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‘We Constantly Relive It’: Ms. Juicy and Monie of ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Brace for New Season as They Prepare to Relive the Death of Cast Mate Ms. Minnie

“Little Women: Atlanta” is returning to Lifetime for a 6th season, chronicling the adventures, challenges, hopes, and this time, tragedies of the women as they navigate life. Now two of the show’s stars, Shirlene “Ms. Juicy” Pearson and Tiffany “Monie” Cashette, are discussing what it was like filming during the pandemic, losing cast mate Ashley “Minnie” Ross, who died in a car accident last April, and their general feelings about the future. 

The women told Atlanta Black Star their coronavirus filming experience was smooth, although it took some getting used to. “We had already started filming before the pandemic hit,” revealed Ms. Juicy. “We were able to adjust to the formality of everything.  With the good production crew we had, we were able to do it comfortably.”

But in addition to the pandemic, the women were dealt another major blow in the death of a friend and cast member. Ashley “Minnie” Ross was killed in a head-on collision in Atlanta.  The women had to return to filming while mourning. They revealed they’re all still healing as they prepare to watch the upcoming season themselves. “It’s definitely not going to be easy but when I do get to see Minnie, I’m just embracing it and getting to enjoy those moments because she’s not here with us anymore but she is in our hearts,” Monie said. “I know it’s going to be emotional seeing it, but I’m just glad to be able to share those memories and those moments with you guys, and at least we have something to keep because this is part of her legacy” she said.

Ms. Juicy said the loss has brought her closer to God but also led her to therapy. “Talking to someone so we can let out those emotions and leaning on each other. Leaning on our fellow cast mates and the sisterhood we have built,” Ms. Juicy said. “We constantly relive it, not just when the show comes out, but every day of our lives,” she added. 

Fans will get a chance to see Ms. Minnie once again, as several episodes were shot before her death. The season premiere kicked off on Jan. 22 on Lifetime.

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