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‘Listen We Don’t Deserve Awlladatttt!!!’: Malaysia Pargo’s Fans Are Mesmerized by Her Colorblock Ensemble

Malaysia Pargo‘s colorblock ensemble spellbound the 40-year-old’s fans on Jan. 14 after she posted an image wearing a pink cutout top with a lavender cover-up.

Pargo complemented the outfit with pink lipstick, a full face, and colorful dangle earrings. The “Basketball Wives” star tried spreading positivity when she captioned the photo, “Stay Positive in this Negative World.” The star’s stunning look enraptured many fans.

Malaysia Pargo stuns fans in her bright pastels. @malaysiainthecity/Instagram

“Real life Barbie Doll😍😍😍😍.”

“Pretty in pink 💕 💜.”

“Always🗣flatline cold🔥.”

“Listen we don’t deserve awlladatttt!!! 💕😍.”

“And she gives it to us every time 😍.”

Malaysia Pargo. (Photo: @malaysiainthecity/Instagram)

Hours later, Pargo uploaded another sultry snapshot, this time subtly sticking her leg out as she gazed into the camera. She captioned the image “Loyal & Pretty, Get you a Me.. 💅🏾💘🦄.” Although the reality star was the recipient of praise, several fans zeroed in the background as they noticed her children’s — Jayla Pargo, 10, Jayden Pargo, 10, and 14-year-old Jannero Pargo Jr. — picture. 

One said, “It’s the kids’ portrait for me 🙌🏾.”

“It’s the kids’ picture ❤️❤️❤️❤️ beautiful.”

An Instagram user admired Pargo’s love for her three hearts. “Pretty n pink …I love how you love on your kids…Pretty pic n background those r your 3hearts!!!💖💙💙.”

During a 2015 interview with Rolling Out Magazine, Pargo opened up about her kids and the importance of co-parenting with her ex-husband, former NBA player Jannero Pargo

The “BBW” star said, “Co-parenting is the most important thing because, first off, you broke a home, and kids realize it, especially when they’re of age. Like my kids, say for my 9-year-old, all he remembers is mom and dad together. Then once you get into school, you see other kids and they have their mom and their dad. You want to make sure they don’t feel like they’re missing anything.”

She added, “We co-parent well. We can stay in the same household. He makes sure that when he has a break that he comes in and helps me out with the things I normally do on my own, and it’s great! My kids are soaking it up, and they love it!”

Pargo emphasized “divorce” shifted her priorities from her needs to her children to make sure they were “whole.” “After divorce, it’s not about you. It’s about the kids. For me, I just learn to make sure my kids are whole.”

Pargo and her ex were married back in 2006 but separated in 2012. Their divorce was finalized in 2014. 

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