star for her digitally altered photo as she tries to promote upcoming season. @toyabushharris/Instagram

“Is this supposed to be you Toya in this pic? 😳.”

“I will never understand why women want to look so ‘fake’ in their pictures. Toya you’re already pretty you don’t need this 🤦🏽‍♀️ And I like you so please don’t take it any other way 💖”

“I had to do a double-take🥴Hey Toya.”

“Who is this lady?”

“This is way too much air Brush 😫😫😫.”

As many fans scratched their heads regarding Bush-Harris’ appearance, a couple of people praised the Detroit native for representing her city well.

One wrote, “That 313 be hittin the gram hard, so beautiful Toya. You rep our city splendidly.”

Another Instagram user complimented the reality star, “Looking good homegirl from Detroit!”

Prior to becoming a reality star, Bush-Harris — who was born and raised in Detroit — was a sales representative for the pharmaceutical industry after graduating from the University of Phoenix. The “M2M” star moved back to her hometown upon graduation to further her career, where she met her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, who was at the time completing his residency in Detroit.

The couple went on to have two boys, Ashton Harris, 11, and 9-year-old Avery Harris.

Since then, Bush-Harris transitioned to being a stay-at-home mom, something she had been criticized for in the past.

The reality star said her husband encouraged her to stay home after noticing how exhausted she was returning from work once they had children.

She said, “I went back to work and I was so exhausted, but I was still doing it all. I’d even have the breastfeeding pump in the car. I was doing everything, and my husband said to me, ‘We are so blessed to be in a situation where you don’t have to be running to work, running to get the kids, and coming home back home exhausted.’”

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